make money selling stock music

Yesterday, we looked at selling merch to fans through dropshipping. This included CDs, T-shirts, hoodies, etc. I explained the concept of drop shipping and how merchandise is advertising that actually pays you a profit. In today’s post, we look at selling stock music on Etsy. I show you exactly how you can make money selling stock music on Etsy, what you can sell, how you can sell it and how you can get the maximum potential from each piece of music that you create. Let’s dive in…

Make Money Selling Stock Music on Etsy

Although your primary market for selling stock music will be on the major production music libraries, you can still make money selling stock music on Etsy.

As I explained yesterday, you’re looking at only 20 pence per listing to list a product on Etsy. You can sell up to 999 products on each listing. Therefore, even if you only sell one of these 999 products, you’re making an excellent profit. As I explained yesterday, Etsy also takes a 6.5% transaction fee, which is a very minimal amount and leaves you with a considerable profit.

What Products Can I List on Etsy?

Etsy will allow you to sell digital products. Therefore, your customers can download them from your Etsy store very easily. These products can then be used in different media productions. There is a good possibility that this could be YouTube videos or video games. However, there are many possibilities, and the market for stock music and sync licensing is constantly growing.

What Are the Different Edits You Can Make For Stock Music?

There are a lot of edits you should make. These all have different uses. These can be short as a couple of seconds and as long as several minutes. You can create edits for background music, seamlessly never-ending edits, catchy tunes for advertising and many more. If you make instrumental music, you will find that your music is particularly popular.

Here is a list of the seven different edits that you can make…

  • Full track
  • Music Bed
  • Looped Version
  • one-minute version
  • 30-second version
  • 15-second version
  • stinger, audio logo, bumper

How to Make Passive Income With Your Music

When you sell a piece of stock music, you don’t relinquish the right not to sell it elsewhere again. Therefore, you can make money selling stock music that is passive. Passive income means that you make the music once, but can sell it time and again. This is the best way to make music because you are effectively making money while you sleep.

How Many Edits Can I Make With Each Track?

You can make more than just the seven different types of edits above. Think about how you can get different sounds out of your track. What can you do? Which elements can you record for your shorter edits? Can you switch any presets so that you are using different sounds for your music? It is possible to make money selling stock music that has all these different sounds. Therefore, you should be able to get the best part of 100 different edits from each and every track that you create.

How to Make Money Selling Stock Music Through the Different Production Music Libraries

There are literally hundreds of production music libraries. Most of them offer terms on a non-exclusive basis. Therefore, you are free to sell your music through any other library – or through your Etsy shop.

Where Can You Learn More About Making Money Selling Stock Music?

I highly recommend that you subscribe to the Stock Music Licensing YouTube Channel. Daniel is the guy who runs it. He is a really nice guy. You will know who he is if I mention his beard to you. It’s almost like part of his brand. Daniel owns an Academy where you can access all his courses for only $10 per month. You can find out more here.

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it here. Please also come back tomorrow, as I will share with you how you can make digital products for music artists. There are plenty of ways to make money selling music, and I hope you are learning something from reading these posts.