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There are many good music promotion services available online right now. It is always best to be vigilant and do your homework before you sign up to anything because there are many scams out there too. Therefore, I put this post together to bring you 21 of the best music promotion services to sign up to right now.

Key Takeaways

  • There are some good music promotion services out there, but you have to be vigilant.
  • Don’t invest any serious amounts of money in these services unless it is obvious that they can assist you and have a good impact on your music.
  • Consider whether services are worth your time as well as your money before joining them.

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What is a Music Promotion Service?

Many of the services in this list will enable you to progress in your music career. They will submit your music to playlist curators, bloggers, record labels and radio stations. Therefore, they can be useful. However, don’t part with your money unless it is obvious that they will definitely help you to progress. Always check the small print before you sign any and every piece of documentation.

In their post on the best music promotion services, SoundCampaign list themselves at the top of the list with what appears to be an assurance of success. They are like, “your personal music megaphone, amplifying your sound across this vast digital universe”.

From getting your song on hot playlists to buzzing about it on social media, these gurus do it all. They’re like your personal music megaphone, amplifying your sound across this vast digital universe

Nadav Peleg, SoundCampaign

Why Should You Use a Music Promotion Service?

SoundCampaign say that using a music promotion service enables you to share your music with the entire globe. However, they don’t take into consideration that these online music promotion services are very often snowed under with submissions. Therefore, it’s much better for artists to depend on themselves as much as they possibly can.

If you use a service like Hypeddit, you will be able to enlist the assistance of other music artists to work for you and share your content for you. What they don’t seem to understand is that the music artist isn’t just expected to create music and forget all other forms of media. As independent artists, we have to create everything and not just the music. We are also expected to create text, video and graphical content. This could be a ton of microcontent videos to go on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube. It could equally be your next album cover or programmes for your next show.

Independent artists also have to build their fanbase and social media following, one subscriber or follower at a time. Fanbase development can be a slow and sporadic process. Therefore, the trick is to use microcontent video, but at the same time, and this is probably the most important step, we have to be resilient. Resilience is getting back up after a rejection. It is having the right mindset to get back up after a hater attacks us.

Where Should You Promote Your Music?

I am a big believer in using microcontent video platforms. The big three microcontent video platforms are Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Of these, I would prioritise TikTok. A video can easily get 200 views on this platform and that’s 200 ears on your music. If you make 10 videos, you do the math – 2,000 pairs of ears on your music can’t be bad.

Microcontent is the best way to get your music out there. Therefore, it makes sense that you make videos of the best parts of your song and share them on those three platforms. Remember: Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Where Does Spotify Music Promotion Come In?

Spotify should be secondary to those three. In your videos, you can add something like, “Check us out on Spotify”, but Spotify won’t pay you the kinds of money you can get from promoting your music videos on sites like TikTok and YouTube.

Is it a Good Idea to Pay for Followers or Video Views?

This is a perfectly valid question. However, I would strongly recommend that you don’t pay a third party for video views or followers. You can pay Google directly for YouTube views or TikTok for TikTok views, but don’t pay anyone else. This could get your channels blocklisted or even taken down altogether by these platforms.

So What Are The 21 Best Music Promotion Services?

Here are those 21 best music promotion services.


Hypeddit are my favourite of these music promotion services. Since joining them, I have grown my email list and social media following exponentially. It has had a fantastic effect on my music and my email list.

My favourite Hypeddit service is the Promotion Exchange. Here, you can send your music viral by getting the community of artists to share your music on their social media accounts. You can also request an email address. My email list is mainly made up of music artists. Therefore, I see my role as serving artists. Hence, why is aimed at music artists.


On their post, SoundCampaign put themselves at the top of their list. Therefore, they gave themselves the added exposure. There is nothing wrong with this. They see it as a way to market their service.

SoundCampaign bill themselves as a haven for independent artists and that they are particularly good with Spotify and TikTok. However, the platform does admit that they are not about getting your music heard. Instead, they are about making meaningful relationships with music industry professionals.

SoundCampaign will match you with Spotify curators. This is accomplished through a matchmaking service. SoundCampaign provide you with feedback on your music too.

I get the picture that SoundCampaign are building up an image of success. However, they don’t say anything about their shortcomings. Therefore, I recommend that you tread very carefully. For a start, $80 that they mention is a substantial amount of money for those people who are simply aspiring to break into the industry.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push are considered to offer effective and versatile promotional strategies. They are particularly respected by independent artists.

