Risk It All is Aretha Henry’s laid-back groove that is ideal for unwinding after a chaotic day. Therefore, if you are a busy person who lacks energy at the end of the day, Aretha Henry is your new best friend. In this post, I am going to share Risk It All With you and show you exactly why this song needs to go on your “relaxing evening” playlist.

Who is Aretha Henry?

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Aretha’s first album “Beautiful” was released in 2010. The most popular songs with fans were “I Want You” and “Stars“. These were both included on the “Beautiful” album. I’m sorry to say that Beautiful is no longer available on Spotify. However, it is still available for sale as an MP3 download on Amazon.

The follow-up album to “Beautiful” came in 2012 in the shape of “Enchanted“.

Singles’ success came too. On both the Indie and RnB charts, “Captive” was a huge success. “Magic” was also a huge success.

After these singles came the next Aretha Henry album, entitled, “Superhuman” in 2014. After the success of “Superhuman” came another single in the case of “Masterpiece“. This single also won over a lot of fans. Masterpiece featured poetic and inspirational lyrics which captured the hearts and minds of many new fans.

In 2019, Aretha Henryreleased her next album, Mrs Jones.

Aretha Henry

Fast Forward a Few Years

Earlier this month, Aretha Henry released Risk It All – a laid back RnB track that featured a chill step groove and a late-night coffee lounge style. It is an incredibly beautiful track from an extraordinarily talented artist. I wouldn’t call myself a particular fan of RnB. However, in Risk It All, Aretha has created something very special.

Add Aretha Henry to Your Late Night Moods Playlist

I have spoken in the past of having a “happy” playlist for when you’re feeling depressed. However, it would also serve you well to keep playlists for all your moods. Why not keep a “late night grooves” playlist so that you can properly unwind at the end of the day? Aretha Henry will have to feature on this new playlist – maybe even as the first song.

Soundalike Artists For Aretha Henry

Of the artists who I have reviewed on Krannaken.com in the past, I would consider Aretha Henry to be fairly similar to Bunny Williams. They are both RnB artists and I believe you should listen to them both in order to build more of a foundation in RnB. You can find Bunny’s songs, “Freak” and “Mute” at those links.

Another RnB star who has been featured on Krannaken.com in the past was Jennifer King. You can find Jennifer’s song, “Go”, right here.

Where Can You Learn More About Aretha Henry?

Aretha Henry seems to favour the development of her YouTube and Spotify channels over other social media profiles. Therefore, I can give you both the YouTube channel link and also the official Aretha Henry Spotify profile.

If you would also like your music to be reviewed right here on Krannaken.com, you can find more information right here.