Indecent Proposal Feeling Good

With a laid-back acoustic guitar and vocals, Indecent Proposal have added a feel-good song to their repertoire with Feeling Good. In this post, I will explain who they are and where they are from. I will also show you why you need to listen to Feeling Good, why you need to add it to your “feel-good” playlist and why starting the day with music like Feeling Good is so essential. Finally, I will let you know how and where you can learn more about Indecent Proposal.

Who Are Indecent Proposal?

Indecent proposal are a quartet from Duluth, MN – the birthplace of folk music legend Bob Dylan. Indeed, the group found much inspiration in Dylan’s life and music. Therefore, if you enjoy Feeling Good, you have Dylan to thank for inspiring these men.

The band consists of Josh Brown (lead singer and Producer), Terry Beckman (bass guitarist and manager), Jevin Joki (drummer) and Peter Dotson (lead guitarist and additional Producer).

How Indecent Proposal Got Their Name

The idea behind the name and outlook of the band is a protest against the “decency” of the music industry. Therefore, they don’t wish to be considered to fit into a mould. They want to make their own mould and do their own thing. Inevitably, this leads to arguments within the band, but they don’t want to be classed as a specific genre of music.

They Are Not Genre-Specific

You could call Indecent Proposal singer-songwriters, which may be the best description. However, when you use the term “singer-songwriter,” you picture one guy or girl on their own without the support of their own band. Another aspect of being a singer-songwriter is that you tend to think more highly about one member of the group than you do about others. This idea is false in the case of Indecent Proposal. They are all valued and value each other’s input into the music.

When Is The Best Time to Play Feeling Good?

Feeling Good is one of those songs that you have to start the day with.

If you start the day well, you can also continue to have a good day. Like attracts like. If you’re in a good mood, good things will happen. I constantly have to remind my wife about this. She gets stressed in the mornings before taking our son to school. Therefore, I always have to tell her that what she puts out into the world is what she will get back. If you feel bad, bad things will happen. In addition to this song by Indecent Proposal, there are many other feel-good songs. I always used to wake up to Feeder’s Tangerine. However, it is your list and you will have your own tastes.

Feeling Good is another one of those tracks you must add to your feel-good playlist. If you don’t have a feel-good playlist, why not? If you do, you can also add Indecent Proposal. This will help your day to improve dramatically. It is something I always recommend. You need to start the day right. Starting the day right means listening to the right music.

Where Can You Learn More About Indecent Proposal?

You can follow Indecent proposal on Spotify or subscribe to them on YouTube. Why not have your music reviewed on