Playlist Push are particularly good for TikTok, YouTube and Spotify. However, there appears to be an extra emphasis on Spotify streams. Furthermore, it boasts over 900 Spotify curators.

According to SoundCampaign’s post, Playlist Push have been used by approximately 25,000 artists.

Prices for Playlist Push start from $300. Therefore, it is a risk that many simply cannot afford.

Indie Music Academy

Although they also run a service, Indie Music Academy also offer courses. This is no surprise. As the name suggests, they are an Academy. Therefore, you will learn the tools that you need to continue your artist journey. Fanbase development can be a lonely road.

I don’t like their payment plans. This is because you can either buy the courses outright for around $300 or you can’t join them at all. They would do better to offer monthly membership plans with an option to purchase courses outright.

You are looking at well over $500 if you want to use their playlist curation service. This is completely 100% organic. Therefore, it can be worth your time. However, who has that kind of money to spend on promotion?


SubmitHub have to be one of the most well-known platforms on this list. They have people who like their service, as well as people who don’t. It is based on a credit-based system. It’s something like $1 per credit. Typically, one credit can get you one submission to a curator of your choice.

I like the fact that they are transparent about their following.

Curators have to have a certain number of subscribers, etc. Otherwise, SubmitHub won’t accept them.

It is also good to see a number of different platforms on SubmitHub. Curators could have channels on YouTube, Spotify, radio, etc.

If I was to say something negative about SubmitHub, it would be that the purchase of credits can be expensive. It can rack up to a substantial amount of money if the artist is not careful. That is the only reason I don’t use them. Some curators stipulate that they only accept premium credits. Therefore, these opportunities aren’t available for free members. Furthermore, music artists aren’t known for their wealth. That is unless your name is Madonna, Lady Gaga or Jay Z.

Unique Playlists

Although,, I have been unable to find a “legit or not” review video on YouTube for Unique Playlist, I can provide you with information I have found.

Unique Playlists have a good number of broad reaching playlists that cover a broad range of genres. Curation is conducted by experienced industry professionals who know what is hot and what is not. They know what will be popular. Therefore, if your music is good, it will carry it forward.

As well as their Spotify playlists, Unique Playlists also curate music for Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music. Therefore, you will probably be more familiar with their service if you live in Asia.

FBP Music Group

FBP offer playlist curation for a broad range of genres. They also support artists at various stages of their careers. As well as being a playlist curator, they also run a label.

Although they say they support emerging artists as well as more experienced artists, an artist with a ready-made audience would always be a better choice for them. A ready-made audience means that they can tap into a bigger market. It would just make more sense. Therefore, if a newbie was in competition for a spot on their roster, I think they would be more likely to opt for the bigger audience.

Again, FBP Music Group appear to be too small to have a “legit or not” video to refer to.


ReverbNation are one of the better-known entrants on this list. They offer a wide range of opportunities that are open to all artists. This could be from headlining at a festival to competitions for merch, gaining online blog exposure or music distribution.

ReverbNation has an “artist first” approach that prioritises artists above all.

Prices for ReverbNation cost from $12.95 per month to $19.95 per month.


Indie Mono run a dedicated service that is tailor-made to support the growth and visibility of indie artists. That is indie (rock) not independent artists. They only cater for the indie rock genre. Therefore, if you make money in another genre IndieMono is not the way to go. I guess the name basically means indie only. Mono is solo meaning just one.

On the good side, IndieMono does offer free online promotion for artists. This free promotion is especially good for artists in the earlier stages of their careers or just starting out.

IndieMono are too small to have any real exposure on YouTube.

Starlight PR

Starlight PR is a very dubious service. After doing a little digging around on YouTube, I have found a YouTube channel. They only have 51 subscribers, three videos that don’t even have any sound. You should be very careful before deciding on this one.

SoundCampaign say that Starlight PR have a high-quality service. However, SoundCampaign also feel a little scammy in themselves so I don’t know who they are trying to fool.

SoundCampaign say, “live video interviews”. Where are these live video interviews? Wouldn’t they have them on YouTube as some sort of social proof. There’s nothing there. Therefore, I can conclude that Starlight is undoubtedly a scam.

Planetary Group

Again, Planetary Group appear to be too small to have a YouTube channel. What does that tell you? After doing a search for them, I can conclude that either they don’t have any social media skills or they are simply too small to be a major player in this industry.

I’m sorry, but what are these people doing on a list of the best music promotion services? The list is quickly turning into a list of scams.

