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I see the future of Krannaken.com as a review site for music marketing videos and blog posts. Both of the previous two have done this. Yesterday, I may not have given some questionable promotion service a lot of credit. However, I see the importance in that. It is vitally important because you need to be sure that you are getting involved in legitimate opportunities. Today, I am bringing you 5 free music distribution services who will distribute your music for free.

Key Takeaways

  • Although these services are free upfront, they each have their own way of making money from the artist. It is down to you to know what you are getting involved with before joining any of these services.
  • There are alternatives to the music distribution services in this list. These are perfectly valid alternatives and the services mentioned in this list are perfectly legitimate. Personally, I use Distrokid, but the information contained within this list may be a better option for you.
  • I include recommendations in this list. I give you what I like about these services. I also give you the disadvantages of using each of these services.

5 Free Music Distribution Sites You Can Use to Distribute Music For Free

Here are those five. I have personal experience of using the first one.

1. RouteNote

RouteNote are a British-based music distribution service who have been in business for a long time. They will distribute your music for free to all the major streaming platforms. They also have a good number of sites who they will distribute to. It is a good idea to check where your music will be distributed to in every service in this post. It’s just for peace of mind.

RouteNote charge 15% of the streaming revenue. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how successful your music is, RouteNote will take 15%. You can now see how lucrative this is from their point of view. Some artists could get thousands of streams each. In fact over the course of your career, the chances are that you will get thousands of streams. When you then consider that RouteNote have thousands of artists on their books, it turns into a very nice figure for them.

2. Amuse

Amuse will distribute music for free and they will give you 100% of the royalties.

However, there are some significant drawbacks. Firstly, they take a whopping minimum of four weeks to distribute your music. Also, they don’t deliver your music to all the available streaming platforms.

Their service is supposed to give you the feeling of being just good enough and not great. They will coerce you into staying with them and their belief is that over time you will want to upgrade and purchase their premium service.

3. United Masters

United Masters have a similar compensation model to RouteNote. They will distribute music for free, but they do take a percentage.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about United Masters is the fact that they focus on a mobile market first. Therefore, everything with them can be completed on your smartphone or tablet.

There are other cool features such as a free artist page where you can list your tour dates and put up a few pictures. I believe this probably works like a kind of electronic press kit, but just a basic form of an EPK.

Another advantage of using United Masters is that they will put your music on their playlists – guaranteeing you will see something of a return on your free investment.

United Masters take a 10% cut so its a little better than RouteNote who take 15%.

4. Soundrop

Again, Soundrop has the same compensation model as United Masters and RouteNote. They will take 15% of all the revenue generated through your music.

Soundrop has an automatic revenue splitting feature that will distribute royalties to all parties directly.

Perhaps the biggest and best feature of using Soundrop is the show dot co tool. This is a free tool that will provide you with presave pages so that you can notify your fans when your music goes live.

5. Indiefy

Indiefy operate a similar plan to Amuse where they try and coerce you into upgrading after being free for a while. They offer promotion that is supposed to include playlisting. This should not be a reason for you to choose any of these free music distribution services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Music Distribution Services

The following questions are from Google. Where I couldn’t answer any of these from my own experience, I have done the necessary research.

How can I distribute my music for free through free music distribution services?

You would distribute music for free by using any of the above services. This follows the same way as premium distribution services. Therefore, you go onto their sites, open an account and upload your music. From there, you can decide to distribute music for free or to use any of the paid services.

Please note that “free” does not mean free. These companies are making money from the royalties of your music. If you distribute money through them, they will take 10% to 15% of the royalties. This may not sound like much, but when you consider than some probably have hundreds of thousands of artists assigned to them, it quickly mounts up.

What is the best free music distribution service?

This is subjective and depends on the individual. I would not like to speculate and it would not be fair to recommend any of the above services above any of the others. My personal music distributor is Distrokid, but that’s because I can have my music on 150 streaming services quickly and easily.

Having said that, you shouldn’t be racing to put your music in these stores. You need to take your time. Get your music just right. Do everything you have to do to ensure that your music is the best version of itself. Then, you will experience more success.

What music distributor has no annual fee?

If you use any of the services mentioned in this post, you can distribute music for free. However, if you use Amuse or Indiefy, they will attempt to coerce you into upgrading to a premium account.

Is OneRPM distribution free?

OneRPM use the same distribution model as RouteNote, United Masters and Soundrop.

I could do a whole review on this video alone. The guy makes a lot of sense and I like his positive attitude. However, for the little guy, the free model works well. The big question is, are you going to be big in the future? Do you believe in yourself? I can see a positive side if you are not a serious artist. If you’re trying to make money from your music and want it to replace your day job, you may be better to go with Distrokid.

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