Paul and Babe by Brian Charles Tischleder

Paul and Babe by Brian Charles Tischleder is a song that will bring the rock’n’roll of the 50s and 60’s back into your mind. It’s a foot-stompin’ treat for all Elvis fans. In this post, I will share with you why this song is worth your time and interest. First of all, as usual, we will look at who Brian Charles Tischleder is and introduce you to his world. And finally, as usual, I will share where you can learn more. I will show you where you can purchase Paul and Babe and give you the socials.

Who is Brian Charles Tischleder?

According to the Spotify biography, Brian Charles Tischleder classes his music as Americana folk rock’n’roll. Brian sees Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen as his biggest inspiration. However, I also see influences from Elvis Presley, Shakin’ Stevens and Buddy Holly as close matches in Paul and Babe.

Brian has been writing, recording and also performing original music for his entire adult life. His credentials include developing an international fanbase and touring the Midwestern United States. His performances have included sell-out crowds in Minneapolis and St Paul. Venues have included First Avenue, Fine Line Music Cafe and O’Garas.

Brian’s albums have included “Momma Told Me So”, “Bordertown”, “Dreams and Fears”, and “Last Train to Hollywood”, and he has recently released his latest album “, This Town.”

Brian’s experience includes being the lead singer of a Minneapolis-based folk-rock duo called James Curry. This role gave Brian a good following that has followed him. Albums released by James Curry included “A Brand New Suit” and “James Curry 13”.


What Other Genres Can Be Heard in Paul and Babe?

As well as rock’n’roll, it is also clear to hear influences of gospel and blues. Gospel is where many promising singer-songwriters have started. It would also be interesting to read more of the earlier days of Brian’s career and see how and where he got his big break.

What is Good About the Song?

Paul and Babe is a fast-paced song with a catchy rhythm. I believe the rhythm is his most important quality. It must be challenging to keep in tempo with this pace, but Brian does it just as well as Elvis did in the past. It is straightforward to stomp your foot to the beat. Not stomping your foot or nodding your head to the beat is hard. I am sitting here, listening to the song and nodding to the beat as I write.

Where Can Brian Charles Tischleder Improve Paul and Babe?

Like all of the artists I also agree to work with, Brian Charles Tischleder is a very talented musician who delivers the music he likes. Furthermore, the fact that Brian likes it also means that fans will like it. There are always other people who will enjoy the music that is produced. Music has to be the only commodity that seeks to appeal to people rather than people appealing to it. We, as musicians, don’t make music based on market research. We make music that we like. If other people also like our music, that is good. If not? Who cares.

Where Can You Learn More About Brian Charles Tischleder and Paul and Babe?

You can find the official Brian Charles Tischleder website here. You can also find the official Brian Charles Tischleder Facebook page here.

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