Behind The Curtains Media

Although they appear to be a very small business, Behind The Curtains Media are also one of the most hard working outfits in this list. They work with artists on a global scale.

Behind the Curtains specialises in Spotify, blog and radio promotion.

Prices start from $450 and go up to $900. However, they offer a free 30-minute call to get their foot in the door.

There is more call for marketing and promotion now than there is for recording studio sessions. Most artists make music in the comfort of their own homes. Therefore, I can see that side of their business to be rapidly declining. However, as a marketing agency, there is and will be going onwards for the foreseeable future.

Daimoon Media

After doing a search for Daimoon Media on YouTube, I was unable to find anything. Therefore, it could be another shady operation.

SoundCampaign says they are a player in curation on Spotify SoundCloud and YouTube. However, whether you believe that is another story. The more I write this post, the more skeptical I get. It appears that it’s a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” post from SoundCampaign. Therefore, you can’t trust them either. Your investment in your hard work and your money is not safe if you go with these companies.

YouGrow Promo

YouGrow actually seem to be a legitimate service. However, they’re not much good if you’re promoting electronic music. Therefore, we couldn’t use them for our music.

The video below shows that YouGrow is worth your time. They can provide curation on YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and also on Instagram Reels.

Drop Nation

The fact that Drop Nation has no negative press on YouTube would speak for its legitimacy. Therefore, they should be perfectly fine to work with. However, paying anyone for video views is a big no-no with Spotify. So, why should you listen to anyone in this list? However, on I know that you can trust that don’t just get you views, but followers is Hypeddit.

Drop Nation appear to be legitimate. They have music videos on their channel, and only music videos. This is a little disappointing as I would have hoped for at least a testimonial or two.

There are several YouTube channels calling themselves Drop Nation. The smallest has 8 subscribers. The Drop Nation that I suppose is included in SoundCampaign’s post has 252,000 subscribers. Therefore, they are correct in saying that there is a substantial following if that is the Drop Nation they are referring to.

The channel we suspect is the one being mentioned focuses on supporting EDM artists. We think of EDM when we hear the word “Drop” because part of the structure of an EDM track is the drop.

Music Gateway

Music Gateway strives to increase the reach of it’s clientele. From checking them out on YouTube, they appear to be a British company. That’s good because I am British too. I feel more comfortable and more realistic dealing with British companies.

Most of the focus is on Spotify. However, there is also some focus on SoundCloud, Apple Music and Amazon Music. They also offer press coverage, blog reviews and radio placement. That’s not everythi\ng either. They also offer digital music and sync licensing opportunities.

Omari MC

Omari MC have a focus on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. I am happy to say they don’t accept songs with expletives or explicit lyrics. Therefore, they appear to be ethical and honest.

In the video below, we can see that the results were realistic. In fact, the guy in the video thinks they were very good and is very happy with the return on investment.

Pressed PR

The approach of Pressed PR stands out as comprehensive and personalised. They serve indie artists. I believe by that, they mean independent rather than indie rock.

They offer an all-round brand development package with PR and media relations management.

Independent Music Promotions

According to SoundCampaign, Independent Music Promotions are committed to high-quality and inventive music. They cater specifically for artists who imbue their work with depth and meaning.

Independent Music Promotions only cater for high-quality artists who undoubtedly already have some of a pre-developed audience and fanbase. That is better than taking on everyone and not doing anything for them. However, as independent artists, we can only really rely on ourselves.

Playlist Promotion

According to SoundCampaign, Playlist Promotion focus completely on Spotify promotion. However, in the future the addition of both radio promotion and YouTube playlist curation is a possibility.

Playlist Promotion works with a wide range of genres and doesn’t discriminate against any one genre.

They also have a 100% money back guarantee if the promised amounts of people and playlists don’t reach the pre-agreed numbers.


Groover look good. You can see the process for joining and running a promotional campaign with Groover in the video below.

The opportunity looks good. There is positive proof that Groover is a good and legitimate platform.

Last Words About The Best Music Promotion Services

There are some good services in this list. However, there are also some scams. Initially, I was led to believe they were all good. Whether this could be classed as a list of the best music promotion sites, is questionable. Therefore, I urge you to do your homework on all of these services before you join them.

My best advice to you is to do everything you can to promote your music for free before you pay for promotion. Sites like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok can be used for three to build your social media profile and drive traffic to Spotify. Therefore, you really need to do your own promotion before you consider any of the services in this list.

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