Krannaken have been busy in the studio with a new album that will be released on 2nd June 2023. As a prequel to that, we are releasing a single of the same name. In this post, I am going to share the single with you and give you a taste of it. You will also be able to get a free copy of the radio edition of Tone Trance from a link that I have included later in this post.

Just in Case You Need an Introduction to Krannaken…

Everhald and I have over 50 years between us of working in the music industry. That gives you an idea of how old we are. Everhald is 60 and I’m in my 40s. The thing that makes our music stand out is that we are both visually impaired. I am partially sighted and Everhald is registered blind. This is in addition to the fact that Everhald is partially deaf. However, Everhald is largely responsible for our best music. He is an incredible musician and I am privileged to be able to work with him.

What’s on the Single?

Both the music on the single and also in the forthcoming album is the work of Everhald. However, I am responsible for the marketing side of Krannaken along with my Fiverr business. I see myself and Everhald as Barnes and Edison. Everhald is the Edison who makes most of the music while I am responsible for the marketing side of the music as the Barnes of the duo.

For the Fiverr gig, I promote music for musicians from all over the world. In this post, I wanted to give our music the same treatment – just because I want to see if I can get similar results for our music than I do for the artists and bands who I work with.


Tone Trance

Tone Trance was originally the name of a label that I ran. At the time, I was working with an artist called Paul Sparrow. Paul was a really talented trance music producer from Russia. His music was excellent. However, at the time, I had no idea on how to build a label.

Fast forward a few years, I have much more idea on how to build a more successful record label with Krannaken. This is especially after working with labels as an artists and working with artists through Fiverr.

Tone Trance is meant to be a flashback to the trance music of the late 90s. The kind of trance music that I loved back then included music like Energy 52, Chicane, Robert Miles, etc. The trance I want to make with Krannaken is uplifting trance that is completely instrumental in nature. That is what you have throughout both releases.


Work With Krannaken on Fiverr

My work on Fiverr includes writing reviews for various different music releases from artists all over the world. These all go on

There is also a gig that I do for an artist where I make daily microcontent videos that go on YouTube and TikTok.

Another gig I would like to do more often is to publish interview posts right here on However, the reviews are my most popular gig.

Where Can You Download Tone Trance (Radio Edit) From Krannaken Free of Charge?

You are welcome to download Tone Trance free of charge right here.