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We’ve all been there. You’re slaving away at marketing your music. It can be a real labour of love. You send your music to 100 blogs. 80 of them don’t bother to answer, but the 20 who do try to charge you for exposure. Where does it end? How about right here and today? That’s why I’ve found 11 music blogs who do free reviews of your music. Read on to learn more…

Key Takeaways About Music Blogs Who Do Free Reviews

  • After reading this post you will be able to submit your music to music blogs who do free reviews.
  • You will be more confident and feel better about the music submission process.
  • Your music will benefit as a result.

Etiquette When Sending to Music Blogs Who Do Free Music Reviews

Before you get contacting all those different blogs, it is vital that you don’t send the same email to more than one blog – even if you are “Blind” carbon copying. You will need to send it to the blogger by name. Furthermore, you need to do research into each and every blog that you send your music to. Therefore, as Ditto put it in their post

You must also send the right genre of music to the right genre of blog. As a playlist curator, I have personal experience of this. A trance music blog is not going to be interested in a hip-hop tune. Classical music was never meant to be reviewed by a metal magazine or blog. It just wouldn’t resonate with the readership.

My experience as a curator was that I was looking for trance music to add to the playlist. However, artists of completely the wrong genres were submitting music to me. They were basically wasting my time.

Krannaken.com – We Are One of the Music Blogs Who Do Free Reviews

Krannaken.com are looking for trance, techno or synthwave artists who would like to have their music reviewed. Posts will be from May this year and be included in MuzeMark, the new Krannaken.com magazine that is sent out to 200 pdf sharing sites, Amazon KDP and Google Books.

If we don’t accept your music, we will explain why. In the first place, david@krannaken.com and we will get back to you in due course.

A&R Factory

Readers include music industry professionals in every area of the music industry. These include record labels, publishing agents, radio stations and PR executives. There is a wide and loyal readership who rely on A&R Factory to provide them with new and talented artists of multiple genres.


HighClouds blasphemously refer to themselves as the “music junkie’s Holy Bible“. They cater for artists of all genres. This blog was originally a radio station. However, it now focuses on EP and album reviews.

RGM Reyt Good Magazine

RGM specialise in providing genuine and honest feedback. Being from the north of England, they’re not afraid to call a spade a spade and a fork a fork. Therefore, they will be honest about your music. It you don’t have potential, they will let you know. However, they are looking for the right music to promote and they are eager to help talented artists to release good music.


Sidekick are a leading playlist network who specialise in electronic music. In particular, they are most interested in indie and nu disco. Sidekick want to craft a pedestal for artists and music to build their careers on.


Hammarica is a collection of over 40 blogs that each have their own subgenre. Therefore, your music stands a good chance of being included within this network. They also each have their own editorial twist that makes them unique and distinguishable from one another. Hammarica levels the playing field for artists – especially if they have a story to tell.

24 Hip-Hop

As the name suggests, 24 Hip-Hop works flat out to support hip-hop and contemporary music artists. They work every day and take a particular interest in covering remarkable artists and their music. It should be noted that 24 Hip-Hop help artists all over the world.

Urban Vault

Urban Vault is at the forefront in the hunt to discover new artists and bands from a wide variety of underground music genres. There is news on events, news, music and apparel that is all related to their favourite strands of the underground music scene.

Kings of A&R

Kings of A&R considers itself to be a one-stop-shop for music industry trends. They keep their finger on the pulse and accept submissions from all genres, their bands and artists.

Plastic Mag

It appears that Plastic Mag is a magazine who will be happy to review music from any genre. Therefore, if you’re unsure what genre your music fits into, you can still submit to Plastic Mag.

The Pit London is the Last of These Music Blogs Who Do Free Reviews

If your British and you make great music, these guys will be very happy to assist you. The Pit London is a London-based blog who love all things home-grown.

Conclusion – 11 Music Blogs Who Do Free Reviews of Your Music

As well as provide you with this information, I have also checked these pages out for myself. Therefore, I am fairly confident that this is good information. If you have had any experience with these blogs, please let us know in the comments section below. I haven’t actually submitted my music to these blogs, but I have bookmarked a couple of these because I would like to get involved with them in the future.

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