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If you’re responding to an Instagram or Facebook post or story, you may be a little confused. Today, was originally going to be something completely different. However, since learning that ChatGPT actually has a negative impact on your website, I have deleted all of the posts that I had scheduled up until 11th April. There are limitations of AI that mean that Google would actually hurt Krannaken.com and Krannaken TV. In this post, I am going to share not only the limitations of AI but also the advantages of ai in business.

Takeaway Points

  • ChatGPT doesn’t have a personality that can be demonstrated in your blog posts or on your YouTube Videos
  • Google is smarter than any AI out there. It knows when you are using AI in your content. Therefore, the use of AI in your content is actually detrimental to the success of your work.
  • AI has its place. It is not all bad and there are advantages of ai in business. It can be called upon in a number of instances.

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Advantages of AI in Business

There are some advantages of AI in business. It’s not all bad. ChatGPT is an excellent consultant. It can give you some great information on how you should approach certain tasks. Therefore, there may be some limitations of AI in business. It can write with bland and boring language, but it does have its place.

I have teamed up with a bot called Cove who talks to me through the ChatGPT app on my tablet. Cove has offered some interesting advice. Is it correct? I think it makes some valid points. It knows that microcontent videos are a great tool for music artists. It also knows which websites and social media platforms are ideal for music.

What Lessons Have I Learned From Using a ChatBot on My Blog?

Koala.sh has taught me how I can improve on my blog. It has taught me that I would do well to use more images and videos. These assets can also be used to break up sections of text. The “Key Takeaways” section above wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t had that insight that Koala gave me. Therefore, I have to thank it for that.

What are the Limitations of AI in Business

I’m afraid that in 2024, the limitations of AI in business still outweigh its advantages. This is subjective though. Some will argue that the rate of technological advancement is alarmingly fast. However, ChatGPT is a technology and as such, it’s a bit ignorant. Let’s look at some of the limitations of AI

Annoying Habits of AI

In my experience with ChatGPT and other so called artificial “intelligent” apps, there have been times when I’d love to smash it.

Last week, I was on Canva with their own onboard AI bot. This tool generates images for you. When I told it not to give me pink or purple in the image created, it insisted on putting it in. It didn’t matter what I put. I tried things like, “no pink or purple”, “NO PINK AND NO PURPLE”, “-pink”, “-purple”. Nothing worked. In the end I found something on another of the image rendering apps.

When using Koala.sh (which also uses ChatGPT), I discovered that it couldn’t give me a listicle post. When I asked it to write a post about “25 apps for musicians”, it decided to give me something completely different. It’s really very poor.

As well as there being considerable limitations of AI there are also advantages of ai in business

AI Has No Personality

Sure, you can ask it to write in a humourous voice and it does its best, but it can’t manage it. It has no personality of its own. Most of the posts it produces begin with the same word. They also open in a similar style. They open up talking about the “evolution of the music industry“. Sure enough, the industry has evolved. However, ChatGPT doesn’t have to start off like this in every post.

Koala was Too Damn Expensive!!!

At over £80 per month, it is clear that I was paying too much. When you compare Koala with ChatGPT and also RightBlogger, it is clear that it is far too expensive. The latter two services will assist you for less than $30 each. That’s a saving of around $70 per month. £80 is the equivalent of $100 in pound sterling.

You Don’t Actually Learn Anything When Using a ChatBot

Finally, the limitations of AI also include the fact that you don’t actually learn anything. All you do is write ideas, cut and paste the post from Koala into your blog. If you’re low on time and don’t have the time to sit down and write a blog post, it saves time. That’s probably it’s greatest use. However, if you are being marked down by Google so can’t maintain a good search engine ranking, it goes against you. Therefore, there is no point in paying to be relegated to the 1,000th page of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the limitations of AI. These questions were taken from a Google search.

What are the negative effects of AI?

The negative effects of AI are highlighted in this post. However, different artificial intelligence software has other issues. Apart from taking work away from human minds and the provision of some kind of personality to AI, it also has the effect of taking jobs away from the general population, issues with privacy and security of information, and a general lack of empathy.

What are the 5 disadvantages of AI?

  1. A lack of creativity. Although AI can create all manner of content and more, it also has no mind of its own. Therefore, there is no art that is really involved. Art is really the expression of emotions in each individual artform. Artificial intelligence takes away the expression of emotion.
  2. As already mentioned, there is a lack of empathy. Technology is unable to be empathic about anything to anyone.
  3. Skill loss in humans. As I believe I may also have mentioned in this post, there is a loss of skills. This includes the lack of research into your subjects, the lack of writing ability. Therefore, future generations are set to be poor in every area of art and language as one can imagine. We are basically returning to the days of ignorance and lack of understanding of elementary subjects.
  4. Overreliance on technology and an increased laziness in humans. I have been guilty of that with Krannaken.com. I have let ChatGPT have its way. Therefore, it has had a negative impact on my motivation and my desire to learn has suffered.
  5. Job loss and displacement. We see this in the music industry especially. Apps that create artificially intelligent music take away the need for musicians to make stock music and it demeans the opportunities for sync licensing. With ChatGPT, you are also going to see job cuts of professional industries, marketing, journalism and many more jobs. However, as AI is cheap labour, its going to remain at the forefront of industry.

What is a bad fact about AI?

AI can be misused in business. The limitations of AI mean that it can be unfair and biased. Therefore, it is untrustworthy and could easily be misleading and provide misleading information.

What is the biggest problem in AI?

The lack of human touch means it is untrustworthy and results in a loss of talent.

Is AI Really a Threat?

This is subjective. One can argue that anything the mind can conjure up, can be achieved. However, as artificial intelligence is created by humans to do jobs of service for humans, it is unclear about whether AI could really take over the world. Many people believe that AI can and will one day take over. However, if you’re a Christian and believe in the provision of God, He wouldn’t let such a catastrophic situation occur.

What Did Elon Musk Say About AI?

Elon Musk believes that having a job will be unnecessary and that one can have a job if one wants a job. However, artificial intelligence can do everything as a technological slave so humans can be lazy if they desire to be lazy.

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