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At the turn of the 21st century, one genre stuck out for me more than any other. That music was trance and the culture surrounding trance was exciting, euphoric and an evolution that stuck in the heads and hearts of many people throughout the early 2000s. In this post, we are going to look at the lives and influence of famous producers in trance from that time. I am going to attempt to show you how trance has evolved and why you should take interest in trance music culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Although the end of the 1990s and early 2000s were the heyday of trance music, the roots of trance can be traced back to the early 1990s and beyond.
  • Many of the early famous producers of trance were either German or Dutch. Therefore, it started in central Europe. However, it has since evolved and influenced the entire planet.
  • The evolution of trance can be seen, heard and understood right back to the earlier days of trance.

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Who were the famous producers who started the Trance music evolution?

The actual roots of trance music can arguably be traced right back to Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene. Yes, it was different to what we understand of trance today. However, other famous producers would not have come into the mix if Jean-Michel Jarre hadn’t written Oxygene.

What about the likes of Tangerine Dream?

Love on a Real Train was iconic in the earlier electronic music scene. This was one of Tangerine Dream’s most well-known tracks. You couldn’t call it a song. It was instrumental in nature. Therefore, it was abstract like much of the music of Krannaken. The reason we make instrumental music is because we don’t want to restrict our listener’s imaginations. Words in a song tend to restrict the imagination to a story that is provided by the vocalist.

Was Vangelis one of the early famous producers of trance music?

I believe all this music has had a part to play in the evolution of trance. music. Famous producers such as Vangelis and Jan Hammer too were also influential in the evolution of trance music.

Chariots of Fire was perhaps Vangelis’s best work. None of the music mentioned so far could be called trance as we know it today. However, you can see the evolution from this music to trance as we know it today.

Chariots of Fire was written in the earlier half of the 1980s for an Olympic Games. I believe it was the 1984 Olympics.

Who were the earliest famous producers of trance music as we know it today?

Sven Vath was considered to be one of the earliest producers of trance music as we know it today. You can hear the drug-infused haze that influenced early 1990s ravers and party-goers.

An Accident in Paradise features the heavy basslines and fast 4 to the floor kicks that are synonymous with trance music that has been created by famous producers of trance since then.

An Accident in Paradise was first released in 1992. Although Sven Vath isn’t someone who people often talk about, you can hear a level of psytrance in the track.

Who were the earliest trance-focused record label?

Bonzai Records were considered to be the earliest trance-focused record label. Artists such as Push, Jones and Stephenson, and Airwave were considered to be among the first of the famous producers of trance. The most well-known of these was Push and this record continues to be listened to, discovered and enjoyed today.

How Did Trance Evolve?

Progressive, uplifting and vocal trance were first created during the 1990s. Each of these subgenres of trance music enabled the formation of trance music as we know it today. Famous producers like Ferry Corsten and Tiesto (then DJ Tiesto) were some of the first better-known trance music pioneers.

DJ Tiesto’s first song was the Theme From Norefjell. However, he was also known for his mix of Adagio For Strings. This shaped the relationship between trance music and classical music further. There is a distinct connection between these two genres.

Why was Ferry Corsten considered to be one of the famous producers who pioneered trance music?

Ferry Corsten’s first song was Spirit of Adventure. One can clearly hear elements of drum’n’bass and early psytrance in this track. It is also obvious that this music has been influenced by rave and the kind of 1980s house music.

Trance music going into the 2000s…

A look at the history of trance would not be complete if we didn’t talk about Armin Van Buuren. AVB took the genre by storm since A State of Trance was first started in the year 2000. The video below is his first show and you can see how far Armin has come since then. I’m not saying A State of Trance was poor. I believe Armin has always been a highly talented producer. However, he is more of an entertainer now. He gets the crowd onside and involves them more in his sets. In the video below, it’s just track after track.

Honourable mentions…

Personally, I would like to give William Orbit a mention here. He was the first of the famous producers of trance music to do a remix of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings. This mix played a massive part in the popularity of trance music going into the early 2000s and hit the number one spot in the UK Top 40. Adagio for Strings was covered by several more famous producers. These included Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Famous Producers of Trance Music

Here are a series of the most frequently asked questions of the famous producers of trance music…

Who is the best trance maker in the world?

Armin Van Buuren is considered to be the world’s number one trance music DJ. He runs a show called A State of Trance. You can find this either on Spotify or on the official Armin Van Buuren YouTube channel.

Who is the godfather of trance music?

Sven Vath is considered to be the forerunner of trance music. Therefore, you could call him a “godfather”. You can find more of Sven Vath on Spotify.

Is trance music still popular?

Yes, trance music remains one of the world’s most beloved electronic music genres. It is thriving throughout the world. Since it’s inception, it has never really been out of public interest.

Why is trance music so powerful?

In its nature, trance music appeals to the emotions as a euphoric experience. This is because it triggers elements of the brain that create an altered state of consciousness.

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