I'm the bee man Darrell Cunningham

Darrell Cunningham has already enjoyed a terrific reception with “I’m The Bee Man”. In this post, I will share with you the best things about the song, why you should listen to it, who would enjoy it most and where you can get it. However, I will start by telling you more about Darrell Cunningham – the writer and performer of “I’m the Bee Man”.

Who is Darrell Cunningham?

Darrell is from West Point, Mississippi USA

How Did Darrell Cunningham Start in Music?

Darrell’s earliest memory was of him singing as a child. It was on his grandmother’s porch. He just spent time sitting alone, singing to himself. As he matured, he would sing in the church choir. And in high school, he sang in a chorus. Darrell Cunningham has always loved singing. But the bee man didn’t come along until a few years ago when Darrell started keeping honey bees

When he started work, he would sing to his co-workers and let time pass. Someone would say Darrell was the bee man. “Yes, I am” he agreed. So he made a song called I’m The Bee Msn. He sang it online at work for a year then the idea came to get it produced. So he had a coworker who worked in a different dept give him the number of a friend of his who produced songs for people. So he went to Farmhouse Studio in Moscow TN and did his recording of I’m The Bee Man.

Darrell Cunningham I'm The Bee Man

Future Aspirations For I’m The Bee Man

Darrell Cunningham has yet to perform it in front of a big crowd, but he has sung it at parties when requested by friends. Everyone who hears it really enjoys it.

How I’m The Bee Man Was Promoted

A little promotion has been done online. Darrell was once contacted by a promoter saying if Darrell wrote and produced more bee songs, he could promote Darrell to Pixar and Disney. So Darrell is back to the drawing board preparing to do some more music ????.

How Darrell Cunningham Got Into Beekeeping

Darrell first got Into beekeeping because he purchased a beehive. He wanted to have fruit trees. A friend asked him if he was going to get honey bees. He was like, “huh?” He realized he hadn’t seen any bees around, so he got online and looked up honeybees and hives. The cost wasn’t bad he knew he could afford it. So he got some, and the rest is history.

Beekeeping Business

He now makes products from his honey bees honey and beeswax like lotion soap etc . He has a homestead and he loves to grow stuff and connect with nature. Therefore, he does his part in helping the honey bee population thrive!

What is the Genre of I’m The Bee Man?

Darrell Cunningham is bringing back soul and motown in a big way with I’m The Bee Man. When I first listened to it, I could hear the Motown and Soul influences. These would include Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and the Four Tops. I am also reminded of the legendary Bob Marley.

I’m The Bee Man by Darrell Cunningham is Another Addition to Your Feel-Good Playlist

I’m The Bee Man by Darrell Cunningham definitely belongs on your feel-good playlist on Spotify or YouTube.

I have spoken about having a feel-good playlist before. Therefore, if you have read that before, you should now have your own feel-good playlist. Having a feel-good playlist means that you can raise your mood by listening to music. The re are many tracks that you can add to your playlist. These would include Darrell Cunningham I’m The Bee Man, Pharrell Williams Happy and Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. Here is a playlist that you can just turn to for happy inspiration.

Always start your day with your feel-good playlist. Remember, your mood will define what happens to you. Therefore, if you think happy thoughts, you have better experiences. It’s something I always have to tell my wife as she is always getting stressed out in the mornings, before taking my son to school.

Where Is This Song Available?

The song is available on all the big music marketplaces and streaming services. Please also subscribe to Darrell Cunningham on YouTube and you can find I’m The Bee Man on iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify too.

You are also welcome to follow Darrell Cunningham on TikTok and on Instagram. Learn more about Darrell and his beekeeping business.

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