make money selling presets

Selling presets and sample packs is another good market for you to crack into with your music. You can sell such products to music producers through sites like We Make Dance Music. However, there is nothing to stop you from also selling your products on Etsy. This may be the smallest of the three markets we have covered over the past three days, but it is still an option worth pursuing. There are plenty of products that you can create to help other music producers. In this post, I will explain how to make money selling presets and tonnes of other products for music producers.

Recap From the Other Posts

Yesterday and the day before that, we looked at how we can make money selling products to fans and also selling stock music on Etsy. We learned that a listing that lasts for four months on Etsy costs just 20 pence to list. There is also a 6.5% transaction fee. We also learned that you can sell up to 999 units in one listing. Therefore, you will be able to generate a lot of profit for yourself. Etsy is one of the best marketplaces online for any digital product.

On Thursday, we discovered that we could also sell physical products by drop-shipping them and getting paid to advertise our own music. What could be better than that?

How to Make Money Selling Presets

On We Make Dance Music, you can purchase presets for the major synths. These include big-name VST synths such as Serum. However, WMDM doesn’t cover every synth. Therefore, you can create, sell and make money selling presets for any synth that you wish. For instance, I once created a pack of presets for Kick 2 by Sonic Academy. I could sell this product on Etsy as I have full rights to sell whatever I like on Etsy. (within reason).

Selling Templates on Etsy

You can purchase templates for many different synths on WMDM. However, there is nothing to stop you from also listing these products on your own Etsy shop. You then take more of a cut from the sale – plus, you’re also open to a bigger market. Therefore, it stands to reason why you should list your templates on Etsy.

Selling Sample Packs on Etsy

Another option for making money selling digital products to music producers would be to make sample packs. It doesn’t matter what genre of music we make. It doesn’t matter what instruments we use. However, you are not allowed to use pre-existing samples within a sample pack that you create. If you include a pre-existing sample within a template, it is different because it is seen as part of the song.

As we already make money selling presets, we could record new clips with those presets and offer them within our sample packs. That is making more products with the products we have already made – an all-around winner.

Selling Video Courses on Etsy

There is a decent market for video courses. These can be sold on Udemy and Skillshare, and there is also an option to sell them on We Make Dance Music. You might want to share your ideas with any audience that you already have. If you have a list of email subscribers for your music. You may also have a YouTube channel. Wherever you have access to a community of people who are also interested in making music for a living, it is a good idea to try and gauge some interest from them.

How to Make Money Selling Presets to Music Producers – Conclusion

I hope you have learned something over the past few days that you can take away, open your own Etsy store and sell music to the world in whatever market you like. Would you like to sell to fans, sell to creators or sell to music producers? Please share with us in the comments section below what takeaways you have taken from the three posts. Have the posts inspired you?