Drum & bass artist Sensei is back with a new song called Puppy Luv. There are lots of great things that can be said about Puppy Luv. It is an incredible addition to the Sensei repertoire. In this post, I will introduce you to Sensei, show you why you need to listen to Puppy Luv, and I will also show you where and how you can learn more.

Who is Sensei?

When I introduce the artists I review here, I take much of the information from the Spotify profile. However, Sensei has also kindly provided me with a press release with similar text.

Sensei’s background shows that he is passionate about his background. Sensei draws from his experience throughout his music. This includes his Aboriginal race and the area of the world where he is from. All of this influence features heavily in his music.

Sensei started making hip-hop over a decade ago. Puppy Luv is a testament to Sensei’s superior experience in music production.

Like so many artists, Sensei found the pandemic to be a vital time in his music production experience. It was a time that he built his knowledge and expertise. Therefore, the pandemic wasn’t all bad. There were also some positive things to say about it, and the Sensei’s music was proof of the beneficial aspects of the pandemic.

Sensei Puppy Luv

Sensei’s Musical Styles

From making hip-hop on Garageband in his earlier music career, Sensei has found that he had a particular passion for making bass-heavy music. Therefore, drum and bass just seemed to be the logical continuation of his career.

As the profile says, Sensei’s music is nothing short of electrifying. He has a crazy talent for making incredible drum and bass. We hear people cussing drum and bass, but it is one of the most underrated genres. Making accurate drum and bass and building a track with the right tempo takes considerable skill.

A Platform to Promote Awareness and Change

As with many music artists, Sensei sees his music as an avenue in which to promote awareness and change. Therefore, he is passionate about making a difference for those in need. He is optimistic about supporting causes such as feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights. He is committed to fighting discrimination.

Furthermore, Sensei sees the importance of building a fairer, more inclusive and representative music industry. With his Aboriginal background, race is also a subject that he sees as vital to his cause.

What Do I Like About Puppy Luv?

From the outset, we hear some incredible music production skills. I love the reverb that Sensei uses in the vocal parts and also on the acid line.

A typical drum and bass beat is EQ’d into the mix. The use of EQ here is fantastic. He makes a terrific automation clip to bring the EQ in with a tonne of style.

I also appreciate that Sensei makes the conversation within the song between the man and his girl. This adds a different take and perspective to the music.

Where Can You Learn More About Sensei?

If drum and bass is your thing – or even if it is just something you might like, I can recommend that you follow Sensei on Spotify.

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