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Chris, aka Manafest of Smart Music Business, inspired this post. The video was about the four habits of a successful musician. I always enjoy Chris’s videos. He makes them entertaining while giving you the best of his knowledge and experience. In case you were wondering, Chris or Manafest has just under one million streams on Spotify. Therefore, you will be learning a lot by noting what is included in both this blog post and Chris’s video. I will also release a reaction video this afternoon covering what I have to say in this post. Let’s get to it…

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4 Habits of a Successful Musician

Chris starts by telling us something that sounds a bit pie-in-the-sky to many music artists. It is a bit pie-in-the-sky to people from almost every background. However, Chris says that one million dollars is perfectly achievable. Who are we to disagree with? In the video, Chris will show us these four habits of a successful musician. Ok, so what are they?

1 The First of Our Habits For a Successful Musician is to Use Our Mobile Devices as Creators Rather Than Consumers

Too many people use their mobile devices (a phone or a tablet) as consumers. You use it for social media, playing games, checking out soccer results, etc. What you need to do is to get creative with your mobile. You could make a microcontent video of your music that will go on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts.

Another point Chris picks out when scrolling through TikTok or Instagram is comparing yourself to others. This is the worst thing you can do. You are you. You have your own traits, qualities, and personality. Therefore, you have the ability and what it takes to master the microcontent game with what you already have.

The above advice doesn’t even come into the four habits of a successful musician. So what does? Well…

Take Responsibility For Your Success

There are so many different opportunities out there. You have to go out and get them. In fact, there are more opportunities now than there ever have been in the past. With the easy process of putting your music on streaming platforms like Spotify, you have no excuse.

I also make a regular sideline from my sales of stock music. This is all passive income, and it represents one of the best habits of a successful musician. I make it once, submit it to the libraries once, and I will profit in the future. There are many such opportunities out there that you have to find for yourself.

Look at other artists as collaborators. What can you learn from them? How are they building their own careers? What do you need to do to emulate their success? Study successful musicians because they are successful musicians. It would be best if you asked them all the questions that you have on your mind. It would be best to spend time in places where these people are too. Do they also frequent that club? Do they also shop at that particular shop? Spend time with them and learn from them.

As you will have learned if you have watched the video above, the guy posted his video 35 times on TikTok. This is one thing that we do. We post videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube every day. Therefore, we are giving ourselves more time to be discovered. Has this also seen a good effect on my Spotify streams? Yes. There has been a noticeable increase in streams as a result.

2 Focus: Follow One Course Until Successful

follow one course until successful is one of the habits of a successful musician

This means focusing on one avenue for success. For instance, I might share my blog posts on various sites, but there are one or two sites that I follow until I achieve success. I focus on YouTube and building my YouTube audience. At the time I am telling you this, I have 380 subscribers on my channel, but I will be increasing this further in the future.

Chris also recommends sticking to one genre. For us, it’s trance music. However, I have made some synthwave beats in the past too. However, trance is my biggest love of music. Therefore, I should stick to making trance music.

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3 The Next of Our Habits of a Successful Musician is to Stop Trying and Start Doing

The Third of Chris’s habits of being a successful musician is that to try is a failure every time. It’s about shifting your mindset from trying to doing. Be more positive.

You need to stick to your dream and make it a reality. If you want to be a successful musician, it is about having the determination and drive to stick to that plan until you are successful.

Having the drive and determination is about putting in a sufficient amount of time. Are you putting enough time into your dream to make it a reality? Therefore, you should have a long-term game plan. Stick to your game plan, put in the time, and work on your dream as much as possible, and then you will also see it to fruition.

A vital part of this habit is to keep battering down the doors of the people who matter. Relentlessly contact a radio station and send them three songs. Don’t only send a label in one email. You need to send unlimited emails until one email does the trick and gets you to where you want to be.

4 The Last of Our Habits Of a Successful Musician is to Leverage New Technology

This means that you have to rule the algorithms. You must ask your audience to like, subscribe and hit the bell. Also, ask your audience to comment in the comments section. All of these things tell the algorithm on YouTube that your video is something that it needs to pay attention to. Therefore, please like, comment and subscribe to Krannaken TV. Another point to remember when subscribing to a channel is to hit the bell to be notified of all new videos as and when they are published. Please feel free to hit the bell when you subscribe to Krannaken TV.

All of your platforms have an algorithm. For instance, Spotify has a save rate, a like rate, a skip rate and a rate that indicates to the Spotify algorithm that your song should be shared further. Therefore, Spotify is more likely to add your music to various Spotify-generated playlists.

How Can AI Effect the Habits of a Successful Musician?

Although you have your algorithms, there are also other aspects of technology that you need to leverage. One of these is AI or artificial intelligence. If you would rather have an AI to write your emails, blog posts, etc., you will be able to work much quicker and very often, such AI will write a better piece of content than you can. However, I always prefer to write my own content. It’s just that I want to put my own personality into my posts. Therefore, they are more personable because they are from me.

4 Habits of a Successful Musician: Conclusion

Thanks to Chris for providing such a great video and inspiring today’s post. I have mentioned Chris’s videos before. You can find Chris’s Spotify profile here.

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