How to Get Thousands of Streams on Spotify

Later this week, we are releasing Tone Trance – our new album. The quality of the music is outstanding. All we need to do is to find the right market. We need to get the right ears behind our music. I am going to use the same app that we used last time to get thousands of streams of our new music. However, this time, I am going to do it properly. Therefore, the album will see three months solid of what I see is a terrific promotion of our best music. Everhald is a world-class producer, and he is responsible for much of the work. I have to do my job in marketing the music.

How We Are Going to Get Thousands of Streams of Our Music

In my work on Fiverr, I discuss music marketing strategies with my clients regularly. They value my advice. I am asked about different apps and online services to build streams. One of these is Indie Music Academy. While IMA may be a good service, they don’t have a great price point. They are known as a terrific service for your music marketing, and for all I know, they could be a great service.

Later on last year, we used a service called Playlister Club to find organic placements. This generated thousands of new streams. We were on lots of different playlists, and we had a lot of success with it. Playlister Club was also much less expensive than IMA. I believe the latter is far too expensive, and a client I am working with considers that they are rather too expensive. Indeed, I agree. It actually costs hundreds of dollars to run a promotion through Indie Music Academy. Therefore, they may not be your thing.

Why Do I Use Playlister Club?

Last year, I used Playlister Club to get thousands of streams to our music on Spotify. If I can generate the same for our new album, this will make a real difference, and who knows where it will take us. I am going to run promotions on The Entity, Apex and Tone Trance (Radio Edit). These are some of the strongest songs we have. I would have chosen the album version of Tone Trance, but a radio edit is always more popular with Playlist Curators. Therefore, it makes sense that I promote it.

One of the best things about using Playlister Club is that I can just set it, and forget it. I will be keeping up with the statistics this time in the same way that I do on my Fiverr gigs. These have daily videos on TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Facebook. I did have them on Instagram, but Facebook is giving us a much better return on our investment.

My investment in Playlister Club will be $170 for a three-month, three-track promotion. I believe this is much better than the $500 plus investment that I would otherwise be investing into Indie Music Academy. They can guarantee a certain number of tracks on Indie Music Academy, but I am more confident that we can get thousands of streams to our music on Playlister Club.

What Other Apps Will I Use?

Another app I will be using is This uses AI to find tonnes of relevant playlists. It also gives you contact information and even writes a pitch for you. has a great price point – you have to make sure you have some time for contacting different playlist curators.

Krannaken Tone Trance album artowrk

Can I Get Thousands of Streams With Hypeddit?

There is one answer to this question. You will not get thousands of streams purely through Hypeddit. However, it’s fantastic for building relationships with other musicians. We are relying on DJs to play our music in their sets. This could be any type of DJ, but they will be DJs who are looking for new and different music. Our music will make a real difference to your music. We don’t perform our music live. It is purely for use by DJs who are looking for something that will significantly boost their popularity.

Where Can You Purchase Tone Trance?

Please support Krannaken by purchasing our album on Amazon. You can also learn more about Playlister Club.