The BPB 64 revitalises the iconic sounds of the Commodore 64 for modern music producers and nostalgists alike. This free synthesiser plugin offers a sample-based approach to sound generation, meticulously capturing the essence of the Commodore 64’s SID chip – the magic behind its distinctive chiptune flair. By utilising samples from various original units, each with their own characteristic SID chips, the BPB 64 adds vintage authenticity to any digital audio workstation.

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Understanding that accessibility is key in music production, the creators of BPB 64 have designed a straightforward tool that integrates with contemporary music software seamlessly. By allowing MIDI control and providing a range of nostalgic patches, the plugin promises both ease of use for beginners and depth for the more experienced. Whether it’s for crafting retro game soundtracks or infusing your tracks with a sense of the 80s, BPB 64 serves as a versatile tool enabling creativity across various genres.

Key Takeaways

  • BPB 64 encapsulates the quintessential Commodore 64 audio through a modern VST plugin.
  • The synthesiser is highly accessible, facilitating a fusion of retro and contemporary sounds in music production.
  • Offering a library of authentic sounds and easy MIDI integration, BPB 64 is versatile across musical applications.

Overview of BPB 64

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BPB 64 is a sample-based virtual synthesizer that harkens back to the sound of the iconic Commodore 64. Furthermore, it has been designed as freeware. Therefore, it allows you to incorporate the nostalgic chiptune aesthetics into your modern productions without cost.

This virtual instrument comes equipped with an array of presets crafted from samples taken from three unique Commodore 64 devices, each boasting a distinct SID chip. The sampling process ensures the classic, raw sound of the original machine is authentically captured. The patches provided cover a range of sonic textures reminiscent of the vintage home computer’s audio capabilities.

Utilising the MSSIAH cartridge, these patches are also designed to allow MIDI-triggering for ease of integration into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Integration support includes VST and AU plugin formats. Therefore, it ensures compatibility with a wide variety of music production software.

BPB 64 is crafted by creators akin to Samplescience and Rhythmic Robot. These creators are also known for their work in bringing vintage sounds to modern applications. Furthermore, as a freeware virtual instrument, BPB 64 provides a valuable resource for producers looking to add an element of retro to their sound library without financial outlay.

With its combination of sampled loops, preset patches, and also its straightforward integration, your workflow is enhanced by having this unique sonic palette at your disposal. Add a touch of vintage flair to your tracks with the convenience of a plugin that also embodies the essence of the Commodore era.

Historical Context

In the early 1980s, your personal computing experience was revolutionised with the introduction of the Commodore 64 home computer. It was not only a major player in the gaming industry but also acclaimed for its sound capabilities due to the SID chip (Sound Interface Device).

This audio chip set the Commodore 64 apart from its contemporaries. It featured three digital oscillators, and as an owner, you could produce diverse synthesised sounds that were advanced for the time. The SID chip became legendary among enthusiasts for its unique sound characteristics and is still celebrated today.

The Commodore 64’s influence extended beyond its own life cycle, with the SID chip becoming a sought-after component for musicians and audio engineers. Its sound is often described as distinctively ‘chiptune’, characterising a whole genre of music.

You may know that every SID chip had its own peculiarities—this individual quality made each Commodore 64’s audio output slightly unique. For a true retro experience, nothing comes close to the original SID chip’s capabilities.

To this day, the Commodore 64 holds a special place in the history of computing and electronic music. Its legacy includes sparking a wave of creativity in digital sound synthesis and culture, which persists across various modern platforms.

Technical Details of the BPB 64

The BPB 64 is a cutting-edge VST plugin designed to emulate the iconic sounds of the Commodore 64’s SID chip. It operates within Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), delivering a suite of retro sounds.

