Sometimes, you come across songs that you can take an instant liking to. For me, Dan Krochmal’s Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) is a prime example of this. The quickest way I can describe Dan Krochmal’s style is a combination between Joshua Kadison and Richard Marx. In fact, if you like those artists, you cannot fail to be impressed with the music of Dan Krochmal.

Who is Dan Krochmal?

Born in Australia, Dan Krochmal now lives and works in the United States. I know he is wowing you right now if you have hit the play button above, but Dan has been stunning song with his incredible songwriting and singing ability since his arrival in the USA.

Dan has an ethereal voice that soars across octaves, containing poignant and vivid lyrics. Furthermore, Dan’s music comes straight from his soul. He is fantastic at turning these incredible ideas into sounds that stun crowd, not only across America, but across the world.

Other Talents of Dan Krochmal

As well as his singing and songwriting ability, Dan is also a writer. He wrote a 92,000 word novel by the age of 17. However, this work has remained unpublished.

Where Did Dan’s Music Come From?

Dan didn’t start to learn to play guitar until after he left high school. This is something Dan and I have in common because I was 19 when I first started to write music.

Dan soon realized that his passion was in performance and wowing crowds with extraordinary talents. He learned that writing music was altogether more rewarding than writing books for people to read.

Dan Krochmal Fear of Missing Out Fomo

The First US Tour of Dan Krochmal

The first US Tour came after Dan was selected as one of ten artists who were selected globally to perform at a tribute concert to Chicago’s Jeff Buckley. On his first visit to New York City, he understood that it was where he wanted to live. Therefore, he moved all the way from Australia to East Village.

Since he moved to America, Dan has played in various world-renowned venues such as Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, the Bitter End, and Pianos (including sold-out shows opening for Reeve Carney and Fatai).

In November, 2020, Dan was scouted to audition for the talent show American Idol. After success in the first two rounds, Dan was flown to California where he performed in front of a packed audience, but judged by Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan.

Dan Krochmal – Fear of Missing Out (Fomo)

Although, this song is entitled just Fomo, it undoubtedly means Fear Of Missing Out. I get the impression that this is a big deal for Dan. Fear of Missing Out would have been before he became a success. He made some significant changes to his life by moving half way across the world because of the “fear of missing out”.

In the words, Dan sings, “some days I don’t feel like me at all”. I think in this line, Dan is thinking about his life now compared with his life in Australia. Dan will feel better about some aspects of his life. However, there are some things which he undoubtedly misses about his old life. That is perfectly understandable. Anyone who has an ability to empathize with another person will understand where Dan is coming from in this line.

Who Does Dan Krochmal Sound Like in Fomo?

If you are a fan of either Richard Marx or Joshua Kadison, you will appreciate the music of Dan Krochmal. I say these two soundalike artists for a reason. They have slight differences and I would just like to say how I believe Dan sounds like them.

Joshua Kadison sings with a smile. You can hear that in his voice when he sings. Dan has that same ability. Therefore, Fomo is the ideal song to wake up to on a morning when you are getting ready for work or even on lazy weekends.

Richard Marx also sings songs that have a serious message. I believe Fomo has that same serious message.

Fomo is one of the best songs I’ve reviewed yet on and it is a pleasure, an honour and a privilege to work on this project. I only hope that this post does the song justice.

Where Can You Learn More About Dan Krochmal and Fomo?

Fomo is available to stream on Spotify. You can find the official Dan Krochmal website here, the Instagram profile, YouTube channel and Facebook page.