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Find collaboration with other musicians, creatives, media professionals and anyone else who you want to mix with. There are a tonne of different opportunities out there so I just wanted to help you with this list of websites where you can find collaboration opportunities right here in this post.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this post, you will…

  • …be more aware of all the different sites where you can find collaboration opportunities
  • …be able to continue and find collaboration opportunities with whoever you need to collab with
  • …feel inspired to find collaboration opportunities by using the sites listed within this post.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is a partnership between two or more parties. The goal is to create something that sounds great and it often works really well. This is because different artists will have different strengths. Some people may be better at laying a drum beat, creating the base or the melody.

Music producers can also form collabs with bloggers, YouTubers, other music industry professionals or anyone else who can support the creation of the music. Sometimes, even music fans are called on to help create a better mix of music.

My Experience of Collaborations

When I was doing my Bachelor’s degree at the University of West London, I collaborated with various different musicians from across the world. I live in the United Kingdom, but I managed to produce a track with a drummer from the United States and a guitarist from Romania. Both musicians were highly talented and the work that we produced was of a good standard. If anyone gave a poor performance, it was me. I did experience some issues in matching up the tempos, but it was a good experience.

Other experience has included reviewing artists from around the world. This has been a great success and some testimonials from a few of the artists are included on the home page of Krannaken.com. This was mainly done through Fiverr, but I had my gig removed by Fiverr as they thought my gig was unclear. I made the necessary changes and they still took it down. However, I still review music sometimes. If you are working as a reviewer on Fiverr, my best advice is to make sure that you establish contact with your client off Fiverr as well as on Fiverr. They don’t like this action, but it is the best way for you.

How to Find Collaboration Opportunities For Music Producers

The following websites will help you to find those opportunities so please read on.

Find Collaboration Opportunities on Splice

Splice is a popular platform. It offers a range of tools and resources for music producers. It allows users to collaborate on projects, share samples, and also to access a vast library of sounds and presets.

Find Collaboration Opportunities on Kompoz

Kompoz is a community-driven platform where musicians can collaborate online. Users are able to upload their own tracks. Alternatively, they can also join projects started by others. This gives them the opportunity to contribute their own vocals, instruments, or production skills.


Blend is a platform that is designed for music producers to share project files and collaborate on tracks. It also offers features such as version control, commenting, and real-time collaboration tools.


BandLab is a social music platform that offers both collaboration and creation tools. Users can collaborate on projects in concurrently, create and record music, and share their music with the community.

Ableton Link

Ableton Link is a technology rather than a standalone platform. It allows multiple music apps to sync together over a local network or the internet. Therefore, it enables seamless collaboration between musicians using different software.

As you may well be aware Ableton is a digital audio workstation (DAW) so they have built a community around their product by creating Ableton Link. It seems to be an excellent way to operate and build customer loyalty with users all over the world.

Soundtrap by Spotify

Soundtrap is an online music studio. It offers collaboration features. It also allows users to create music together in real-time, regardless of their location. Furthermore, it offers built-in chat and video conferencing.


Trackd is a mobile app that enables musicians to record and collaborate on songs using their smartphones. It also offers features such as multi-track recording, in-app messaging, and cloud storage for projects.


ProCollabs is a platform that connects musicians and producers for collaboration. It offers tools for file sharing, project management, and collaboration, as well as a marketplace. This is an excellent opportunity for making a little side income as it allows users to buy and sell music services.


Wikiloops is a community-based platform for musicians to collaborate on music projects. It also offers a wide range of genres and styles, as well as tools for uploading, sharing, and remixing tracks.

Finally, You Can Also Find Collaboration Opportunities With Ohm Studio

Ohm Studio is a collaborative digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows multiple users to work on music projects simultaneously. It offers features such as real-time collaboration, chat, and version control.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Find Collaboration Opportunities

Here are a couple of questions that I found from doing a Google search…

How to Find Collaboration Opportunities With Other Artists?

If you want to find collaboration opportunities, a great way to do so is by attending network events. Sites such as MeetUp, LinkedIn and many others (post coming soon) are an excellent way to network and also to collaborate with other musicians, music industry and media professionals.

How Do You Ask Artists For Collaborations?

The first thing you both need to ask is, is this the right person I can work with? For instance, do they make the same genre as you? What is their musical style? We all have our unique artistic fingerprints. Do your ethics and your whole ethos line up with other artists? Can they create the kind of quality that you require.

It is important to remember that your collaborative partner needs to be of a similar standard to you. You need to work with people who have a great attitude towards their work. It doesn’t matter what their experience level is, as long as they have an excellent attitude towards their work.

However, it is important to note that a total newbie won’t be able to create music to extremely high standards. Similarly, it is also important to note that an expert musician may require higher standards than you are able to produce.

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