Jamstik Studio midi guitar midi guitars for electronic music production

In your quest for the perfect blend of traditional guitar playing and electronic music production, the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar has emerged as a noteworthy contender. After spending some time with this vibrant Orange Matte model, it’s clear that it combines the best of both worlds. Midi guitars like the Jamstik Studio are ideal for both guitarists and electronic music producers alike.

This headless beauty is not just eye candy with its bright hue. The fusion of electric guitar feel with powerful MIDI capabilities also opens up a whole new realm of musical possibilities.

With a user-friendly plug-and-play feature, it translates your riffs and chords almost instantly within your digital audio workspace. Therefore, it acts much like a standard MIDI keyboard would.

The portability factor is a major plus, lending itself well to musicians on the move or those working in snug studio spaces.

Midi guitars such as the Jamstik Studio midi guitar are ideal for guitarists who want to get into electronic music production

However, it’s not all about MIDI. The analog aspect holds its ground with a pleasant playability and rich sound from the dual humbuckers. Whether you’re strumming or tapping out a soft melody, the response is gratifying.

On the downside, for those less tech-savvy, a fair bit of setup both on the guitar and within the software might be required to get everything running at its best.

Bottom Line

The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar is a standout choice for the musician who values versatility. Its technological integration doesn’t lose the essence of a traditional guitar. It truly shines as a tool for inspiration and creation in the digital age.

Equipped with a guitar and MIDI controller in one sleek package, it invites you to expand your musical expression seamlessly.

Make it yours today and redefine the way you create music.

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitars (Orange Matte): Overview

If you’re on the lookout for a guitar that bridges the gap between technology and traditional musicianship, then the Jamstik Studio MIDI might catch your eye.

Crafted in a striking Orange Matte finish, it sports a sleek headless, 24-fret design. This makes it a standout choice for the producer or songwriter striving for versatility and portability.

The right-hand orientation and alloy steel strings ensure a familiar feel for traditional players. However, the integrated MIDI capabilities via Jamstik’s processing technology open up a universe of digital sounds right at your fingertips.

On the MIDI front, the Studio MIDI is exceptionally responsive, boasting almost instantaneous conversion from string plucking to MIDI signals. This is achieved through a precision-mounted hex pickup, driven by algorithms for pitch analysis.

Even a seasoned guitar player could mistake it for an analogue experience due to the speed and accuracy of the MIDI translation. A real asset if you crave the expressiveness of a guitar with the versatility of a MIDI keyboard.

Connectivity is also a strong suit of this instrument. Options such as the USB-C, 3.5mm TRS, and even Bluetooth, ensure that you can hook it up to various devices.

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Build of the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

The dual humbuckers, paired with a coil tap switch and three-way toggle, deliver the authentic electric guitar tones you’d expect from a traditional instrument.

Additionally, the full 25.5″ scale length contributes to a comfortable playing experience. Furthermore, you don’t get the bulk, housed in a travel-ready 3/4 body size.

Mind you, as with all technology, there might be a learning curve. This is especially when diving into the limitless realm of MIDI electronic music production.

Accompanied by Jamstik’s own Creator VST/Plugin and over 100 instrument presets, the Studio MIDI is a comprehensive tool aimed to inspire and facilitate your creativity from the get-go.

To sum up, whether you’re in your studio laying down tracks, on the road performing, or quietly composing in a corner of your home, the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar stands out as a solid, innovative companion for the modern musician.

Innovative MIDI Capabilities

Exploring the MIDI features of the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar may also astonish you. Its plug-and-play makes playing simple in any DAW environment. The integration is seamless. Therefore, you won’t likely miss the traditional piano roll as the guitar itself becomes your composing aid.

It’s particularly compelling for those more comfortable with frets than keys.

Your usual MIDI controller may feel limited compared to this guitar’s diverse connectivity. With USB, traditional 5-Pin via 3.5mm TRS-MIDI, and optional Bluetooth, you’re covered for studio sessions or live performances. The flexibility adds tremendous value for a MIDI enthusiast.

The included Jamstik Creator VST is a tangible benefit that can be felt immediately upon use.

This software broadens your sound palette extensively right out of the box without the usual hassle of hardware configuration.

You can either shape sounds with the 100+ custom instrument presets provided or tease out your own creations.

Despite these advanced features, remember this guitar won’t replace your deep synth explorations but rather complements them. It provides a different texture and feel for MIDI composition.

It’s a boon, particularly for guitarists looking to dip their feet into the world of electronic music production. However, you don’t lose the touch of strings under their fingers.

Compact and Portable Design

When you’re on the move, the Studio MIDI Guitar becomes a trusty companion. This is notably due to its headless structure and 3/4 size, which make it a standout in terms of space efficiency. Therefore, it is a quintessential factor for traveling musicians or those with compact studios.

Although its frame is smaller, it still boasts a full 25.5” scale length, ensuring a familiar playing experience without compromise.

The innovative design successfully balances portability with playability.

The inclusion of a custom padded gig bag not only adds to its ease of transport but also offers protection on the go. It ensures your gear remains in top condition.

