Harvest Mini

This Freebie Friday, we are checking out a sequencer plugin on a DAW that doesn’t need an additional sequencer. FL Studio has a good enough sequencer already so what would happen if I added a sequencer such as Harvest Mini to it. Let’s find out…

How Easy Was It to Install Harvest Mini on my DAW?

The actual installation process, in itself, was smooth and I didn’t experience any issues. However, actually using Harvest Mini was another story.

I use FL Studio and I’m a big fan of FL. It already has a great sequencer built in that does everything you need a sequencer to do.

Apart from FL Studio, I also have experience with other DAWs such as Pro Tools and Cubase. I would recommend the installation of a third-party sequencer to people who are using Pro Tools. I think Pro Tools was poor in comparison to FL Studio as a music-making DAW. If you’re after a DAW to design sound effects, Pro Tools is a good option, but definitely steer clear if you want to make music. FL Studio is a breath of fresh air in comparison. It’s so easy to use and the perpetual license policy is a major reason for you to invest in FL Studio.

Installation Instructions

Plugin Boutique provides clear instructions on how to install all of the plugins they have available. Some plugins are Mac or Windows only. However, most of them have a version for Mac and another version for Windows.

Once you download Harvest Mini, you firstly need to extract it with your default file extraction tool. From there, open the folder, right click the DLL file and then cut it from the file.

Harvest Mini review

You then need to go to your VST Plugin folder and paste the DLL file into it.

From there, you will need to open your DAW, do a search for new plugins and specify that you want to use Harvest Mini in your DAW.

Is Harvest Mini Easy to Use in FL Studio?

If you’re using FL Studio, you don’t need to use Harvest Mini. You have a perfectly good sequencer in FL already. Therefore, it’s just not necessary for you.

As I’ve already said, if you use Pro Tools or another DAW that is missing a sequencer, Harvest Mini would be a good way to make music on your DAW.

As you can see in the video, my experience with Harvest Mini was a disaster. I won’t be going back to it any time soon. I am sorry to Harvest Plugins because there may have been a way I could have had a better experience with it. After seeing the product video on Plugin Boutique (see below), I could have had a better experience than I did. Maybe my experience just shows how lacking I am in technical skills. However, I believe that if the product was good it would have been easier to use and I would have had a better experience than I did.

This video makes me feel like a total technical newbie.

What was the General Consensus on Plugin Boutique?

Sound Quality

Harvest Mini got a 4 out of 5 for sound quality. People are being much nicer about it on Plugin Boutique. Maybe this is because they aren’t using FL Studio with it. These were probably people who actually needed a third-party sequencer.

Value For Money

Again, value for money doesn’t count on a free plugin. There was no money spent other than if you are exchanging your time for money. Exchanging my time for money is not something I want to do. Give me passive income over money for time any day.

Ease of Use

So, Harvest Mini got a 4 out of 5 for ease of use. Come on! I don’t know how it managed that. My experience told me that I needed a lot more experience to make it anything like “easy to use”. It wasn’t very beginner-friendly. I may not be a complete beginner and I have a little experience that I demonstrated in the video. However, easy to use – it was definitely not! Personally, I would give it a 1 out of 5 for ease of use.

Features and Presets

I didn’t get far enough with it to check out the Features or Presets for myself. However, in the video above the features and presets look fairly good. Harvest Mini scored 4 out of 5 for both features and presets.

Concluding Thoughts About Harvest Mini

Although it seems that most people on Plugin Boutique had a good experience of Harvest Mini, I am sorry to have to report that I did not. If you are using a DAW that has a good stock sequencer, I advise that you give Harvest Mini a wide berth. However, if you use a DAW such as Pro Tools that doesn’t shine through in music making, I would recommend that a third-party sequencer is just what you need. It may not be Harvest Mini that you need. Therefore, I recommend that you research the market before settling on any one sequencer plugin.

I hope I have helped you to come to a good decision about Harvest Mini. Thank you for reading this post.