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Everhald and I have seen a significant increase in our Spotify plays over the last couple of months or so. We haven’t made any Spotify playlist submissions. We haven’t touched a single playlisting opportunity for a long time, but we have increased our follower number, saves of our tracks and also adds to Spotify listeners playlists. Many of these have come from Asia – in particular the Philippines and India. These guys seem to love our music. However, in this post I aim to show you some ways that you can find Spotify promotion submission opportunities for your own music.

Key Takeaways

  • It doesn’t matter where you get them from, a stream is a stream. This is regardless of geographic locations.
  • If you do pay for promotion, it is better to research your genre’s audience, its key locations around the world and where Spotify is active.
  • Always be proactive – well, more proactive than we have been in any case.

An Introduction to Spotify Promotion Playlist Opportunities

Firstly, let me just show you a screenshot of our Spotify For Artists audience page…

This may not be amazingly staggering, but it puts us in the top 21% of artists on Spotify. We are quite excited by it as people obviously like what they hear. We’ve had 28 additions to playlists, 150 new followers, 45 saves and the average fan listens just under 4 times to our music. We’ve had 195 streams and 52 listeners. This has put us down from 55 last week, but these figures are something to be proud of.

No Spotify Playlist Submissions

That’s the best thing about this. We haven’t promoted Spotify at all. People have just found our music, liked what they heard and added it to their playlists. How cool is that?

Have we ever Submitted Our Music to Spotify Playlists?

I think the last time that we did a Spotify playlist submission was when our last album came out. That was in 2023. Since then, we’ve not touched Spotify at all. The music is going viral. Friends must be playing our music to friends, who in turn like our music and added it to their playlists.

Here Are Some Opportunities For Spotify Playlist Submissions That I Can Recommend…

This may be a bit controversial because I know some people have had negative experiences with these playlist curators and marketing sites,. but any company who’s ever been in existence has got something negative about it. There’s always haters out there and there are also people who will bad mouth you and speak all kinds of nonsense about what you have to offer. So, let’s jump straight in. I’m only going to give you opportunities here that I know are legitimate. These are some opportunities that have helped us. You may not believe in paying for your Spotify playlist submission and that’s ok too.


I have to start with this free one. SoundPlate have been very beneficial for our music. I’ve lost count of the number of curators who have accepted our music on this site. However, we”ve not touched this one for a while either.

You may think that if it’s free, then everyone is going to be submitting music to it. However, as a curator on SoundPlate myself, I can assure you that lots of people send me music that is in entirely different genres to that of my playlist. So, I just have to reject it. Therefore, if you are sending the right music to the right playlist, you’re ahead of the pack already.

Soundplate accepts Spotify playlist submissions for free

I would have mentioned that you can contact playlist curators directly through Spotify as Musformation seems to think on YouTube. However, none of the playlists that I would even want to have my music on have an email listed. Therefore, I think I will skip that one because it’s either incorrect or old. Directly adding your music to Spotify used to be easy. However, Spotify have stopped giving artists the ability to add music to playlists themselves and we now have to go through another route.


SubmitHub offer a free service where they give artists a certain number of credits so that they can submit music to playlists and other opportunities for free. However, this is only something like 2 to 3 credits per day and a lot of curators don’t accept artists with free credits. The rich man wins again! You really have to invest financially in SubmitHub if you wish to

Playlist City

There are a few directories like Playlist City around. I found that I was paying for Playlist City and when I contacted curators, they wanted to charge me too. Therefore, all the hours I spent trawling through this directory and the payments I made weren’t really worth it. There are several such services around. If curators placed my music for free, that would have been worth my time, but the thing was that I was spending my valuable time trawling through this thing and not getting too far.

It appears that Playlist City are no longer in business. You can see screenshots and find out more about the now potentially defunct Playlist City here. After what I have told you, I am not really surprised. This kind of Spotify playlist submission hunting is not a fun and is very often a labour of love.


SongTools Playlister Club

If you don’t want to spend hours trawling through tons of fruitless curators in a service like Playlist City, you can have curators come to you. With Playlister Club, we secured places on high-traffic Spotify playlists. Therefore, we were more successful and got well over 100 monthly streams…probably a few more than that.

Spotify Playlist Submissions Can Be Made Directly to Spotify For Artists

Before you submit your music directly to Spotify For Artists, you should be aware that this is probably the busiest Spotify service, so your music has to be among the best submissions for them to even think about adding your music to their playlists. I believe that some of our music may have been on Spotify-generated playlists and that is how it was found.

As I recall, I may have submitted one or two tracks to Spotify For Artists. I didn’t hear any more from those submissions, but I think Spotify may have added our music to some personal playlists. That is probably why we got so many followers, saves and playlist additions.

Which of The Above Spotify Playlist Submission Services Can I Recommend?

I recommend that you use SoundPlate for one because they are worth your time. There is no up front fee for playlist placement.

For the results, I can recommend Playlister Club too.

Finally, I can recommend that you go straight for it and submit your music directly to Spotify for artists.

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