Key Features:

  • SID Chips: The core of BPB 64’s sound generation is rooted in the emulation of the SID chip, renowned for its distinctive digital oscillators and also its raw sound character.
  • ADSR Envelope: Your control over the sound shaping is enhanced with an ADSR envelope. This allows precise management of each phase of the sound’s amplitude – Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release.
  • Audio Interface Compatibility: The plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing audio interface. It also ensures that high-quality sound is maintained through every stage of music production.
  • MIDI Implementation: BPB 64 fully supports MIDI capabilities, ensuring you can play and record with MIDI controllers for a fluid creative process.
  • 64-Bit Architecture: Optimised for modern production, the plugin is developed for 64-bit systems. Therefore, these providing stability and performance in contemporary DAWs.
  • Maize Sampler Programming: Its sound engine is structured using Maize Sampler programming. Therefore, this ensures a reliable and efficient playback of multi-sampled patches.
  • Multi-Sampled Patches: The plugin includes 37 multi-sampled patches, mirroring a wide array of bass sounds, pads, leads, and also signature arpeggios.

When integrating BPB 64 into your musical toolkit, you’ll find it a breeze to incorporate the nostalgia of the 1980s into any project, with minimal setup. Rest assured, the plugin’s design offers an authentic replication of the Commodore 64’s sound palette, bringing a piece of music history back to life within your productions.

Sound Design and Effects Onboard the BPB 64

The BPB 64 synthesizer is a robust tool for creating a range of sounds from nostalgic chiptune to sophisticated soundscapes. The plugin’s capabilities also cater to a wide array of sound design preferences. These range from basic bass sounds and lead tones to complex pads and arpeggios.

Synth Components

Your journey through the BPB 64 starts with its core synth components. It employs multi-sampled sounds from various Commodore 64 SID chips to provide an authentic chiptune experience. You have an array of bass sounds and leads at your disposal, each one oozing with the unique grit and lo-fi crunch characteristic of the era. What’s more, various pads are also included. These are perfect for crafting atmospheres ranging from the ethereal to the dramatic.

Built-in Effects

To further shape your sound, BPB 64 comes equipped with an assortment of built-in effects. You can apply reverb for atmospheric depth or use distortion to add aggressiveness to your leads. The synthesizer also includes a chorus effect to widen your sounds, imparting a sense of space and movement. Each effect is fine-tuned to complement the inherent sound qualities. It emulates the SID chip samples.

Modulation Capabilities

BPB 64’s modulation capabilities give you control over the dynamics and expression of your patches. The pitch modulation can be linked to the modulation wheel. Therefore, this offers real-time control over the pitch and vibrato, essential for imbuing leads with a lively quality. Additionally, a multimode analog filter—including a low-pass filter—allows for nuanced shaping of the harmonic content. Introduce distortion modes to provide anything from subtle warmth to extreme crunch, broadening the palette of available textures within your productions.

Software Features of the BPB 64

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Exploring BPB 64, you’ll discover its distinctive qualities as a virtual instrument. It also offers the nostalgic sounds of the Commodore 64 revitalised for your modern digital audio workstation (DAW). Furthermore, with its plugin formats, compatibility and user interface design, this section will guide you through the essential features that make BPB 64 an intriguing addition to your music production toolkit.

Plugin Formats

BPB 64 is available in both VST and AU plugin formats, serving a wide range of users across different DAWs. Whether you’re working on a Windows or macOS system, these formats ensure that you can incorporate the characteristic chiptune sounds seamlessly into your projects.

  • VST: The VST is utilised by a majority of music production software. Therefore, this format is compatible with nearly all DAWs on Windows and macOS.
  • AU (Audio Units): Specifically designed for macOS users, this format integrates smoothly with applications like Logic Pro and GarageBand.


Your system requirements are easily met with BPB 64. This is because it supports both Windows and macOS operating systems. This means that regardless of your computer platform, you have access to this free virtual synth.

  • Windows: Run the plugin effortlessly on your Windows-based DAW.
  • macOS: Designed to complement the macOS architecture, the plugin integrates without issues.

