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Music marketing is like any other thing in life. There is a learning curve that we all have to go through to learn and succeed. Therefore, we all make mistakes. Heck, even the biggest names in the marketing world have made mistakes. Most people doing anything have made serious mistakes. It’s a part of life and should be expected from everyone. You’re not born a genius. Even Einstein wasn’t born a genius. He actually failed at school. It wasn’t until later in life that he became considered a genius. So, never give up. In this post, we will discuss the most common music marketing mistakes. So, never give up, keep going and I’ll see you at the top!

Key Takeaways

By the end of this post, you will

  • …have more idea of how to create, manage and maintain your music brand.
  • …Get smarter about checking, reading and understanding all of the analytics from your website on Google Analytics and also the analytics on your social media profiles.
  • …understand collaborations with other artists, influencers and brands.

Music Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s check out these music marketing mistakes that most musicians make…

Many Musicians Will Ignore the Importance of Branding

I think most musicians don’t even think about their brand. I know I am guilty of that. In fact, everybody has a personal brand whether they know it or not. Some are better personal brands than others and those better personal brands are held by more successful individuals.

Your brand includes your image, values and story.

Where have you been:? What is your experience? How has your life experience affected your music? What music did you grow up listening to? All of this affects the music that you put out. For instance, the other week I made a track based on the State Azure version of Love on a Real Train. That is the kind of thing that really floats my boat and I’ve been into that kind of music for many years.

Your image is how people see you. What is the first thing that comes into people’s minds when they think of you. One example is Marie Fredriksson. When I remember Marie, I think of Roxette. I think of the memories that Roxette gave me in the early 1990s and my passion for them is still there.

My Story

More significantly for me, I was known as a clown when I was at school. I just wanted to mess around all the time. I didn’t stick in and try hard to do the best I could do at school. My University education didn’t come until many years after school. I had no passion for anything except playing football – something I wouldn’t have been able to do as a career. At that time, I was also more interested in the girls at school. I am a happily married man now and don’t mess around with other women because my wife means more to me than that.

What is your story? How do you want people to feel when they see your name? What are your ethics? Do you have a faith?

Music Marketing Mistakes Include Neglecting Social Media

Many musicians make the mistake of neglecting social media. I know I have been guilty of that.

As a musician, you should be posting regularly on sites like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You have to be where your crowd are. If your crew spend time on certain social media platforms, you have to meet them where they are. Therefore, don’t just use sites that you yourself like to use. Instead, meet your crew at sites they frequent. I am trying to use Instagram, TikTok and YouTube more. My biggest fans are young men, between the ages of 18 and 44. They live in the United Kingdom or United States. This is the avatar of my target customer.

Music Marketing Mistakes Include Not Building an Email List

This is more important than the social media issue we just spoke about. You need to build your email list. This is because it is valuable. If you lose your social media accounts tomorrow, you’ve also lost your business. An email list is something that you own. It is akin to a customer base. If you lose your customer base, you’ve also lost your business. Therefore, make sure that you don’t lose out and grow your customer base (also known as your email list).

Don’t Focus Solely on New Releases

Your fans want to hear all of your music. It could be years old, but it’s something that you made. Therefore, your fans are going to want to play that music. For instance, if Per Gessle only played the music he’s making now and not the hits that he and Marie put together in the late 80s/early 89s, people would go off him. In the same way, don’t only play new releases. Give your crew something to remember. Give them the music they grew up with. This is vital to the cause of keeping your crew entertained.

Common Music Marketing Mistakes Include Ignoring Data and Analytics

Too many musicians ignore what data and analytics have to show. It is vital to your success that you understand these metrics. It will help you know where to focus, your time, how to write your next song, where in the world your crew live, etc, etc, etc. There is a lot to it. If you want to be as successful as you can possibly be, you need to keep a good eye on your analytics.

For instance, I know that if I make a certain video, it will be more popular and attract a few more views than older content – some of which is outdated.

Similarly, you will know what kind of music your fans love best from what you have already created. The analytics will point to the most popular song that you have created and how you can work to your strengths and make something equally as good that will also generate a buzz in your crew.

