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Although Plugin Boutique is well-known for terrific VSTs, studio tools and other software, it is also a great place to pick up free sample packs. In this post, I share those sample packs with you. You will find information on each of these free music sample packs as well as videos with demonstrations of each product. The videos are from YouTube.

Please be aware that I am an affiliate of Plugin Boutique. As well as the sample packs, I have also mentioned some major products related to them. The products I have written about below are demonstrations of those bigger products.

If you decide to buy anything through the links on this page, I will make a small commission. Therefore, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you in advance. You are helping me to provide for my wife and son. I appreciate your time here and I hope that my blog provides you with answers to all of your questions.

Key Takeaways on Free Music Sample Packs

  • We are going to look for free samples that don’t require spending anything to get them.
  • No signing up for magazine subscriptions
  • These will be strategies with no obligation to spend money on anything.

Plugin Boutique Is A Great Place For Free Music Sample Packs

As I have already mentioned, Plugin Boutique are well-known as a retailer of quality products. They sell VST plugins, DAWs, other studio tools – and also samples. However, they are not as well known for their samples as their sister company, Loopmasters. There are always special deals available on Plugin Boutique. There are also loads of freebies.

You can be confident in purchasing from Plugin Boutique because all products are rated by other customers like you. Therefore, you can be sure that these products will be as others find them. Plugin Boutique also encourage customers to leave feedback by paying 20 virtual pence per review. This money can be used to purchase products on Plugin Boutique.

It’s Easy to Find Free Music Sample Packs on Plugin Boutique

To find free music samples at Plugin Boutique, you simply need to click on the big word, “FREE” on the navigation bar. You then click on, STUDIO TOOLS and Sample Packs. There are no fewer than 13 free sample packs on Plugin Boutique. These include the following…

any music could be made with free music sample packs

1. Live Drums 4 Pros

Live Drums 4 Pros contains 55 drum loops. As the name suggests, these were created by a real drummer, playing real drums. Therefore, you know you are getting something of quality, in which you can have full confidence.

2. Boom Bap Drums

Boom Bap Drums is another percussive sample pack. However, this time they are just one-shot drum hits that you would use on your sequencer. Therefore, you can get creative and make something unique with your samples. There are 135 of these samples in Boom Bap Drums

3. Spore

Spore is a collection of 100 futuristic sound effects.

4. Teratoma

Teratoma is a pack with a theme of darkness and mystery. However, it doesn’t mention exactly how many separate loops or free music samples there are within the pack. It does say that it takes up approximately 860 megabytes of room on your PC or Mac.

5. One of my Favourite of These Free Music Sample Packs is Beer You Can Drum Kit

You can hear some of the sounds available in Beer You Can Drum Kit. I need this download. These sounds are really cool. Beer You Can Drum Kit is a sample pack made up of percussive sounds that were sampled from a beer can.

The pack includes…

  • 5 Kicks
  • 5 Snares
  • 4 Snaps
  • 5 Toms
  • 5 Hats
  • 7 Misc

6. Synth Loops Vol III

What I like best about this pack is that it comes with the midi files. Therefore, all the amazing sounds you can hear are effortlessly transferrable to any other synth plugin, key and tempo. It’s a wonder how such a quality product can be free of charge.

The pack includes 20 WAV files and all files are also included in this pack in midi format.

7. AizerX – Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit (Free Download)

Before you get too excited, this is a sampler version of the much bigger Kontakt instrument. However, it is available on all DAWs and all operating systems because it is a pack of WAV files. I think this is AizerX’s way of tempting you to invest in the full product.

The pack comprises of cinematic, futuristic sounds of the cyberpunk genre that would remind you of hours of tireless fun in the days of World of Warcraft.

The sounds include…

  • Aggressive Braams
  • Low Braams
  • Trailer Hits
  • Signals and Alarms

8. Evolution – Devastator

This is another free trial pack of a much larger product. However, for free, what would you expect? This pack includes the kinds of sounds you would find in a movie trailer. It’s another freebie so you should get it – even if it’s not your genre. You never know where they might come in handy.

9. Risenge Free Sample Pack

Yet another cinematic blockbuster, Risenge is another quality free sample pack. Again, I believe they have made it free in a bid to have users buy a more expensive pack. However, if it’s free, why don’t you get it? It’s quality sounds. Also, like I just said, it doesn’t what genre you make. You could always do with access to these sounds in case you want to fit them in somewhere.

10. The Sub Sample Pack

The Sub Sample Pack by Iceberg Audio is another demonstration product of its more expensive VST, The Sub, which is also available on Plugin Boutique at a price of £45.

As the name would suggest, the focus is on the sub-base.

There are 30 WAV loops and the same loops in midi format. Therefore, you can play with the key, the tempo and the instruments you have playing them. In fact, why not mess around with them altogether and put them on octaves above middle C.

11. Innovative Sample Packs Also Include FWRD by Audiomodern

FWRD is a collection of both loops and one-shot samples that were recorded from the Porsche Carrera S.

12. Evolve by Wave Alchemy

Evolve is a tiny taste of a massive library of percussive sounds and sound tools. The bigger product is Drumvolution. Wave Alchemy have created what is probably, the most extensive percussive sound library available online. At £149, this Kontakt instrument would be well worth your time and money if you have it available.

13. The Last of the Free Music Sample Packs is DRM Drums by Wave Alchemy

The final free sample pack on Plugin Boutique is another by DRM Drums. The sheer scale of Drumvolution would suggest that these sounds are also included within its miles of drum hits and samples. DRM Drum pack contains a total of 384 samples.

Conclusion – Now You Know Where to Get Free Music Sample Packs

Now you know that as well as VST plugins, you can also get sample packs from Plugin Boutique. As I have already said, you don’t need to worry about what genre you are making music in now. If it makes a sound, you can adopt it into your music production activities. Why not have a cinematic drum in trance music – or even hip-hop. Think outside the box. You will then find your signature sound and shape the future of your music creation.

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