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Do you have a list but are unsure how to approach email marketing? You’re not alone. When I was a newbie to building my list in the early days, I feared losing them. Today, I love sending emails because I know I have what it takes to help my crew, the Krannaken crew, build their music following and develop their marketing process. This post is intended as a guide to effective email marketing for music artists.

Apart from the fact that I have recently attended a training day in email marketing, I also found a newly published video on email marketing last night. Therefore, I am happy to bring you this effective guide to email marketing for music artists.

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A Guide to Email Marketing for Music Artists

Firstly, I will show you how to write the perfect email. I will also share with you how often you should post, how to make sure your email gets opened and how you can build your list as a music artist.

How to Write the Perfect Email

An effective guide to email marketing for music artists would therefore, be incomplete without looking at your emails themselves.

There are three elements to an effective email. These include the headline, the body and also the call to action in your email. Let’s look at these elements in order of how they are experienced.

Effective Email Headlines

Your headline can say anything you want it to. However, it must entice your reader to want to open your main. You could use curiosity, scarcity or urgency.

email marketing for music artists


You can get people to open your email by using curiosity.

  • Examples of these could include…
  • “Let me introduce myself.”
  • “Did you see this lately?”
  • “What are your thoughts about this…”

The idea of using curiosity to get people to open your emails is to get people to wonder what it’s all about. This is something that I often use in my email headings.


This could go hand-in-hand with urgency in headlines such as…

“Only two seats left.”

You could use email headlines that are just about curiosity. These could include…

“Most people never knew this”


Urgency would include either time or telling people how many more copies of your song you are giving away. These could include…

“Hurry, just two copies left.”

“You only have until midnight tonight.”


“Sale ends in ten minutes.”

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What You Shouldn’t Say in Your Email Marketing for Music Artists (…or anyone for that matter)

It is no good to say, “Click here for blah, blah, blah”. These emails won’t attract interest and intrigue. You need to give people a reason to click. Your entire headline needs to do its job. If you’re unsure of the job of your headline, it is to get people to open the mail.

Using Emojis in effective email marketing

It helps to be personable. It also helps to use emojis. I have now started using emojis in my subject headings, which really work. A good open rate is anything over 10%, with a click-through rate over 2%. You’re writing an effective email as long as you achieve these figures.

You need to use emojis because they attract the eyes of your audience. I typically get 30-50% open rates on my email – which is good. However, I need to improve my click-through rates.

The Body of Your Email

The body of your email needs to do one of two things…

1 If you are trying to sell, you must also qualify and persuade your reader to purchase your product or service. As far as qualification goes, not everyone on your list will qualify. Some people don’t have the money to invest. Sometimes, asking your contacts to purchase something is not the best time or date.

2. The other way you should use the body of your email is to build rapport and gain more loyalty. You should not try to sell in every email. There is an 80/20 rule. This is 80% of your time should be spent building rapport, and then 20% of your time should be in you selling a product or service.

You need to send out at least eight rapport-building emails before you try to sell your first product. Your rapport-building emails can include blog post promotion. You can make money through your blog posts. This would be by promoting affiliate products or services. You should think of the kinds of products that your audience would appreciate.

Get Your Free Copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023

Call to Action (CTAs) and Email Marketing for Music Artists

Again, just like I said, not all your emails should be about making a sale. In emails that aren’t selling, your CTAs could persuade people to click a link to read your blog post. These may still lead to offers that readers can purchase something to give you some profit.

Regarding the number of links in your messages, I recommend that you use four or more links per email. Remember the line, “Could be four, but should be more”.

How Many Emails Should You Send Out?

I recommend that you send out at least three emails per week. I send out my emails on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As far as time goes, I send out my emails at 6.30 pm GMT. That is 1.30 pm in New York and 9.30 am in California. It’s also a good time for Europe as it’s only 7.30 pm in Europe.

Effective Email Marketing for Music Artists by Pruning Your Email Contacts

You should prune your email list every two months by cutting off people who have been on your list for at least two months but have also not opened your emails. This is because your email is more likely to be delivered to the wrong mailbox if people don’t open your messages. Therefore, people won’t even see your messages in their inboxes. It could go into files such as Promotional emails, Social emails or Spam in your email account. If people don’t know you’ve written, they won’t contact you.

You should delete those contacts who haven’t opened your messages for two months from your email contacts.

Effective Email Marketing for Music Artists and How You Can Build Your Email List

You will also be pleased to know that it is easy to make a start at building your email marketing list as a music artist with Hypeddit. Hypeddit, as I have described it before, is a music artist’s best dream. For just $9 per month, you can build your list with the Promotion Exchange. This is a free-to-access part of Hypeddit that will develop your social media following as well as your email marketing list.

Effective Email Marketing For Music Artists

You are also welcome to enrol in my Hypeddit music marketing course. This is one Udemy. It is entirely free of charge, and you are welcome to study at your own pace.