Not Investing in High-Quality Visuals

Although as musicians, the music is our most important consideration, visuals also play a key part. Therefore, it is important that you invest in the right music. For Krannaken, I believe that the stock footage we find is good enough. The last video I made was very effective and I was happy with it. However, if you are telling a story in your music, you need to have visuals that match that story.

The abstract quality of our music means that our music is free from a story. You are free to conjure up in your mind whatever story you like. I think that’s the thing about instrumental music in general. It is unobtrusive and people can even study whilst playing it in the background.

Music Marketing Mistakes Can Include a Lack of Consistency

I have been guilty of this in the past. However, I have been consistent since the start of 2024. I aim to take Krannaken.com places in the future and that means staying consistent. However, consistency isn’t about posting here there ane everywhere. You have to be where your crew are. If your crew are on Instagram, you have to be there too. If they are on TikTok, be there! They could even be on Pinterest – mine aren’t, but yours could be – especially if you market more to women.

You have to be where your crew are and not where you’d rather be. I know that young men make up the most of my audience so I have to ask myself where young men spend their time.

Then you have to ask yourself what time of day is best for you to be consistent and to put out fresh content. For Krannaken, the audience is mainly in the UK and America. Therefore, around 6 pm to 8 pm is the best time for me to post.

Overlooking the Power of Collaboration

As music creators, we all have our own skills. You might want to work with someone who plays the guitar. Perhaps you will want to work with a singer or take on backing singers. Some people will be better at putting down a beat.

However, sourcing more competent musicians is not the only reason for forming a collaboration. You can tap into other another artist’s fanbase and they can become your fans. Maybe some of their fans have never heard your music before. You will want to make the most of the opportunity to attract many new fans to your music.

As well as collaborating with other musicians, you can also collaborate with influencers, brands and non-musical creators. The latter could be video creators,, bloggers, playlist curators, visual artists, etc.

With brand collaborations, you may be able to get some great free gear. I once asked Plugin Boutique if I could have any freebies in exchange for a review post. At the time, Krannaken.com was really new and hadn’t been online for many months. I got a rejection, but haven’t asked since then. If anyone from a gear creator does want me to review software or even hardware now, please email me

Since that email to Plugin Boutique, I have formed a worthwhile affiliate relationship with them where I have generated sales and been paid a commission.

Some Music Marketing Mistakes Have Even Involved Not Engaging With Fans

This is something else that I have been guilty of in the past. I’ve often been very slow in answering comments on the Krannaken TV YouTube channel. I am making efforts to get better at this. The Facebook page has also seen the same in the past. I think the main habit is not even looking for comments rather than simply ignoring them. I haven’t just ignored them. My goal has been to answer, but when comments get to a certain age, I think it looks really bad if I mention my lateness.

Lack of Patience and Persistence

This is true of all walks of life and not just among musicians. You need to stick at something and see it through.

I don’t know about you, but when I first had something of an email list, I got scared. I thought, “What if people unsubscribed?” I didn’t know how to act, what to say and how I should talk around them. Should I use any street talk or is there a lingo I should stick with? What does my crowd expect? My advice now I’ve had something of an email list for a few years is to be yourself. Talk like you talk and people will respect you for being you. I now have a great relationship with my list. I get clicks on every email.

Patience and Persistence With Social Media

As well as patience and persistence with your email marketing efforts, I also see the need to mention patience and persistence with social media. You need to find the right platforms and the right audience for your music. Google Analytics or other analytics programs can tell you who your audience are. It was VidIQ who told me that my biggest audiences are the UK and America. This is on YouTube, but I bet it’s pretty much the same for the whole audience.

There are more male music creators than female music creators. I’m not saying that there aren’t any female creators. I know that there are, but according to VidIQ, as many as 93% of my audience is male.


I hope this post has helped to highlight any areas where you may be making mistakes. It certainly has highlighted a few areas where I know I can improve. In any case, I hope you found the post useful and informative.

My goal now is to blog on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As I mentioned in the email that I sent out yesterday, I believe this is a good move forwards. I can bring you more value in the Krannaken monthly magazine (MuzeMark) and in the YouTube videos that will continue to be published as regularly as the blog posts.

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