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As producers of electronic music, we all need a good source of free loops and samples. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 12 sources where you can get free samples for music producers. Therefore, you are never stuck for an idea in your music and you can continue to push on past writer’s block and make some truly magnificent music.

Key Takeaways on These Sources of Free Samples For Music Producers

By the end of this post, you will…

  • …know ten free sources for music loops and samples
  • …never need to be stuck for musical ideas again
  • …be able to save money because it is all completely free of charge.

Free Samples For Music Producers: 10 Awesome Sources

Here are those sources of free samples…

Of course! Here’s a more detailed overview of each website mentioned:

1 Splice

Splice is a popular platform for producers. It offers a vast library of samples, loops, and presets. They do run a subscription service that provides access to their extensive library. However, they also offer a selection of free samples and loops for users to download.

2 My Personal Favourite Source of Free Samples For Music Producers is Loopmasters

Loopmasters is a leading provider of sample packs. They offer a wide range of high-quality samples and loops from various labels and producers. Although many of their sample packs are paid, they also offer a selection of free samples and loops.

I am a big fan of Loopmasters and their sister company, Plugin Boutique. Therefore, I have joined their affiliate program and Krannaken have had an excellent relationship with them for many years.

3 Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a curated collection of legal, free samples for music producers and other audio downloads. It also offers a diverse range of music across different genres. There is more of a focus on full tracks, but you can often find material that can be sampled within its archives.

4 Cymatics

: Cymatics is known for providing high-quality sample packs. They also cater for electronic music producers with their range of production resources.. Cymatics offer a variety of free sample packs covering genres such as EDM, Hip Hop, Trap, and more.

5 Free Samples For Music Producers From Sample Radar by MusicRadar

Sample Radar is a section of MusicRadar that offers free sample packs, loops, and sound effects for producers. Here, you will find a wide selection of free samples and their samples cover a wide range of musical styles. Some notable artists and producers have created these free samples..

6 99Sounds

99Sounds is a platform that releases free sound libraries and sample packs. Various artists and sound designers have created these. Their collections of free samples include a diverse range of samples suitable for music production, sound design, and multimedia projects.

7 LANDR Samples

LANDR Samples offers a selection of free sample packs for electronic music producers. Their packs cover various genres and styles. They also provide free samples . Therefore, there is plenty of scope to enhance your music productions.

LANDR are known more for their mastering service which makes it both easy and affordable to master your music. However, they also produce a significant amount of free samples for producers. Perhaps this is a way of generating further interest in their services.

8 Converse Sample Library

The Converse Sample Library is a collection of free samples and loops for music producers. Various artists have created these samples. Therefore, they cover a wide range of musical styles. Converse sample libraries are also available for free download.

9 Sample Focus

Sample Focus is a community-driven platform for sharing and downloading free samples. Users can upload their own samples and download samples contributed by others. Therefore, it offers a diverse and constantly expanding resource for producers.

10 Free Beats & Samples:

Free Beats & Samples also provides a collection of free sample packs, loops, and beats for music producers. The site also offers samples across various genres and includes both royalty-free and non-royalty-free options.

Each of these websites offers valuable, yet free samples for producers looking to expand their sample libraries. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether or not the producer can afford loops or samples. As these are completely free, it makes sense that producers use them. After all, these free samples only enhance music productions. Please also feel free to explore their offerings and see which ones best suit your musical needs and preferences.

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