L12X Solid State Amp

Freebie Friday is back today with the L12X Solid State Amp VST Plugin From Audiority. This is a software VST plugin that will be compatible whether you are on a PC or Mac. You can download it completely free directly from Plugin Boutique.

The video below will show you the kinds of sounds that you can get out of this “beast!” Once you have watched the video, I will explain what I like – and dislike about this VST.

The First Thing I Noticed About the L12X Solid-State Amp

Please bear in mind here that the guitar in the video is not plugged into a hardware amplifier. This guy has the guitar plugged into an audio interface that is then plugged directly into his computer and he is operating the amplifier on his digital audio workstation. Therefore, this is an incredible piece of kit and as it’s free, it’s a no-brainer. This is especially if you make rock music.

What Genres Do I Think This Would Work With?

Anyone who knows anything about our music will know that we don’t do rock or metal. In fact, although we know how to rock, we don’t do it. However, if you want a VST that will sound great with rock or metal music genres, I can recommend this one. This is especially because it is free of charge. If you were to go out and purchase the hardware amp, you’d be looking at a few hundred quid.

Purchasing the software L12X Solid State amp also gives you the ability to record your guitar directly into your Mac or PC.

The genres that are good don’t only include rock and metal. You’d also do well to get this if you want to play blues, or even pop.

What Features Are There on the L12X Solid State Amp?

As with a lot of contemporary amps, you will find a good many capabilities and features on the L12X. It includes EQ. You can boost lower, middle and also higher notes. It also has a gain and a contours button.

What Do I Think Of The Graphical User Interface?

The GUI on the L12X Solid State amp is designed to look exactly like the dashboard on the hardware amp. Therefore, you will see an input port (which is where a lead would go on a hardware amp). However, I think that is just there for show on this as you can’t plug a lead in through your monitor screen. I think it’s redundant, but just there to look the part.

Just a thought for Audiority – if you happen to be reading this. Hi, you’ve made a great plugin. However, if you teamed up with a modular synth company like Cherry Audio (for example) wouldn’t you be able to build this amp directly into the modular framework? Then you could both profit as people are using your gear to create an incredible sound.

L12X Solid State Amp

Plugin Boutique Ratings For the L12X Solid State Amp

The audience on Plugin Boutique gave the L12X Solid State Amp a nice score of 5 stars out of 5. There were 5 stars for sound quality, value for money and ease of use. The other scores were 4 stars for features and 4 stars for presets.

Here are my thoughts on these scores.

Sound Quality

I agree with the sound quality. If you’re a plank spanker, don’t invest in a hardware amp. You need to invest in an audio interface instead. Plug your plank straight into the interface and then you can use the L12X Solid State amp instead of getting a mediocre sound out of some other amp that you can’t do anything with.

Value For Money

Value for money shouldn’t count here because it’s completely free. Therefore, you’re not spending money on it – unless you want to count time as a cost. However, if you make passive income, you can’t even consider time to be a cost.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use got 5 stars on Plugin Boutique. Wouldn’t you expect this from a guitar amplifier? I mean, they’re not rocket science, are they? If you can plug your guitar into your computer, that’s all you need to do.

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This is something that could be improved. However, the VST plugin has been developed to replicate the sound of a classic 1980s amp. In the 80s, they didn’t really use a lot of effects on guitar amps. It’s not like the Spider Six or any other amp with a multitude of effects. Therefore, I don’t think we can be hard on Audiority for that.


There aren’t many sounds you can get out of an amp like this. You can have a “Rock on” and a “Rock off” setting, but having said that, it’s just two settings. A guitar amp can benefit from an external hardware effects pedal or a unit with multiple effects.

I do think Audiority should team up with other VST plugin developers and add more functionality to their plugin. As I have already mentioned, a modular synth such as that developed by Cherry Audio could really give this one a facelift. However, you’d probably have to pay for it then.

The L12X Solid State Amp Overall

On Plugin Boutique, the L12X Solid State Amp got a 5 star rating overall. I think I can agree here. However, as I’ve just said, there is definitely room for improvement. I think they could add so much more functionality and do so much more with the L12X Solid State Amp.

Where Can You Access the L12X Solid State Amp?

If you want to get a copy of the L12X Solid State Amp for free, you can download it for yourself from Plugin Boutique.

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