Wind of Sighs

Alex Genadinik has been busy in his music studio again. This time, he has written something breathtakingly beautiful. The song is called Wind of Sighs and in this post, I will explain why I rate this song so highly and why you should too. We will look at the song’s different elements, and by the end, you’ll probably be Alex Genadinik’s number one fan.

Other Than Wind of Sighs, What Other Alex Genadinik Songs Have I Reviewed?

On, you will also find several of Alex’s other songs. These include Who By Fire, Girl and Balloon, Georgian Song, Enchanting Woman, and more. It appears to me that the more songs Alex writes, the better he gets. You might think it’s because he’s more experienced. However, I can think of countless bands and artists who aren’t as good as they were. Alex goes against this possibility and gets better the more he does. If you would like a full rundown of Alex’s songs, please search for “Alex Genadinik” in the search box above the review banner in the right-hand toolbar on this post.

Alex has asked me not to talk about who he is, where he has come from, etc. If you want to learn more about Alex as an artist, businessman, etc., you can find that in most of my other posts about him here.

Wind of Sighs – a Full Review of the Musical Experience That Awaits You

I am blown away by the quality of Wind of Sighs from the outset. The element that left me awestruck was the great use of reverb in Alex’s vocals. A while ago, Alex had a much weaker singing voice. However, it seems he has been through singing training. I know that Alex is the kind of man who takes his passions seriously. Therefore, he will be the one to hire a coach for his voice. The coach has worked wonders, and I believe that Alex’s voice is much stronger than it ever was in the past. He should be pleased with his accomplishments so far.

Who Does Alex Sound Like in This Song?

I can see much of the Gaellic influence in Alex’s music. I don’t know whether he would classify himself as an Enya fan. However, this song reminds me of that Enya’s style of music. It is wild and reminds me of rural locations like much of Ireland. Therefore, I also see other Irish influences in Wind of Sighs.

How About the Song Structure?

The structure of Wind of Sighs is also excellent. Alex has included sufficient space for each element to shine through in this song. By elements, in this case, I mean the introduction, verses, chorus and instrumental. The latter is particularly impressive. The guitar work is ideal for the song, and Alex’s playing is progressing excellently from older songs.

How About the Video?

The video for Wind of Sighs is a crucial selling point. However, it wouldn’t be as prominent if you were listening to the music. For those people experiencing the video on YouTube, you are in for a treat. The video includes three characters. There is a beautiful woman with the wind blowing through her hair, a man gazing out to sea and Alex singing in his home studio. However, it is not just the fact that these three main characters make the video great. The scenery: waves crashing against the rocks, the wild sea, etc., all give the video that feeling of a rugged Irish coastline. Remember the Irish influence that I mentioned before? I think that is key in this song.

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If you want to learn more about Alex and his music, please subscribe to his YouTube Channel, Touched By A Song – Alex Genadinik Music. You are also welcome to visit Alex’s music website here.