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Just as with any format of music, the wider you spread your net, the more listeners you can expect to reach. It’s why streaming services share your music to over 100 music streaming platforms. These formats should include video as well as audio. Therefore, you need to use YouTube as a primary way of attracting new fans and getting your music heard. In this post, I share with you a ton of sites to submit a music video to. These will keep you busy as some of these include types of sites that have many different options.

Key Takeaways About Sites Where You Can Submit a Music Video

  • By the end of this post, you will…
  • …Have a plan of action to take away and Implement Into your own music career.
  • …Be able to save money on your music promotional campaigns.
  • …Be aware of all the different sites to submit a music video to for maximum exposure.

Submitting a music video for promotion can involve various platforms and approaches depending on your target audience and goals. Here are some common methods:

Submit a Music Video to YouTube

As you may be aware, YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform. It is also the most used platform for music fans – even topping Spotify. Therefore, it should be at the forefront of your music promo campaigns.

When you do submit a music video to YouTube, don’t just submit one video on its own. You can do so much with your music. Therefore, you should be looking for new ways to share your music. These can include publishing lyric videos, album cover videos, using stock images and videos to make your content fresh. You should think of as many ways to share your music as you possibly can. Damian Keyes calls it, “the Christmas turkey” effect. By this he means that the turkey you have at Christmas can be used up in a ton of different ways. So too can your music song. Damian also considers that the listener can take all these videos to really get into your track.

Submit a Music Video to Vimeo

Just as with YouTube, you should make different videos for use on Vimeo. You can use the Christmas turkey effect on Vimeo as easily as you can on YouTube. Therefore, make those album cover videos, those lyric videos and make as many different videos with stock footage as you possibly can.

Vimeo is known for high-quality videos and is another excellent platform where you can submit a music video. It’s particularly popular among artists and filmmakers which makes it an ideal platform for your music videos.

Loopcloud Music App from Loopmasters.com

Social Media Platforms

When you have published your music video on both YouTube and Vimeo, you need to share it as widely as possible. Therefore, you need to submit your videos to sites such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Each platform has unique features like Instagram Stories, Facebook Groups, or TikTok’s viral video potential that can help increase your visibility.

It is particularly important to share the best bits of your video and your song to TikTok, Instagram and also share them as YouTube Shorts. This kind of social media is called microcontent and is considered among many artists and music industry professionals, to be the best way of promoting your videos on social media.

Music Video Blogs and Websites

Submitting your video to blogs that focus on music videos or your genre can help reach a niche audience. Such websites include Pitchfork, Stereogum, and The Fader. These sites will often feature music videos and reviews. The link at the start of this paragraph will take you to a post where I share 11 sites where you can submit a music video for free.

Music Television Networks

For a more traditional route, you can submit a music video to music television channels like MTV, VH1, or BET. These channels sometimes have programs or segments dedicated to showcasing new artists. You might be able to get more play on these channels in the short-term. However, it should be noted that TV is dying. More and more people turn to sites like YouTube for their viewing requirements. Personally, I haven’t watched terrestrial TV since Christmas and I don’t miss it. I may not be fully clued up on the news, but I am not worried about it. TV is almost always either full of lies or it is simply negative.

Streaming Services

Platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify also feature music videos. It is simple to get your video on these platforms. Furthermore, these can also help you reach listeners who may prefer streaming over other forms of media consumption. Streaming may not be as lucrative for the artist as the old school model of selling CDs and vinyl, but it is definitely worth your time.

Email Newsletters

Getting to know your email list subscribers is also important for your success. This is your customer base. They support you through thick and thin. I have become quite fond of my email subscribers and I really recommend that you develop an attachment to yours too. It’s all about building and developing relationships with the right people. Those right people are the people on your email list.

You can submit a music video through your email newsletters and ask the opinions of your crowd. This will help you to get the best and most popular video that you possibly can.

Submit a Music Video to Public Relations Firms

Hiring a PR firm that specializes in music can help in getting your video featured in more prominent places and can be especially useful if you’re looking to make a bigger splash.

My wife and I saw a film about JK Rowling last night. She used a pr company to market her books and they secured the best deals for her books. They managed it too. JK Rowling is one of the wealthiest women in the United Kingdom now because she eventually approached music in the right way. There was a period in her life where she floated around different jobs. However, after she ditched her husband, she settled down in an Edinburgh flat and got on with the process of writing the Harry Potter books.

PR in music would work pretty similarly. Therefore, you should take PR seriously.

Submit Your Videos to Online Music Video Promoters

There are some online music video promoters and individuals who specialize in music video promotion specifically. Such opportunities might involve promotional strategies across social media and video platforms. Using them is a matter of personal preference. However, they will have a significant amount of music marketing experience and they can save you a lot of time if you need to focus on other things.

    Before you submit a music video, you need to ensure it’s in an appropriate format and quality. Is it in mp4 format? Are the dimensions correct. The typical YouTube dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels. Finally, if you do go down the online music video promotion route, you need to tailor your submission to the guidelines and audience of each platform.


    You can submit a music video to any of the above types of opportunities and I urge you to do as many of these things as you can. Perhaps you haven’t got time to submit your music video to blogs, PR firms, online music video promoters, submitting to TV networks or making new videos. If this is the case, I recommend that you start with PR firms. If you think your music is good and you can convince a PR firm that your music is good, you can ask them to do the donkey work for you – and they will. It’s their job to publicise your music.

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