Shakespeare wisest words

Alex Genadinik is back with a song that highlights perhaps the wisest words of William Shakespeare. Inspired by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare Rhapsody is a terrific blend of rock and folk that you simply cannot miss. Alex’s songwriting skills are constantly improving. I was very impressed with Alex’s older work, but this blows the competition out of the water.

What Do I Like About Shakespeare Rhapsody?

There are impressive aspects to every element of the song.

The songwriting is fluid, always moving and powerful.

The expression that Alex injects into each verse and each line is exceptional. For example, the words, “Witchcraft on your lips” is an interesting phrase. Witchcraft is something that people find intriguing. I don’t condone it is adopted as a practice. As a Christian myself, I understand that messing with witchcraft (even a Ouija board) is a dangerous thing to do. However, if you go back to the time of Shakespeare, there was a lot more belief in witchcraft and the occult in general. It is something that people play with nowadays and people don’t give it the respect and fear that it warrants.

What Do I Think of the Instrumentation in Shakespeare Rhapsody?

Alex also incorporates a number of instruments. From the piano in the introduction, the acoustic guitar (which Alex plays himself) and I love the electric lead that Alex has brought into the song at the end of the first verse. The electric is minimal. However, it is very well played and sounds as though the guitarist who plays that part is very experienced. Perhaps Alex played that part.

At 2:50 Alex plays a fingerstyle part on his acoustic. This is for the outro and sounds very effective.

Shakespeare Rhapsody

What is Great About the Video?

Shakespeare would also love the video. Alex uses fantastic imagery and has an excellent imagination. He has such great ideas for the scenes in the videos. One such scene is something he uses in a lot of his videos. This is the scene by the river. I think it is somewhere that is special for Alex.

These younger people play an excellent role in the video. They are perfect for the parts they play. Therefore, this would be another aspect to the song that would impress Shakespeare.

What Could Improve This Video?

Although the actors are right for a romantic Shakespeare-inspired song, maybe Alex should focus on just one couple. Having several different couples could be confusing for some audiences. For example, when you watch a film, you focus on just one couple. Alex could probably save money here too. Instead of paying several actors to play a role in the video, he could just pay one couple and the video could be more effective.

As for Alex’s role through the entire project, I believe he could do very well to do a tour. This could just be a few venues that are local to him in New York. However, more people need to hear this music and gigging is a great way to share your craft.

What Was The Last Review of Alex’s Music on

Before Shakespeare’s Rhapsody, the last review of Alex’s music was in May, 2023. It was entitled, The One Who Didn’t. This was another heavy-hitting rock song that you have to listen to. You can find it here. You are also welcome to subscribe to Alex’s music channel on YouTube.