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How do you make the perfect music video? First off, “perfect” is very subjective. While some people like your music, others may not. Secondly, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make a great video. While visuals are important, I don’t believe they are as important as the music itself. Some people will disagree there. However, it is the music that attracts you to the artist in the first place. Therefore, making a perfect music video is of secondary importance. If the song is great, who cares what the video looks like.

However, I know many of you will want to know how to make a quick, easy and perfect music video. Therefore, we’ll have a look at how to make the perfect music video in just 5 minutes.

Key Takeaways

  • While the perfect music video in just 5 minutes is perfectly possible, rendering it and uploading it to YouTube will take longer.
  • The availability of great stock video makes the perfect music video easy to do.
  • Anyone can follow this method with any size of budget.

Whether my music videos could be classed as perfect is down to personal taste. Some people like some genres of music, while others don’t. Sure, I would like you to like my music videos, but whether you do or not is not important. It is more important to me that people like the music behind the video. As I shared in yesterday’s blog post, we have seen some excellent statistics just lately.

How Do I Make A Music Video in Just 5 Minutes

Here is an example of a video that I made for our music…

This video was made in the usual way that I make videos. Basically, I import the video into Canva and make up the video with stock footage that I find in Canva. This costs all of £12.99 per month for as many videos as I can make in a month. That’s all it takes.

The Art of Making a Quick Video

The guy in the video below gives you a demonstration of exactly how I make my music videos. However, I could do better if I import the Spotify, Apple and the other logos.

It is interesting to hear what he has to say about copyright claims. I have been uploading music videos to my YouTube channel at Krannaken Music Channel. Please feel free to check out my music there.

Make The Perfect Video With Z Game Visualizer

ZGameEditor Visualizer is an FL Studio Stock Plugin that creates videos that are in sync with your song. ZGameEditor Visualizer is a very powerful tool that can add a multitude of different elements, themes and effects to your track. As the time goes on and FL Studio becomes even more advanced, there are new capabilities coming out in every update.

With FL Studio, you pay once and you don’t have to pay again. They will give you free updates for life. I first bought FL Studio in 2013 and it is still my only DAW of choice and the one that I love using best. It is so user-friendly and just makes a lot of sense in every aspect.

Some people don’t find FL Studio very easy and prefer other DAWs. I have tried Cubase and Pro Tools, but I find them difficult to understand compared to FL Studio. Everhald is a big Cubase fan and always buys the next editions of Cubase, but FL Studio has to be the easiest DAW and I think anyone who messed around with FL Studio for a little while would agree.

Alternatives to FL Studios if You Want to Make The Perfect Music Video in Other DAWs


Cubase has a video player. However, I don’t think you can do as much in it as you can in ZGameVisualizer. You can still import video files into Cubase. Therefore, it may be a game-breaker if you want to make music and a music video with Cubase. This is especially if you want to have as much control over your video as you have inside FL Studio.


Ableton has the same video creation functionality that we found in Cubase. You have to physically line it up yourself to sync the videos to the music. This is nowhere near as easy as the video creator in FL Studio.

Ok, No Other DAW Can Do What FL Studio Can Do With Videos

If you really like the effects of the visualisation plugin or the video on VideoBolt (see next paragraph), my advice is to get yourself a copy of FL Studio. It is obvious that there isn’t another plugin on any rival DAW that can do what FL Studio’s ZGame Visualizer can. For me, that’s no game-breaker. I make my videos in a different way anyway. It is entirely up to you and I wish you the very best, but in this post I am giving you my advice.

How to Make a Music Video if You Haven’t Got FL Studio

I have found a video visualizer like the one in FL Studio. However, it’s third-party for any DAW so may cost a little extra if you want to use it. The app is called VideoBolt. However, my own personal view is that it is an inferior app than FL Studio’s ZGame Visualizer. Therefore, I would recommend that you go for FL Studio if you want to make the perfect music video.

How Can I Conclude on a Post About a Video on the Perfect Music Video?

Right now, 2024. I recommend that you get yourself a copy of FL Studio. That is if you want a music video with a tonne of different options and synchronised to your music. Of course, you don’t have to do this. You can make videos like I do.

I use FL Studio because I love it. It is my DAW of choice and my one and only option for music creation. It doesn’t matter whether or not it can make a music video. I will always make videos in the way that I mentioned above and I think my example music video is better than I can get in any DAW.

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