Ensure that your DAW supports VST or AU plugins for smooth operation.

User Interface Design

The user interface (UI) of BPB 64 boasts a clean and intuitive design. This allows for straightforward navigation and control over the synthesizer’s parameters. With direct access to essential controls and functions, the GUI design also ensures that you can tweak sounds and settings without hassle.

  • GUI Design: Reflects the aesthetics of the original Commodore 64, combining nostalgia with functional clarity.
  • Control: Customise sounds with ease, thanks to logically arranged knobs and sliders that emulate the SID chip’s capabilities.

When using BPB 64, its UI design promises an engaging and productive experience. These capture the quintessence of the classic hardware with a SampleScience touch, accentuating the virtues of both old and new.

Library Content For the BPB 64

The BPB 64 synthesiser brings the nostalgic tones of the Commodore 64 into your studio. With a sound library that features an extensive collection of high-fidelity samples and diverse sounds, you are provided with the tools to create unique music tracks.

Quality of Samples

The BPB 64 VST plugin boasts a collection of multi-sampled patches that also maintain the authentic sound of the original SID chip. The samples are meticulously captured. Therefore, you experience the raw, punchy nature synonymous with the Commodore 64. Expect sample-based reproductions with the quality that also allows for fast-paced arpeggios. It is also easily possible to get the iconic C64 leads that were fundamental to the computer’s sound identity.

Variety of Sounds

Your music production palette is expanded with Kontakt libraries. These also draw inspiration from the rich history of the SID chip. The synth patches range from simple waveforms to complex textures that also offer a full spectrum of sounds. These freeware multi-samples integrate seamlessly into your DAW, permitting a creative workflow to forge both retro and contemporary tracks. The sample-based, sound library lets you explore without the constraints of a single hardware unit. Therefore, this makes your endeavour into chiptune or any genre infused with retro synthesis more nuanced and extensive.

Practical Applications

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The BPB 64 synthesiser plugin opens up new realms for both modern music production and live performance. With sample-based sounds from the classic Commodore 64, this free tool endows your projects with a unique retro edge.

Music Production on the BPB 64

In music production, you should consider incorporating the BPB 64 plugin to achieve an authentic 8-bit sound. Predominantly used in genres such as chiptune, electronica, and indie game soundtracks, the Commodore 64 Synthesiser Sessions Deluxe sample pack from the Bedroom Producers Blog can be pivotal. You also benefit from monophonic synthesiser capabilities and historic SID chip sounds. Utilising the MSSIAH cartridge for original programming, you gain access to a broad array of vintage sounds that could propel your tracks to stand out.

Moreover, the plugin facilitates sound design with loops and synth phrases, making it an essential tool if you wish to add a nostalgic dimension to your music. And as a free download, it’s both accessible and cost-effective for bedroom producers aiming to expand their sonic palette.

Live Performance with the BPB 64

For live performance, integrating the BPB 64 can offer an element of surprise to engage your audience. Deploying Commodore 64’s renowned blips and beeps with this plugin takes you back to the day. Furthermore, you can elevate a set with textures that hark back to the early days of computer games. Whether you’re triggering samples on the fly or weaving in monophonic synth lines, the versatility of this plugin enables you to configure and modify sounds to suit the dynamic nature of a live setting.

The BPB 64 corporates the distinct crackle and pop of 8-bit audio. Therefore, the C64 sounds can be used to create a sense of nostalgia. Alternatively, you can also inject a dose of retro futurism into your performance. The BPB 64’s interface is designed with live use in mind. Therefore, this ensures swift access to critical parameters for real-time sound shaping.


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The BPB 64 synthesiser is a sample-based virtual instrument that revives the iconic sounds of the Commodore 64. Its accessibility is a key feature; you can obtain this piece of nostalgia with ease.