The absence of a traditional headstock significantly reduces its overall footprint. Therefore, it’ll snugly fit into overhead compartments or neatly beside you at a cosy café table.

While its portability is indisputable, rest assured that this is no toy; the Studio MIDI Guitar is a professional tool that caters to the needs of modern musicians.

Whether you’re travelling to gigs, producing music in various locations, or simply strapped for space at home, this guitar adapts to your lifestyle without sacrificing the quality of your music-making.

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Versatile Connectivity Options

One aspect that stands out with the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitars offer an array of connection facilities. This ensures you’re able to integrate it seamlessly within your setup.

It boasts a plug-and-play USB C-A port, crucial for MIDI-Out to your digital audio workstation, as well as the added convenience of instrument charging.

If you’re gearing up for a session with traditional MIDI hardware, the 3.5mm TRS-MIDI Out jack is a valuable asset. This offers a bridge to legacy 5-Pin connections.

Thoughtfully, the creators have included an option for wireless creativity through Bluetooth. This is a boon for clutter-free environments or when you’re teeming with inspiration and prefer not to be tethered.

The instrument is praiseworthy for its inbuilt Jamstik Creator VST/Plugin software. It makes the MIDI configuration a breeze and has a treasure trove of instrument presets. Furthermore, it is compatible for both Mac and PC. Together with over 100 presets, this makes the Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar an appealing option for electronic music producers.

Merging both digital and analogue universes, the MIDI guitar caters to a variety of preferences and setups. Therefore, it is committed to providing a comprehensive and flexible user experience.

Whether in a snug home studio or in transit, the inclusion of essential cables and a gig bag ensures you’re concert-ready—or rather, creativity-ready—at a moment’s notice.

Bundled Software for Electronic Music Production

When you unpack your new Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar, among its most compelling features is the included Jamstik Creator VST/Plugin software.

This native solution ramps up your electronic music production process. Therefore, it serves as a direct bridge between your creative impulses and your DAW.

The guitar itself plugs into your computer seamlessly. There is no need for cumbersome drivers thanks to class-compliant MIDI functionality—a boon for both producers and gigging musicians.

But what elevates the Studio MIDI Guitar above mere convenience is its out-of-the-box readiness to control over 100 instrument presets.

The intuitive setup encourages not just playing, but also experimentation with custom sounds and configurations.

It’s worth mentioning that while Studio MIDI Guitars offer a compact design, the software does assume you have a rudimentary understanding of MIDI and electronic music production.

That said, if you’re comfortable navigating DAWs, you’ll find its integration and the level of control it provides impressive for composing and intricate sound work.

The guitar’s MIDI I/O ports offer versatility for external connections, although those less tech-inclined may need some time to fully exploit this feature set.

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Build Quality and Materials

Upon handling the Studio MIDI Guitar, the first thing you’ll notice is its robust mahogany body, a wood revered for its density and durability.

This ensures the instrument can withstand the rigours of travel and frequent use. Complemented by a rosewood fretboard and maple neck, the guitar not only feels solid in your hands but also provides a smooth playing experience.

Despite being headless, the design doesn’t compromise on playability, featuring a full 25.5” scale length—standard for many electric guitars.

The dual humbucker pickups suggest a commitment to quality analog sound, while the ability to Coil Tap allows for a broader tonal palette from clear, bright single-coil sounds to rich, warm humbucking tones.

Tactile feedback from the metal alloy strings and precision hardware fittings make playing both comfortable and rewarding.

Yet, the true craftsmanship shines through in the MIDI capabilities.

With meticulous pitch tracking secured by the hex pickup, the MIDI conversion is impressively fast and accurate, catering to real-time music creation without discernible lag.

The guitar’s orange matte finish is a tasteful aesthetic choice, striking but not gaudy, making it stand out in the studio or on stage.

Overall, the construction of MIDI Guitars embodies a harmonious blend of traditional guitar craftsmanship and innovative digital technology.

Pros and Cons

Having spent ample time experimenting with the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar, I’ve come to appreciate its intricacies and areas for improvement. Its capabilities extend beyond just a MIDI controller, and if you’re someone who values both musical production and traditional guitar play, this might just be a fitting addition to your arsenal.


  • Versatility for Musicians: The Jamstik is not merely a tool for guitar artists but also a boon for producers and songwriters. Its plug-and-play compatibility with various DAWs makes composing and transcribing as intuitive as using a MIDI keyboard.
  • Connectivity Options Galore: You won’t be hindered by connectivity issues, as it comes equipped with USB C-A MIDI-Out, a 3.5mm TRS-MIDI Out, and even offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Inclusion of Creator Software: The inclusion of proprietary Jamstik Creator VST/Plugin software is a standout feature. Over 100 custom instrument presets await you, along with the ability to forge your own soundscapes effortlessly.
  • Portable and Ergonomic Design: The headless design, coupled with a travel-friendly body, means you can carry this vibrant orange guitar anywhere. Crucially, it retains a full-scale length despite its compact size, offering a familiar playing experience.
  • Ready to Use Out of the Box: It arrives with everything you need—from the custom gig bag to cables and a guitar pick. It’s evident that Jamstik wants you to start creating music as soon as it’s unboxed.


