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Let’s look at how to make the most out of each and every track you have ever produced – well, the good ones anyway! You can make the most by switching up the visuals, making a totally fresh look of your song, adding inspirational imagery and interest to your music. Then, you are also asking, “I’ve made the video, now what?” Well, in this post, I am going to show you what with the help of Musformation. Let’s look at how to promote your YouTube music videos.

Musformation is a YouTuber who I never used to like. Musformation would swear on his videos. I just can’t respect a guy who swears at every opportunity. However, he seems to be getting better.

Key Takeaways About How to Promote Your YouTube Music Videos

  • By the end of this post, (with Musformation’s help), you will know everything there is to know about how to promote your YouTube music videos.
  • You will be able to proceed with confidence in how to promote your YouTube music videos.
  • You will have much more knowledge and understanding of the world of video promotion.

How to Promote Your YouTube Music Videos

Musformation states that you need to run through this promotion of your music before you do anything else. These times below make a lot of sense.

I see some sense in putting out clips of your best music before you actually put out a full music video. This clip would be of the main hook in the song. Get your earworms out there before they have a chance to listen to the entire song – then they will know that your music is good.

The thing is that some songs start slow and build up to the main hook. If you put out a video of the main hook, people are going to want to stick around for the whole thing. It just makes sense.

Musformation’s Time Line

So, here’s what Musformation thinks about the time line, what should be done and when.

  • Week One: A video with only the album cover artwork as the only visual.
  • Week Three: Lyric video or visualizer
  • Week Five: Music video
  • Week seven or nine: Repeat

Personally, I don’t believe this is enough. You need to do more to promote your music videos than releasing a new video a fortnight. Every two weeks just allows people to know that you are exist. You’re probably not getting your song in the heads of your audience unless they have your song on repeat.

Make Sure Your About Pages on Both YouTube and Spotify Are Complete

Both your YouTube and Spotify pages should be optimised for readers, but also for search engines. You should have all the necessary information there. Tell people about your channel, give your links for merch sales, leave a fully operational email address, and anything else that may help people to decide whether they really want to subscribe to your channel.

As Musformation also points out, if you don’t have your email listed, you could be missing out on some seriously good opportunities.

You also need to make sure that you have an effective channel trailer for new subscribers and also a video to let current subscribers know what’s going on. If you don’t have these videos in place, you could be viewed as lazy.

Make Your Channels on Both Spotify and YouTube More Discoverable

You should put all of the tags you could ever imagine that apply to you and your music in the About page of both platforms. Therefore, you are more discoverable. For instance, Everhald and I could have the term, “Blind artists”, “Vietnam protest covers”, “abstract music” or “instrumental trance” in the About pages.

Your YouTube Channel Trailer Plays a Key Part

You’re now thinking, “What could I do with my trailer?” Well, people want to learn more about you for a start. Therefore, share your personality.

If you can’t do that, just include one of the videos that scream, “my music”. What track is more, “you” than the others. Find one that is typical of you. If you have a song which is typical of you, but no video – just make a new music video in Canva.

What Else Do You Have to Understand?

According to Musformation, you should avoid putting, “I am like (famous artist)” in your About page. Musformation thinks it is better not to put anything rather than “I am like”.

Leave that to Spotify. For instance, now we have been around for a while, Spotify have likened us to another artist. That is interesting because they must consider our music to be worthwhile for it to be likened to another artist.

How to Promote Your YouTube Videos With Playlists

Make sure that you have playlists that contain your best songs. What are your biggest hits? What tracks are you most pleased with? Do you feel that a number of your songs are typical of what you do? Add all of these to playlists to give people a taste of exactly what you’re about.

What are your five most popular songs on Spotify? Add these to a playlist in your YouTube channel.

Make a Playlist Featuring Local ACts and Similar Artists to Your Playlists

Add local and similar artists and bands to your playlists. When you’ve done that, you need to share the music with those artists and bands. Tag them in it and ask them to share the music with their audience too. This can send your music viral and you will increase in views, watch time and subscriber numbers as a result.

You can then share these playlists on your social media and tag the artists in it so that they can share your music too. In fact, there are probably Facebook groups with similar artists in them. It is important that you share up-and-coming artists who are around the same size that you are. You can then tap into their audiences and you can tap into theirs.

Another Trick on How to Promote Your YouTube Videos

Always follow up your music videos with other songs of yours that you believe fans would appreciate. For instance, Krannaken could feature Aquarium as that is our most popular music video. It has seen more subscribers for Krannaken Music Channel than any other video.

You would suggest your most popular songs at your end credits. You could introduce it as your most popular song and fans would definitely watch it if they enjoyed the song that you just played to them.

Titles and Thumbnails

I have found that having just your logo on your song thumbnail is enough. The more minimal a thumbnail design, the better. If you look at John Gold or Faithless, you don’t see much in the way of text. You wouldn’t find this with other types of video because mainstream YouTubers want to be “in yer face”.

What About the Title?

Again, you need to have it minimal. Just include the genre, title of the song and if it’s a different video. For instance…

]Uplifting Trance] Aquarium [Fishtank Video]

It doesn’t need any more than that. They already have the artist name on the thumbnail.

Description and Tags

You have 5,000 characters in the description. This is your opportunity to tell the audience what the video and the song are about. If there is a story behind the song, you should share that. If you use any cool gear to make it, hyperlink that so that you can earn an affiliate commission. Just get really creative.

How to Promote Your YouTube Music Videos With the Right Tags

The tags on your video aren’t meant to be hashtags. They are the same kinds of tags that you optimize your channel with. You shouldn’t worry about VidIQ’s score, but just use tags to describe your song, your video, your band, you and your genre and gear.

Keep Up With Comments

Download YouTube Studio app on your mobile device. Then, set the notifications so that you are notified whenever anyone leaves a comment on your video. You really need to be quick to keep up with your comments.

Also, always be positive. If you get a hater, don’t hate back. Just ignore that person other than adding a thumbs up or even daring to like their comment. You might be surprised by their reaction. Jesus didn’t say, “turn the other cheek” for nothing.

Furthermore, ask your commenters an open-ended question. Try and get them to be more liberal with what they are saying. It is terrific feedback for you and the algorithm will love you too.

Finally, Let me Close With Another Playlist Trick

If you know what a micro-genre is, you can probably find a YouTube music video curator who curates videos in your micro-genre. Therefore, people who love that music will be more likely to check out your channel.

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