Key Points:

  • Freeware: BPB 64 is available at no cost. You can enjoy its features without financial commitment.
  • Free Download: You can directly download BPB 64 by simply following the link.
  • Availability: The BPB 64 is not restricted to specific platforms. Therefore, it’s ready for use on both Windows and macOS.
  • Format: It is compatible with most digital audio workstations (DAWs) as it comes in both VST and AU plugin formats.
macOSFullAU, VST

By presenting the legendary Commodore 64 synthesiser sessions deluxe library in a modern package, BPB 64 also stands out as an invaluable tool for musicians and producers looking to incorporate retro sounds into their work. With its straightforward free download and installation process, you can also swiftly integrate the nostalgic chiptune flair into your music production. Therefore, this gives you access to vintage sounds right at your fingertips.

Additional Resources

When you’re looking to expand your production toolkit with BPB 64, a selection of free resources is available to complement this synthesiser. These include sample packs, additional plugins, and modulation features that can enhance your music production experience.

Free Downloads

  • BPB 64 Synthesiser: Discover the nostalgic 8-bit sounds inspired by the legendary Commodore 64 and inject unique textures into your tracks. Available for both Windows and macOS, this sample-based virtual synthesiser makes it easy to incorporate retro vibes. To download, visit Bedroom Producers Blog.

Sample Packs

  • Vintage Chips: To truly harness the power of BPB 64, consider utilizing sample packs. These can also provide original Commodore 64 samples, enriching your sonic palette.

Additional BPB Plug-ins

  • BPB Dirty Filter Plus: Elevate your production with this dynamic audio filter. Implement it to shape your tracks or add a bit of grit.
  • BPB Dirty LA: Integrate the warmth of classic LA-2A style compression to your music with this easy-to-use emulation.

Modulation Control on the BPB 64

  • Patch Modulation Amount: With the right modulation settings, the BPB 64 allows for intricate sound design. Adjust the patch modulation parameters to fine-tune the timbre and pulse-width modulation of your vintage synthesiser sounds.

Remember, while the BPB 64 is a stellar plug-in on its own, leveraging these additional resources can significantly broaden your creative capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover essential information about the BPB 64 VST plugin, its unique attributes, user impressions, comparisons with other plugins, and also its emulation of the classic Commodore 64 sound.

How can one obtain the BPB 64 VST plugin?

You can download thIS VST plugin free of charge from the Bedroom Producers Blog website. It is available for both Windows and macOS, providing broad accessibility for different users.

What are the standout features of the BPB 64 plugin?

The BPB 64 plugin boasts a range of features such as 37 presets that encapsulate the essence of the Commodore 64’s sound. It offers various built-in effects such as chorus, reverb, delay, and distortion. These can also add depth to the iconic C64 arpeggios and lo-fi crunch.

What do users generally think of the BPB 64 according to available reviews?

Feedback suggests that the BPB 64 is highly regarded by its users. This is mainly because of its authentic emulation of the C64’s sound. This is because its fidelity to the original SID chip sounds. Therefore, the quality of the included presets earn positive mentions in reviews.

How does BPB 64 Dirty LA compare with other BPB offerings?

BPB Dirty LA is another plugin by the same developer. While it has its own unique characteristics, it’s not directly comparable to the BPB 64 as they serve different purposes. The BPB 64 specifically emulates the Commodore 64 SID chip,. However, BPB Dirty LA may focus on different aspects of sound production.

In what ways does a Commodore 64 VST emulate the original hardware?

A Commodore 64 VST like the BPB 64 emulates the hardware by digitally reproducing the sound of the SID chip used in the original machine. This includes accurately replicating the waveforms, filters, and also the modulation capabilities that gave the C64 its distinctive chiptune sound.

Yes, alongside the BPB 64, there are other VST plugins. These are specifically designed to emulate the SID chip,. These also use samples or synthesis to mimic the iconic sounds of the Commodore 6.

If you would like to investigate this plugin further, please see this link. Thank you.

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