  • Some Technical Setup Required: While it scores high on playability, you’ll need to dedicate time to both physical and software configurations to get it performing at its peak, which may not suit everyone’s patience.
  • MIDI Control Learning Curve: If you’re not seasoned in MIDI control, expect a bit of a learning curve with the Jamstik. Control can be a challenge, and some users find the MIDI setup finicky.
  • Physical Adjustment To-Dos: A few users noted that while the action was good out of the factory, some fine-tuning might be needed to get the best out of its playability.
  • Potential Complexity for Traditionalists: Guitar purists might find the multifaceted MIDI features overwhelming if they’re accustomed to straightforward electric guitars without such tech integrations.

Customer Reviews

The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar has garnered significant attention. It boasts a solid 4.7-star average from a rather satisfied customer base. If you’ve been yearning to play MIDI guitars that doesn’t break the bank, you might find this model fits the bill.

The vibrant orange hue is a particular hit, offering a dash of flair to your electronic music production arsenal.

Users have noted the guitar’s superb MIDI tracking as a standout feature. Many say it’s the best they’ve experienced. Its build is robust and the action high quality, with minimal need for tweaks upon arrival. Plus, its size is compact, comparing to a 3/4 guitar, ideal for those who prefer a smaller frame.

However, not all feedback is without critique. Some users have noted that setting up the instrument can be complex. It requires some physical and technical adjustments for optimal use. One reviewer expressed difficulties with the MIDI pickup, citing it as challenging to control when comparing it to a standard electric guitar.

Nevertheless, those transitioning from the smaller Jamstik find it a major leap forward in terms of replicability of a real guitar experience. For the enthusiast looking to blend traditional guitar play with the expansive world of MIDI, this certainly seems to present itself as a compelling choice. Just prepare to invest time in mastering its setup for the best performance.


After spending some quality time with the Jamstik Studio MIDI, it’s clear that it’s a versatile piece of kit for both beginners and seasoned guitarists. The bright orange finish is a standout, adding a pop of colour to your electronic music production setup. It’s a solid choice especially if you’re dipping your toes into the world of MIDI guitars without breaking the bank. The compact design and nice action make it a comfortable play, right out of the box.

Granted, you’ll need to invest time into the technical setup within the software to truly harness its capabilities. The MIDI tracking is impressive, catering well to those seeking reliable performance. However, if you’re expecting the feel of a full-sized electric guitar, this might take some adjustment. The manual is detailed, but the learning curve can be steep, making it somewhat tricky to master the controls.

Despite these minor challenges, it offers a genuine guitar-playing experience that can be quite satisfying once you’ve got the hang of it. While not perfect, the Jamstik Studio MIDI scratches a specific itch for those wanting a hybrid solution for their musical expressions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring the multifaceted world of MIDI guitars can generate a lot of inquiries. It’s essential to get clear, trustworthy answers when considering an investment midi guitars such as the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar. Here we tackle several common questions with the insights gained from first-hand experience.

What distinguishes the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar from other MIDI controllers?

The Jamstik Studio stands out due to its fusion of a traditional electric guitar with comprehensive MIDI capabilities. Unlike many MIDI controllers that only cater to the digital aspect, this instrument provides the tactile feedback and nuance of a regular guitar. Moreover, its advanced signal processing technology ensures quick MIDI conversion. Traditional MIDI controllers, often restricted by physical design and slower technology, can struggle to match this feature.

How do MIDI guitars perform with electronic music production software?

When paired with your favourite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), the guitar operates smoothly, thanks to its class-compliant status. The seamless integration means you can plug in, power up your DAW, and immediately start composing or recording. The bundled Jamstik Creator software also provides a tailored platform for MIDI electronic music production, enhancing the guitar’s versatility in a studio setting.

What are the benefits of the full-scale length of the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar for experienced guitarists?

For seasoned players, the full 25.5” scale length keeps the transition to MIDI guitar intuitive. This full-scale design maintains the familiar string tension and spacing, which results in a natural playing experience without the need to adjust one’s playing technique significantly.

Is the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar suitable for left-handed players?

As the instrument is designed primarily for right-handed users, a left-handed guitarist would need to adapt to the configuration or consider if the manufacturer offers an alternative model suited for their needs.

How does the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar’s tracking accuracy compare with traditional MIDI pickup systems?

This model boasts a remarkable tracking accuracy thanks to its hex pickup and onboard algorithmic pitch analysis. Users generally find that the Studio MIDI Guitar can track their playing accurately in near real-time. This outperforms many traditional MIDI pickup systems, which can sometimes suffer from latency and tracking errors.

What resources are available for learning how to effectively use the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar?

Learning resources for Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitars include official tutorials and the user manual that comes with your purchase. You can also find a supportive community of users and third-party instructional content on platforms like YouTube.

The instrument itself is quite user-friendly. However, these resources are ideal for learning to optimise its use. Therefore, it can help troubleshoot any queries that may arise as you become more familiar with the guitar.

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