I just had to review Daniel Carrizalez’s last video on poor mental health in music composers. Being someone who has suffered from mental health issues as well as having a Master’s Degree in music, this is an area that is close to my heart. Therefore, I need to add my words to it. Thank you for reading this post, BTW. I know that mental health is a big subject with all artists and not just with music composers. However, as a composer, I just had to bring this one to you…

A Myth About Poor Mental Health and Intelligence

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A myth about mental health considers people with poor mental health to have low intelligence. Nothing can be further from the truth. Notable people who have suffered from poor mental health include Winston Churchill and Vincent Van Gogh. I have poor mental health. I must take tablets daily, but I have a Master’s Degree. Therefore, I am a prime example of someone with both mental health issues and above-average intelligence.

mental health in music composers

Mental Health in Music Composers: Daniel’s Video

Daniel talks about working and living in the same space, always thinking about our artwork and spending time inside our heads. I can relate to this 100%. From first-hand experience, I know I must get out of the house, get some fresh air and exercise. I try to keep up with 30 minutes on my exercise bike daily. This will work to make me feel much better. Without exercise, I feel useless.

As far as thinking in your own head goes, I am forever doing that as a blogger. I am always thinking, “Where can I improve?” “What can I do to improve my website, my music, my marketing process, etc., etc., etc.? Furthermore, even if I make a great choice and move forward with the right outcome, I am looking for more ways to improve. It never ends, and you never feel 100% satisfied.

For instance, I get an average of 8,000 visitors to my site every month. However, now I think, “How can I break the 10,000 visitor mark?” Things look good, but you always want better. What I do know from personal experience is that God is there, and He is in complete control at all times. People who are either agnostic or atheist still believe there is a power in the Universe. Most of these people refer to God as “the Universe”. God is bigger than the Universe, and he cares more about each one of us more than the Universe. However, most people don’t reciprocate. Sorry for all the God talk, but I think it’s a good space for it.


Mental Health in Music Composers Who Persist in Comparing Themselves With Others

You can’t compare yourself to other people. There are things I can do easily, but others can’t. There are things I can’t do at all, but others can with ease. For instance, I can’t kick a ball and keep it in the air. I can kick a ball maybe once or twice in the air, but I am terrible when it comes to keeping it off the ground.

As well as working with Krannaken.com, I also work with a company called UW, which offer utilities to British homeowners. I have a few customers and am one customer away from my next promotion. However, one of my colleagues achieved her sales targets seemingly easily. My supervisor told me off for comparing myself with my colleague. His advice was that we are all different. We all lead different lives and have different traits, qualities and backgrounds. My colleague was in a much easier situation than I was to thrive.

Get Rid of Your Vices

You have to get rid of your vices. If you smoke weed or cigarettes or drink too much, you should stop exposing yourself to them. The enemy wants you to be addicted to these things or chocolate because he can control you to a degree if you are addicted to them. There’s nothing wrong with having a pint of lager once in a blue moon – as long as you don’t let yourself drink more than a couple on any occasion. I hate feeling after four or five pints when the effects start to kick in. Same too with cannabis. You’re not in control of yourself if you are stoned. Have you ever experienced the paranoia that cannabis brings on? I did, and I went to a football match – big mistake!!!

As far as drinking for mental health in music composers goes, I found that drinking a can of Carlsberg helped me become more creative. However, I would only recommend that you drink just one at any one time – two at the most! There’s nothing wrong with having a four-pack of Carlsberg or another lager and drinking it over a two-day period. That is perfectly acceptable because if you only drink two of them each day, you won’t be under the effects.

Why Does Daniel Carrizalez Recommend Getting Rid of Your Vices?

Daniel’s brand of stock music is all recorded using his own instruments. Therefore, he must be precise about his playing practice and his own performance when recording his music. He has found that he can’t play an instrument when drunk or stoned. Therefore, Daniel can play better guitar or keys, etc. This is because his performance can be more precise, so it takes fewer recordings to get it spot on.

If you don’t play an instrument, you can still make money b creating songs from loops, samples, midi files, etc. You can find over 4 million samples, loops, midi files, etc., in LoopCloud or by clicking the advertisement above.

The Connection of Poor Mental Health in Music Composers

I have seen a significant connection between music composers in mental health who suffer from one illness or another. There appears to be a higher rate of artists who face mental health issues than non-artists. We take out our problems in our art, and the art is an excellent avenue for pent-up emotion. I am sure that if you were to ask Vincent Van Gogh whether he thinks his illness disorder affected his skills, he would very likely tell you, “Yes”; he does think that it has an effect. I believe my mental health issues have made me more artistic than if I had never experienced such issues.

mental health in music composers


To sum it up, I believe my issues influenced my music. In my view, it is why I became an artist, and it is what has made my music successful. My music has helped me to secure my University scholarship. I have formed a great partnership with Everhald, who doesn’t experience the same issues as far as I know. However, it cannot be unrecognised that there is a significant connection in the rates of artists who share mental health issues.

If you would like to read the last post which was published on Monday, you can find it here. This was about myths and misconceptions in the music industry.

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