Featured image reads pros & cons of using Fiverr for music promotion

There are plenty of reasons why you should, and why you shouldn’t use Fiverr for music promotion. We are going to examine two videos within this post. One of these videos shows the advantages of using Fiverr for music promotion and the other video explains why you shouldn’t use Fiverr for music promotion.

Key Takeaways

  • By the end of this post, you will be clear on why you should be using Fiverr for music promotion
  • You will also be clear on why you shouldn’t be using Fiverr for music promotion.
  • You will be able to proceed with confidence.

Cons of Using Fiverr for Music Promotion

I don’t appreciate this guy’s language, but his experience is both vital to this post and interesting to see how and why he is getting these results.

Don’t Use Playlisting Services

As the guy says, you are either getting your streams from link farms or they are just fake. Well, err, link farm streams are fake, right? Well, this guy is getting thousands of streams that don’t count.

Why Fake Streams Don’t Count

Fake streams are fake streams. Nobody is listening to your music and it doesn’t exactly look good. You are getting all of these streams, but nobody is actually listening. Therefore, you won’t get any saves, additions to listeners’ playlists or followers.

What Does Spotify Think of This Kind of Service?

Fairly recently, Spotify had a massive crackdown on accounts that used fake streams. Therefore, all of some artists work had been deleted from Spotify due to fake streams. It’s not worth the hassle.

Spotify is seen as the holy grail by many artists. I view Spotify as a kind of holy grail – even though I don’t actually promote my Spotify music. It’s just, there!

What to Look Out For When Using Fiverr For Music Promotion

You can tell when a Fiverr advert is a scam by a poor use of English. The adverts the guy reads out are obviously from a scammer as the language skills are so poor.

As well as language standards, you also need to check out the different playlists that you use before you use them. My best advice is to message the Fiverr merchant, ask them to give you the links for the playlists so that you can check them out for yourself. As the guy in the video pointed out, there were hardly any followers (in some cases none at all) in the playlists involved. If the Fiverr merchant won’t share the links with you, your best bet is to steer well clear. Don’t even touch them with a bargepole.

After Watching This Video…

I don’t believe in paying Fiverr merchants for these kinds of services anyway. In fact, I don’t see the need to throw money at any such service. I have used services like Playlister Club in the past. I do recommend that service, but I don’t recommend paying through the nose when in a couple of months time, you’re going to be back where you are right now…a broke music artist.

What Do I Recommend After Watching This Video on Disadvantages of Using Fiverr for music promotion?

In my view, the best and most consistent way to promote your music is both through Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange and also by posting your tracks on your own social media profiles. These are both sustainable over long periods of time and you’re not just going to be back where you started from.

Advantages of Using Fiverr for Music Promotion

After that last experience, I am ready to throw in the towel on Fiverr. However, let’s just see what this other guy has to say about using Fiverr for music promotion.

Always check the Reviews

Fiverr has a worthwhile review system. This can normally be relied upon to give you an honest idea of what to expect from your Fiverr merchant. Therefore, you can proceed with confidence.

There Are Plenty of Different Music Promotion Services Available

As well as playlisting that we have already talked about, there are a ton of other promotion services available. These can include things like…

  • Blog reviews
  • Blog interviews
  • Organic promotion (whatever that is)
  • Video promotion
  • Video creation
  • Social email

In fact, you have all the music promotion services you can possibly imagine.

Prices Are Very Appealing

Perhaps the reason why Fiverr are so popular in the first place is the price point. When they first started, you could get everything for just $5 as the name suggests. However, now merchants often charge much more than that. However, the price point is still in Fiverr’s favour over its competitors.

The Verdict is Out on Using Fiverr For Music Promotion

There are plenty of reasons why and why not you should be using Fiverr for music promotion. Let’s just summarize and then I’ll give you my verdict.

The prosecution states that…

  • Some unscrupulous merchants give fake results
  • It’s not a good idea to use playlisting services
  • If Spotify discovers that you use fake services, your whole Spotify channel could be shut down.

The defence states that…

  • There are many other kinds of services and not just Spotify playlisting
  • Reviews can be relied upon
  • Prices are very appealing

The Verdict on Using Fiverr for Music Promotion

There is a lot that can be gathered from both these people’s experiences.

Firstly, don’t use Fiverr if you want to do playlisting. Instead use a service like Playlister Club. They may be a little more expensive, but at the same time, they are more reliable and you know you are getting a good service.

If you want to use Fiverr for any other kind of promotional service, you always need to check the reviews before you proceed. Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting a good service.

Ther poor use of English in the first video is testament to the fact that the service was a con. Therefore, don’t bother with Fiverr merchants who consistently use poor English language skills.

I also think it’s interesting that the second video didn’t actually order any services. They simply mentioned what is available.

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