The Soundtoys SuperPlate is a sophisticated piece of software. It is designed to offer musicians and sound engineers a versatile set of reverb effects. It takes the concept of electromechanical plate reverbs and packages it into a digital format. This provides the unique tonal characteristics of these classic devices within a modern recording setup.

The Soundtoys SuperPlate sits on a sleek, modern desk, surrounded by other audio equipment. Its metallic finish gleams under the soft studio lighting, and its knobs and switches are positioned for easy access

By emulating five distinct plate reverb models, SuperPlate expands the creative possibilities for users. This negates the need for heavy physical equipment and significant investment.

With an interface that is both user-friendly and familiar to those acquainted with previous Soundtoys plugins, SuperPlate integrates easily into various digital audio workstations (DAWs). This easy integration, coupled with features such as Auto-Decay and adjustable filters, allows for a high degree of control over the reverb applied to tracks.

The software encourages experimentation. With various decay times and a pre-delay option, users can fine-tune their sound to achieve the desired ambience.

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Key Takeaways

  • SuperPlate provides five types of emulated plate reverbs for diverse sonic textures.
  • It offers a seamless integration with most digital audio workstations.
  • User control is enhanced through features such as Auto-Decay and tweakable filters.

Key Features of Soundtoys SuperPlate

The Soundtoys SuperPlate reverb plugin stands out for its meticulous modeling of classic plate reverbs. This tool affords producers and engineers with a blend of tradition and innovation right in their digital audio workstation.

Rich Reverb Textures

SuperPlate provides users with a selection of five iconic plate reverbs, each offering its unique sonic character. Users can choose from the likes of the EMT 140 and EMT 240, as well as lesser-known yet equally impressive models like the Audicon and Stocktronics RX4000. Additionally, the SuperPlate includes the EcoPlate III, completing a suite that guarantees a rich palette of textures suitable for various musical applications.

The plugin achieves a realistic emulation, presenting users with reverbs that feel both dense and smooth, enhancing tracks with a palpable sense of space.

Versatile Modulation Capabilities

A distinct characteristic of the SuperPlate is its modulation options that go beyond the basic plate reverb functionalities. The modulation section of the plugin allows for subtle tweaks or more pronounced modulations, giving tracks a vibrant and animated quality.

Users can tailor the modulation rate and depth, equipping them with the ability to inject movement into their reverbs. This sets SuperPlate apart as a dynamic and responsive effects tool in the realm of audio production.

Technical Specifications

The Soundtoys SuperPlate sits on a sleek black tabletop, its metallic finish gleaming under the spotlight. Cables connect to the back, and a digital display illuminates with vibrant colors

The Soundtoys SuperPlate is engineered to meet the needs of modern digital audio workstations. Therefore, it provides detailed emulation of classic plate reverbs. It demands specific system capabilities to function seamlessly.

System Requirements

  • Mac: macOS 10.12 or later, Intel or Apple Silicon processor
  • Windows: Windows 7 or later, Intel or AMD processor
  • Memory: At least 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Free Disk Space: Minimum 500 MB available

Plugin Formats

  • AAX Native: For use with Avid Pro Tools 11 or higher
  • Audio Units (AU): Compatible with Apple Logic Pro X and other AU hosts
  • VST2: Works with a wide variety of VST2-compatible DAWs
  • VST3: For the latest VST3-compatible DAWs

User Interface Overview

The Soundtoys SuperPlate presents a sleek, intuitive interface that users find approachable and efficient in use. It sports a logical layout which allows for quick navigation and control over the myriad of reverb settings.

Essential Controls:

  • Mix: Adjusts the balance between dry and wet signals.
  • Decay Time: Determines the duration of the reverb tail.
  • Pre Delay: Sets the delay time before the reverb effect kicks in.
  • Low Cut and High Cut Filters: Tailor the reverb’s frequency response.
  • Modulation: Introduces movement to the reverb tail for a richer sound.

The top panel of the interface prominently features a large Reverb Type selection switch, allowing users to cycle through various plate models. Each model possesses unique characteristics reflective of the hardware it emulates.

Advanced Features:

  • Preamp Colour: Offers tonal variation with selectable preamp modes.
  • Modulation Depth and Rate Controls: These provide further sonic sculpting.

For precise adjustments, the SuperPlate includes a detailed EQ section. This is graced with visual feedback for immediate reference to the adjustments being made.

Navigation within the interface benefits from clearly labelled parameters and responsive controls. Icons alongside specific features enhance the visual aid for users, leading to an efficient workflow.

The design and colour palette of the interface not only align with the classic Soundtoys aesthetic, but also ensure a pleasant visual experience, reducing fatigue during prolonged sessions.

Integration with Digital Audio Workstations

A computer screen displays the Soundtoys SuperPlate plugin integrated seamlessly with a digital audio workstation. The plugin's interface is visible, with various controls and settings ready to be adjusted

Soundtoys SuperPlate is designed to be compatible with a broad range of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Thanks to its flexibility, producers and sound engineers can integrate it into their existing setup with relative ease.


