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AI has made people lazy. There is no longer a need to learn in order to get their message across. Therefore, you just don’t. You purchase or subscribe to a cheap software. From there, its plain sailing. So why would you want to bother with the artform and enjoyment of making music yourself? In this post, we discuss why you do and, most importantly, why you don’t want to use an AI music generator.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s so tiring to hear praise for artificially intelligent software, but it does have significant drawbacks. In this post, I will highlight those drawbacks and this should make interesting reading.
  • An AI music generator can save your time if you don’t have much.
  • There is no further learning of music production necessary.

Why Should You Use an AI Music Generator?

Let’s firstly talk about why you should use an AI music generator. There must be some advantages for so many people to be praising the software. These people love it for a reason. Let’s have a look at that reason.

Sound Quality of the AI Music Generator

While not quite being a professional quality (yet), the AI music generator can make a beat that is entertaining, fun and of a good standard. Each element of the music is good. However, you do ask yourself how many other producers are getting the same or similar results. Is their music similar to yours?

It’s Cheaper and More Accessible to Use an AI Music Generator

When you think about it, you can use AI very cheaply. You don’t have to purchase VSTs, software, a DAW or samples. The AI has it all already worked out. Most AI music generators are around $25 per month to use with no contract. Purchasing a DAW is around $300. Depending on which DAW you use, you will also have to pay for annual upgrades to the latest model.

VST Plugins can cost anything from a few dollars to $2,000. That’s just one plugin. Therefore, if you’re not serious about wanting to make your own music, it’s not worthwhile to purchase this other software. In that case, the AI music generator is your best bet.

If you need stock music for any project, making a track with AI is cheaper than purchasing a track from a production music library.

an image of an ai music generator with headphones and high-tech technology

Your AI Music Generator Can Still Aid Artist Creativity

As an artist, the only artificially intelligent software I use is CloudBounce Mini. This is for mastering my music and is so easy andone can use it. It just means uploading my music and clicking a mouse button and I have music that is mastered to a professional standard.

In their post on the pros and cons of using AI music generation, Kits.ai state that as many as 60% of music artists use AI somewhere in their music creation process. My admission of using AI for mastering my tracks makes me one of the 60%.. I am not proud of that fact. However, when you need a mix that sounds perfect, you should go all out to make sure that the track is mastered perfectly. If that means using an AI, then so be it.

All of the Necessary Skills Are Already There

If you’re not a serious music producer, the AI music generator will still give you a high standard of music. Therefore, there is no need to learn new skills in order to make music.

Busy People Can Make a Quick Beat

If you’re a working professional, you don’t have time to make music. An AI music generator doesn’t need much time to make a track. Therefore, you can make a quick beat with the little available time that you have.

No Need to Learn Music Production

Using an AI takes away the necessity to learn music production skills. Therefore, you don’t learn. Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you can still make music with an AI.

Disadvantages of Using an AI Music Generator

What are the disadvantages of using an AI Music Generator…

An AI Music Generator Will Take Away the Artform

Music is an artform and people love to create it. There is so much expression in music. If you’re having a bad day, you can take it out on your music production skills. Also, if you’re having a good day, you might want to make a happy tune. Using an AI music generator means that you don’t need to create your art. Instead, you can have it created for you. Therefore, it can go against your artistic expression.

Using an AI Music Generator is Cheating

Even someone who is new to music production can make a professionally sounding beat with an AI music generator. Therefore, they don’t need to learn how to use different VST plugins, DAWs and other music software.

Music producers work hard on their music. Therefore, to have someone with no musical skills create a track with an AI is cheating and it’s unfair. It takes away the credit that should really go to the music producer who works hard, learns hard and sweat blood, sweat and tears over making.

an image of a ai music generator with speaker and a set of headphones

Potential Quality Concerns

Music that is created by technology can be flawed. There can be numerous errors in it. The AI music generator is not perfect just yet. Will it ever be perfect? I don’t know, but you can’t rely on technology over the skills of a real musician. Remember the effort that the music producer puts into the project – the blood, the sweat and the tears. When you consider their learning process. There is a significant amount of learning and skill that goes into music that is made by a person over music that is made by an AI.

Ethics and Authenticity of Using an AI Music Generator

There is significant concern over the ethics of the ai music generator. AI-generated music is not original. When you consider the music that the software has to generate. It has probably already created something almost identical for another user. You can’t call someone who use an actual music generator a producer. They can only be called a user because they are not making the track. The AI music generator is the one who makes the track. So, there is a lack of originality in AI-generated music.

Lack of a Human Touch

It is a known fact in the musical community that your music has your touch on it. This is like a trademark of your own workmanship. Yout touch is unigue to you. There is no-one and nothing that can make music in the same way that you can.

You could liken this to a piano. A grand piano is a joy to play. The beautifully weighted keys and the very feel of sitting in front of one is something that generates and stirs the passion within you. An electronic keyboard will very often have a completely different feel. It feels artificial. In the same way, something, anything that is created by artificial intelligence is also artificial and it has an artificial feel to it.

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Job Security

When you think about it, both teaching jobs and software development jobs must be on the line. No need to learn music and no need to use VSTs or your DAW to make music. It’s disappointing and it almost seems like cheating, but it’s something that music producers are going to have to live with.

As well as taking away jobs from VST plugin and music software developers, the AI music generator also takes jobs away from the stock music composer and the different production music libraries.

Staying Ahead of the Pack

As well as staying ahead of the competing musicians, producers also have to keep ahead of technological advancement. Therefore, they have to make sure that their music strives to be better and more skilful than the AI music generator. At the rate of technology, this will probably prove to be a difficult task. However, for real musicians, it is something we are all going to have to face.

Google is Smarter Than Your AI Music Generator

I am unsure that this has a direct impact on music generation, but Google is smarter than your artificial intelligence. Furthermore, Google will penalize your work as a result. This is why I no longer use ChatGPT for my posts. It took away the artform, originality and skill of my writing. Therefore, I am now writing from the heart and with my own experience. I am not the best writer. However, I put my personal touch into each and every post. Therefore, you are reading a human-generated post.


AI has its place in music production. For instance, my mastering is not perfect. Using CloudBounce helps to improve the sound quality. However, using an AI music generator to do the whole job is not good. Using services such as Suno and other such services takes away the need for musical skills.

A Word About Krannaken.com

I am going to stop doing posts on a daily basis. This is something I am reluctant to do as I enjoy blogging and I take pride in my work, but I also need to put more time into other projects. Therefore, please know that I am still blogging, but not as often and my goal is to bring you more value in return.

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