benefits of networking for musicians

Networking isn’t only about socializing. There are all sorts of people who network for all kinds of reasons. In this post, we will discuss why people have to network and the benefits of networking with other musicians for those who do network. We will look at why you need to network as an artist. So here goes…

Benefits of Networking With Other Musicians, Bands, Artists and Producers

1 It is good to socialize

Socializing is always great. You can meet people who have the same interests as you and chat about everything. These people could be making music of a completely different genre. However, true musicians will appreciate all genres of music for what they are. Furthermore, real musicians are not prejudiced against musicians who prefer a completely “way-out” genre. A real musician will be making trance music but will be completely happy to chat with death metal bands etc.

In particular, socializing is excellent because people only do business with people they know, like and trust. You may be wondering how other musicians can do business with you. There is more than one answer to this question. Firstly, they may be looking for supporting bands or artists, and they may also be looking for collaborators.

2 It can help you find bandmates

Benefits of networking will also include finding people to jam with. It doesn’t matter what you play. You could play the guitar and meet someone who plays the violin. As I recall, Whitesnake used an orchestra in Still of the Night. Do you think they networked before forming that union? Of course, they did!

If you meet someone else who plays the guitar and you play the guitar too, then that is great. They may be a country guitarist or a folk guitarist, and you could be a rock guitarist or a blues guitarist. It does not matter. This is just an excuse to widen your musical repertoire. Therefore, go with the flow. If you can play other styles, you have more to offer.

3 It could help you to find a record deal

You may also be able to find a great record deal. You never know what you will be offered. Therefore, go with optimism, and maybe you will find a deal. However, don’t hound the A&R man at a networking event if you see such a professional. It would be best if you were relaxed. Remember, these days, it is the artist who holds the power. It is the artist who makes the decisions and calls the shots. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t get that record deal. When I was younger, I would have jumped at the chance of a record deal. However, it is not essential nowadays, and you can be just as successful going it alone. There are many ways into the music industry; only one involves an A&R man (or woman).

One word of a warning: Don’t pay anything if they try and charge you. If they want to promote you so badly, they will pay you.

benefits of networking
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4 It can help you to find people who are looking for bands who want airplay

You may also find radio representatives at a networking group. You can approach and work with as many radio stations as you like. The Beatles did not only play on an English radio show. John Lennon would not be saying he was as famous as Jesus Christ if The Beatles only played on one station.

Therefore, meeting radio DJs and other radio professionals is one of the great benefits of networking.

5 It can help you to make better buying decisions

One of the benefits of networking and building friendships is that you can get product recommendations. Whether or not you are in the market for a new piano is irrelevant. You may go to a networking event and find people talking about their favourite pianos and suggesting you give them a shot. When you get home, watch a YouTube video about the piano. Thus, you love it – you want a new piano. Why not? A piano is a lovely instrument to have in your home.

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6 One of the great benefits of networking is that it is a fun way to spend your time

Would I be talking about it if it was dull? Maybe, but the benefits of networking can also include meeting new people and making new friends is, for most people, a fun thing to do. Furthermore, you don’t have to be the most extravert person in the room to enjoy yourself. I am not an extrovert. I would instead communicate with people over the Internet than any other way. However, when I went to a networking event for breakfast at 7 am, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I went to other events too.

7 Another of the great benefits of networking is also that it is healthy

As musicians, we are used to our own space. We know that if we stay indoors making music all day, we will become recluses. Being in such a position leads to a negative impact on our mental health. If we are not careful, we become lonely and depressed. Therefore getting outdoors to meet other musicians is an excellent thing for us to do.

8 You can get ideas for merch

One thing that people find as the benefits of attending networking events is to show off. Even if they have a great business card, they will show it off. Therefore, there is no reason why they should not show off their merch. By merch, I mean merchandise. These are items like T-shirts, hoodies, and even pin badges – that have a brand name written on them. Notice I said “brand” name and not “band” name. You can promote any of your musical initiatives or projects through merchandising. Another significant merchandising aspect is that people want to purchase your merch. Therefore, you are making an income from advertising your own business. Not bad, eh!

9 Yet another of the great benefits of networking is also that you can find places to gig

You find that the benefits of networking include meeting venue owners or representatives or meet festival organizers. You need to approach these people if you are interested in finding gigging opportunities.

Of course, you don’t need to gig. We don’t gig. Both Everhald and I have wives and children who we want to be around to support. Therefore, going on late-night gigs or touring just isn’t us. However, we are open to sending our work to DJs if they want to add it to their sets. You would be welcome to play any of our records in your set if you are a DJ. Just check out Krannaken on Spotify to find our music.

10 You could find great training opportunities

Finally, the benefits of networking can also include learning and training opportunities. We all want to get better at making music. Therefore, we should look for all the training opportunities we can. I read all the magazines: Future Music, Computer Music, Electronic Musician and many others. I can get access to them for free with a subscription to Readly. You can find them on Android and probably on Apple too. Just do a search for Readly in your app store.

Another site I recommend all the time is Sonic Academy. They have a minimal monthly fee but have excellent tuition available, and new courses are being released all the time. ClickSimply click here to find Sonic Academy.

Thank you for reading this post about the benefits of networking. If you have had any interesting networking experiences, please tell us about them in the comment section below. Please also remember that at the same time, you may be posting to Facebook – so telling us could be telling your Facebook contacts too.