myths and misconceptions in stock music licensing

Today, we look at popular myths and misconceptions about licensing stock music. This is inspired by Daniel’s latest video (at the time of writing). For those of you who are new to either stock music licensing or the Stock Music Licensing channel, stock music licensing is widely regarded as your easiest route to profit in the music industry. It is still hard work, but it provides passive income. Therefore, all you have to do is make the music once – and you will profit every time your music sells in the future. This is because all your work has been done, and it is there for people to download from a production music library website.

Daniel touches on a few myths and misconceptions in his video. In this post, I will share them with you and add my own thoughts to the mix.

1 You Need to Be Both Resilient and Consistent Even When Music Isn’t Selling

Many newbie stock music composers believe that making money in stock music licensing is just about uploading music to the stock music or production music library. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are certain qualities that you need. The first of these is consistency. Don’t stop uploading music if you fail to sell your first few songs. You need to keep uploading music consistently. Only then can you achieve more success.

Think of it as replenishing a lake with fish. The more fish are in the water; the more fish are likely to be caught. Therefore, the more music you have in the production music library, the more you sell.

There also needs to be consistency with the uploading, labelling and marketing process. Are you labelling your songs properly? Are you using your SEO skills?

This is one of the misconceptions in stock music licensing that you can overcome. It is just about being consistent and resilient.

2 Your Rejection May Not Be on the Quality of Your Work

One of the major misconceptions in stock music licensing is that the quality of your work is poor. In fact, the quality of your work is probably just fine. It could be that the library doesn’t need your music right now. Maybe they get too much of that particular genre or style. They may not be accepting music at the particular point in time that you are submitting your music. Therefore, there could be a whole host of reasons why your music is rejected. Remember that your quality is good enough; be consistent and resilient in your marketing.

3 It is Perfectly Possible to Generate a Decent Income From Stock Music Licensing

It can take a long time to develop a reasonable income. However, a full-time income is perfectly possible. Look at Daniel. He has generated a great income from making stock music for various libraries. Remember that the more music you submit, the more music you are likely to sell. This is passive income. Passive income is what you should aim for as a stock music composer. The more music you submit to libraries, the more you are likely to sell. Therefore, it is the same as any other income model.

Think of a snowball. It started with a tiny snowflake but compounded together; it is part of an unstoppable surge of energy. Any passive income model is the same. However, as musicians, we are passionate about music. Therefore, the more music you create and submit to online libraries, the more money you will get. This is the most important thing about this post. It is also the most important message in Daniel’s video. Be consistent and resilient, don’t let rejection get you down and keep going.

Myths and Misconceptions in Stock Music Licensing – Conclusion

Is there any reason to write a conclusion here? After all, you’ve just read the most important message in this post. All you need to do to know is that your consistency, resilience and effort may take time to pay off. However, once you have built up a reasonable number of products, you will sell more.

If you want to learn more about Daniel Carrizalez, you can find his free guide on making stock music here.

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