  • Formats: SuperPlate supports major native plugin formats such as VST, AU, and AAX, allowing it to function within the majority of DAWs on both Windows and macOS platforms.
  • Authorisation: The plugin authorization utilizes the iLok licensing system, providing users with both local and cloud options.

DAW Integration:

  • Once authorized, users can easily add SuperPlate to a project as an insert effect on individual tracks. Alternatively, they can set it as an auxiliary channel for shared reverb applications.
  • For users who prefer a modular approach, SuperPlate integrates as a module within Soundtoys’ EffectRack plug-in chainer, enabling the facilitation of complex signal processing chains.


  • SuperPlate crafts its interface to ensure seamless interaction within the DAW environment, featuring intuitive controls that respond promptly and promote a swift workflow.
DAWInsert UseEffectRack Use
Pro ToolsYesYes
Logic ProYesYes
Ableton LiveYesYes
FL StudioYesYes

It is important for users to refer to the specific requirements of their DAW to ensure full compatibility and to take advantage of optimised performance features where available.

Tips and Best Practices

When utilising Soundtoys SuperPlate, one can achieve optimal sonic quality by adhering to several effective practices. To begin, experiment with Auto-Decay. This feature dynamically adjusts the decay time based on the input signal, which can be particularly useful for maintaining clarity when dealing with dense mixes or complex material.

Users should also consider the stereo capabilities of SuperPlate, which boasts a true stereo in/out functionality. Taking advantage of the WIDTH control allows for manipulation of the stereo field, users are able to add a further sense of spaciousness to the audio. Conversely, should a mix require it, narrowing the stereo image is equally achievable.

Additionally, the Parametric EQ available on SuperPlate offers precise tonal shaping. Moreover, by subtly tweaking the high and low-frequency bands, users can tailor the reverb to sit perfectly within a mix without overwhelming other elements..

  • Furthermore, consider using the pre-delay control to place the reverb in the temporal context of your mix. This helps give sounds their own space and avoids muddiness.
  • Apply reverb selectively across the mix. Instead of using it uniformly on all tracks, identify which elements will benefit most from the SuperPlate’s character.

SuperPlate’s Modulation section can add motion and depth to reverb tails; use it wisely to inject life into static sounds.

Auto-DecayAdjust decay time based on input
Stereo WIDTHControl the spread of the stereo field
Pre-delayTime delay before the reverb starts
Parametric EQFine-tune reverb frequencies
ModulationAdd texture and depth to the reverb effect

Lastly, always match volume levels when engaging and bypassing the effect to objectively assess its impact, avoiding the common pitfall of perceived improvement due to louder signal levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section examines the most pertinent queries related to Soundtoys SuperPlate. Additionally, it provides clear insights into its features, comparison with other reverb plugins, and its standing amongst audio production professionals.

What features does the Soundtoys SuperPlate offer?

Notably, Soundtoys SuperPlate is renowned for its meticulous emulations of five different electromechanical reverbs. Additionally, it features an innovative auto-decay functionality that adjusts the decay time dynamically. This trait is particularly highlighted by Sound On Sound. Furthermore, the expansive warmth and characteristic sound of the original units, like the EMT 140, are central to its design.

How does the Soundtoys SuperPlate compare to UAD’s reverb plugins?

UAD reverbs are lauded for their authenticity and DSP efficiency. Meanwhile, Soundtoys SuperPlate distinguishes itself with a versatile sonic palette and a user-friendly interface. These features are accessible without the need for UAD hardware. However, specific comparisons to UAD’s offerings are subjective. They are often based on personal preference regarding the tonal quality and usability.

In what ways does the SuperPlate differ from the Valhalla reverb plugins?

Compared to Valhalla’s reverbs, which are software-based and provide a wide range of algorithmic reverb sounds, the SuperPlate focuses on plate reverb emulation with adjustability. It stands out with switchable sound characteristics that mimic vintage hardware like the EMT 140 and EMT 240.

Can the SuperPlate be acquired as part of the Soundtoys 5 bundle?

Current information about Soundtoys Superplate is not in the Soundtoys 5 bundle. Although the Soundtoys 5 bundle encompasses an array of plugins, customers should confirm the inclusion of SuperPlate on the official Soundtoys website or authorized dealers.

What are users saying about the Soundtoys SuperPlate on forums like Reddit?

Feedback on Reddit and forums suggests that users are impressed with SuperPlate’s sound quality. The creative control it offers has been described as a powerful tool for both subtle room-like reverberations and more expansive, surreal effects.

Do Industry Professionals Consider Soundtoys SuperPlate to be worthwhile?

Moreover, many industry professionals regard the investment in Soundtoys SuperPlate as worthwhile.

They praise its exceptional quality and versatility in both mixing and sound design applications.

With its user-friendly features that offer clarity and vintage warmth, it becomes a favoured choice among engineers and producers seeking rich, plate reverb effects.

Where Can You Purchase Soundtoys SuperPlate?

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