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This post initially started as a look into self-employment. However, it soon turned into a post about my journey through music. I hope it helps you to establish your own music production business. You’ll see how I went from a wannabe rock star to a semi-professional trance music producer via a life-changing social life and mental health illness. You probably won’t experience anything remotely similar, but if you are looking to establish your own music career, this will help.

Please note that there are a few affiliate links in this post. If you click them and make a purchase, I will make a small commission. This enables me to provide for my wife and son. Therefore, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you in advance. You make it all worthwhile.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this post you will…

  • …learn how I started in music
  • …learn how Krannaken was established on my own journey through music
  • …learn how you can grow your own music career.

A Journey Through Music: The Story of Krannaken

For many, becoming a musician stems from a child or adolescent interest. For me, I was 18 and my College mate said to me, “Why don’t you learn the base guitar? Then you can be in our band”. So, that’s what I did. Needless to say, I wasn’t playing base for very long. I soon migrated to the more melodic six-string and got into playing music akin to Bon Jovi or Guns’n’Roses. In those days, I was obsessed with playing the guitar back then. I didn’t want to do anything else. This led me to take a leading role in the College’s music scene.

In my final year at College, I was socialising with some people who were into smoking a ton of weed every day and chilling out to happy hardcore. The likes of Billy Bunter and co and feeling stoned really affected me. However, it wasn’t just in a good way. I developed a psychosis from smoking too much weed. I haven’t touched it since I left College – now over 25 years ago. Time flies!

How Did 1998 Affect My Music Consumption?

The year 1998 also held something amazing in store for me. It was the year that I fell in love with trance music. I was still playing guitar, but I wanted to be a trance music producer more than anything in the world. The first album I bought was Trance Nation 2 with Ferry Corsten and the Ministry of Sound. I remember sitting alone, in the dark and having that music on full blast.

It was my party. I became more of a loner, satisfied just to sit on my own and blast trance music out as loud as my device would go. It was my party and I was the only one invited. I am still a loner today. I know this because I prefer my own company. These days, I am married and have a son, but I do like it when I have nothing to do, but make music or write my blog posts. I am quite happy doing these things.

Back in 1996, I had a girlfriend who was blind and I would catch the bus three days a week and travel for 3 hours to go and see her – around 40 miles away. Back then, I thought nothing of it. It’s only since I became poorly with the psychosis that I have been happier to spend my days doing my own thing.

Starting To Make Electronic Music

Although I wanted to be a trance DJ from 1998, I didn’t actually start making trance until 2013. This was after connecting with a couple of guys, one from College and the other from Leeds who make a lot of dance music and have had some significant success. I was in touch with them on Facebook and I used to share my music with them once I had finished a track. Looking back, it wasn’t as good as the music I have produced more recently.

As a music producer, they always say that your best track is still to be produced. Keep learning, be inspired and most importantly, keep making music. This is my advice to anyone who wishes to make music of any kind.

As a music producer, they always say that your best track is still to be produced. Keep learning, be inspired and most importantly, keep making music. This is my advice to anyone who wishes to make music of any kind.

David Verney, Krannaken.com – March 2024

Paul, the guy from Leeds, introduced me to FL Studio. He would always be very supportive and encouraging. Paul and Tariq are still Facebook friends of mine.

Tariq was the guy from College. In those days, he was called Tom and was one of the stoners who I used to smoke weed with. I know he introduced me to it, but it was my decision to smoke it so I don’t feel any resentment towards him. I am capable of saying no if I don’t feel comfortable with something. Tariq had turned his life around, become a Muslim and we are great friends to this day. I really appreciate his friendship.

My Journey Through Music Since 2013: How Have I Progressed?

Since those days, I have made a ton of music. Very often, I find that times when I need to get something out of my system, music is the best way. Sit down and create something that takes the bitterness, angry and general pent up emotion out of you. It is better than doing something silly, drinking myself to oblivion or something else equally as bad.

When Did I Meet Everhald?

I met Everhald in something like 2016. My social worker suggested that we work together because we were both into the same kinds of music and making that music too. Everhald instantly understood my tastes in music. The first track he wrote in our partnership was one of our most successful to date That was Lost Youth. It’s been streamed more than any other track.

All of our music is instrumental apart from a couple of tracks that Everhald is working on at the moment. Apart from anything else, it is more important to me that we make instrumental music because I appreciate the abstract nature of it. There are no restrictions and the listener is free to think what they like within the music. Therefore, it also makes terrific study music.

My Journey Through Music Took Me to University

On the strength of the music I had already produced, I was offered a University place. The University admissions team thought it was good enough to offer me a place on a Foundation Degree in Music at Wolverhampton University.

When I completed my Foundation Degree, I went on to do a Bachelor’s and also a Master’s at the University of West London. Furthermore, I achieved a 2.1 in my Bachelor’s and I scraped my Master’s by the skin of my teeth, equalling my kid sister’s University achievements. However, she did a BSc rather than a BA and an MSc rather than an Mmus. It’s still the same level though.

The Establishment of Krannaken.com

Krannaken.com was first established in the final year of my Bachelor’s Degree. I wanted a website where I could share my ideas and thoughts on what I was learning. I saw it as a place to share my understanding with others.

The actual marketing posts that you will find on Krannaken.com weren’t my first idea. One of the first promotional sites I found was Hypeddit. This was a community of artists. I wanted to do something for the list I was creating. These were almost all music creators. Therefore, I put my own passions for music and for marketing into action and established Krannaken.com.

Soon after that, there was Krannaken TV on YouTube. That was another string to my bow. However, I think I have more aptitude for writing blog posts than I do for making marketing videos. I do make a great music video as I have had plenty of streams on one particular video that has also generated hundreds of likes too.

The Birth of Our Son

The birth of our son was difficult. We weren’t their idea of fit parents due to my psychosis diagnosis. They didn’t want to have someone with a psychosis to be raising a son. We soon put pay to that though. There was never any need for it. We still, and probably always will, feel bitter about it. We would like to forgive the social worker who removed him, but it’s not easy.

There were times when we felt like giving up. However, in Catherine’s weakness, I was strong. When I felt weak, my Catherine was strong. We never told each other that we felt like giving up. I think that’s what enabled us to succeed.

As a Christian, I see the importance in forgiveness, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and still find it difficult. Of course, we feel bad. Who wouldn’t? However, I don’t want to hold on to that bitterness. It is ugly, horrible and I don’t want to think about it. However, in his first Christmas, we didn’t see him at all. We had done nothing wrong. Yet, there we were, fighting for our son to be with us. We were treated like criminals.

My Journey Through Music Since I Completed My Master’s Degree

Since, I completed my Master’s Degree, in my journey through music, I have made some money in the music industry. This has come from three sources. There were the sales of my digital music downloads on WeMakeDanceMusic, the sales of my stock music compositions on sites like Pond5 and also through affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing commissions have been from the sales of VST Plugins on PluginBoutique, LoopCloud and also on Loopmasters. These companies are all part of the same organisation – just three sister sites within that organisation. They are always my go-to for VST plugin instruments, effects and studio tools. They always have some amazing offers on a wide range of VST Plugins, sample packs and other software.

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