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If there are so many strategies for selling beats online, how come there are so many broke musicians in 2024? In today’s post, I give you all the ideas and strategies you need to sell your music online in 2024. You will learn the skills and knowledge to gain experience leading to expertise in the area of monetizing your music this year.

Key Takeaways About Selling Beats Online…

By the end of this post you will

  • …see that there’s no need for an artist to be broke.
  • …be inspired to start working towards your music career.
  • …be able to form a plan going forward for how you can profit from your passion.

14 Free & Easy Strategies For Selling Beats Online

As musicians we are always getting better. The more time we put into music, the more effort we put into practicing the skills necessary for creating great music, the better we become. The great thing about creating electronic music is that we don’t have to worry about performance. With our music, we don’t perform. Of course, if DJs wish to play our music in their sets, we are really happy for them to do so. However, we don’t perform our music.

1 If You Selling Beats Online You Will Need to Make Sure The Production is High Quality

You will need to make sure the quality of your productions are top-notch. Therefore, invest time in practicing your music. If you’re an electronic music producer like us, you need to make sure that you make as much music as possible. Some of it will be poor, but the more music you do, the better you will get. Therefore, make sure that you can put as much time as you possibly can into honing your craft.

2 Build an Online Presence

As an artist, you should really have an electronic press kit. This is a webpage that is devoted to your release. If you want to be known by the masses as a musician, you need to have a press kit so that bloggers and media professionals have a reference to turn to for press exposure.

You can simply use your YouTube channel for this and make a playlist with the different songs you have in your release. If you are only releasing one song, you can just send out the link for the YouTube video with any text that you need to add in the video description. However, if you want to look more professional, you will require a solid EPK.

3 Create a Website

However you wish to sell your music, you will need a website. Whether you sell stock music, are involved in music licensing or you just want to drive traffic to your YouTube profile or Spotify account, a website can be very valuable for that. You can also use your website to demonstrate or even sell your beats directly to your customers and new fans.

4 Offer Free Samples

Giving people a free sample pack of samples that you have created demonstrates your skills and experience as a producer. Selling sample packs also promotes your music in every aspect. If you see yourself as more of a wannabe megastar, you can still boost your income further with the sales of sample packs. Furthermore, even if you only sell sample packs and make a living as a sample pack, template, stock music composer, you can also benefit by demonstrating the quality of your samples.

5 Selling Beats Online as Part of a Collaboration

Forming a collaboration allows you to work to your strengths. It also allows you to reach a much wider audience. You can collaborate with other musicians, music industry professionals, media professionals, content creators,

Collaborating with other artists is a win-win for everyone. Whether the artist you are working with is established or not, it is a great learning and working experience for all concerned. Apart from anything else, establishing a good working collaboration adds a good amount of credibility to your work as a result.

6 Use Beat Selling Platforms

Sites like WeMakeDanceMusic and Beatport are prime examples of the kinds of sites where you can sell your music. You need to make the most of every opportunity to sell your music

Sites like WeMakeDanceMusic don’t charge you anything to have your music on their site, but they just take a 50% cut of the proceeds. When you really think about it, it’s a good deal. You can just upload it, forget it and claim your royalties when you’ve made enough. I think they have something like a £50 threshold so you have to generate more than that in sales and just withdraw your money when you like. It’s basically passive income because you keep being paid for the same work. It’s a fantastic opportunity.

7 Offer Licensing Options

If you are unsure of what music licensing is all about, the above video will explain.

In music licensing you offer flexible licensing options for your beats. This can include lease and exclusive rights. Both parties need to be clear and understand the license terms and conditions. For instance, in exclusive rights, the customer is the only one legally allowed to use the music. In this case, the customer will “own” the music and therefore, they have sole rights to do what they like with it.

Music licensing can be very lucrative for the artist and is definitely worth your consideration. However, don’t sell your music too cheaply.

8 Build an Email List

They say the money is in the list. Your email list is your customer base. However, you need to treat them well. Do everything within your power to make their experience of your brand a worthwhile one. Building your list is the easy bit. Keeping them happy is harder. However, this comes with time. Don’t worry too much. Stay consistent and your crew will win them over.

9 Selling Beats Online by Running Promotions and Discounts

Encourage buyers to invest in your products by offering periodic promotions, discounts, or bundle deals. These can further incentivize purchases and create a sense of urgency among potential buyers.

This works with price elasticity. The lower you have your products pricing, the more sales there will be. However, if you sell for more there will be fewer sales, but better quality sales. If you wish to sell to them again in the future, they will be more likely to purchase if they can afford your products, but don’t charge too little.

10 Engage with Your Audience

Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries promptly. Building relationships with your audience encourages trust and loyalty.

11 SEO Optimization

Optimize your website and social media profiles for search engines to improve visibility. Therefore, use relevant keywords, meta descriptions and tags to attract organic traffic. I use tools like Ubersuggest and RyRob.com for my keyword research. The latter one of those is completely free and is ran by a guy called Ryan Robinson. Ryan also has a suite that he calls RightBlogger. RightBlogger is a premium service so there is a charge for that.

If you want more on-page SEO assistance, I can also recommend SEO by Yoast. This is a widely used plugin and there are more bloggers have it than there are bloggers who don’t have it. You can get SEO by Yoast at a knockdown price at WorldPressIT.

12 Create Visual Content

Produce visually appealing content such as beat-making videos, tutorials, and visualizers to showcase your beats and attract more viewers. All of your social media profiles should be focusing on the creation of visual content. As artists, we are also expected to create content of other forms and not just audio.

13 Selling Beats Online Through Networking Opportunities

Networking with other producers, artists, and industry professionals both online and offline is an excellent idea. Therefore, you should take every opportunity you possibly can to get out and meet other artists and creatives. Building relationships within the music industry can lead to collaborations and further opportunities for exposure.

14 Stay Consistent

It is important to be as consistent as possible with your social media, product creation and responding to comments wherever they happen to be made. Therefore, you should upload new beats, stay active on social media, and engage with your audience to maintain momentum and visibility.


If you can implement these strategies effectively, you can increase your chances of being successful as a musician. Selling beats online and growing your music career can be achieved with no issues and without spending tonnes on promotion or marketing costs.

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