Welcome to the Party by BlackLight (aka Carl Davis) takes you back to a time of body-popping and breakdancing to 1980s house music. If you were around in those days, or even if you weren’t, this is a track you will love. In this review, I will first introduce you to BlackLight. I will then explain why you should stream or (even better) purchase Welcome to the Party from your favourite music streaming or retail website. I will also show you where you can learn more about BlackLight and give you the links at the end of this review.

Who is BlackLight?

BlackLight is an up-and-coming producer, songwriter and performer from Omaha, Nebraska.

There is a real passion in BlackLight’s music that shows his enthusiasm for the music. As someone who grew up listening to S-Express and MARRS, I appreciate this music. Another personal reason for loving Welcome to the Party is its similarity to the KLF – a band from my own city (Coventry, UK). Also, as a fan of the bands above, I feel honoured to be reviewing Welcome to the Party.

BlackLight loves to create great vibes and a feeling of euphoria into his crowd. The energetic feel of Welcome to the Party also comes from BlackLight’s goal of making people dance and creating energy in his music. He sees the need to promote PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) and dance-ability through each song.

In BlackLight’s view, he has to speak to each part of himself with good and positive vibes that will develop his own character and that of his crowd.

BlackLight Welcome to the Party

What is Great About Welcome to the Party?

There are many positive things to say about Welcome to the Party and BlackLight. As I have already said, Welcome to the Party is a song that particularly appeals to me. This is because of my 1980s childhood. I remember the body-popping and breakdancing culture of the 1980s. It was a time that inspired me as a musician and a terrific inspiration to many others.

What is Great About This Type of Music?

1980s house inspired a generation of musicians to get creative and make something that would carry music forward. I look right back to the music like S-Exppress and MARRS (who I have already mentioned). I also Bomb The Bass and Paul Hardcastle. It was a time of change in the music industry.

Perhaps one of the best things about this type of music was the fresh new sound that kept popping up throughout the song. Songs would also use a variety of different sounds in each offering that would keep adding interest and intrigue. The drum rhythm and basslines are another aspect of this music that appeals to artists and fans alike. This would use a drum machine like Roland’s TR-808 to maximum effect.

Production Techniques Used by BlackLight

Welcome to the Party is packed with amazing skill. BlackLight has a tonne of experience in making music, from the delayed vocal and the riser used to maximum effect at the start of the track to the introduction of each separate part. It is all very positive and has a very dance-able feel to it.

BlackLight Welcome to the Party

Where Can You Learn More About BlackLight and Welcome to the Party?

You can find out more about BlackLight and Welcome to the Party from his Link Tree page here. If you would also like to promote the work of BlackLight further, please consider purchasing the single from Apple Music or Beatport. By purchasing the music, you would be supporting the artist more than by simply streaming the song.

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