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Have you ever wondered where DJs get their music from? It would stand to reason that they would need to use a subscription service to access the numbers of music they have, right? Well, that is where DJ record pools come into the scene. DJs can now download any music from these services for a monthly subscription rather than having to spend a fortune on downloads from Beatport. They would also have to have the right to play music at a club right, well these services offer DJs the right to do this. Another question I am intrigued to know the answer to is, how does the little music producer get their music into the hands of DJs through DJ record pools? Today, we find out.

Key Takeaways on DJ Record Pools

In this post, you will learn the answers to these questions…

  • Where do DJs get their music from?
  • How much does this cost for the DJ and also for the electronic music producer?
  • How do electronic music producers get their music onto these services?

1 BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme are known for a broad selection of music across various genres and also via their user-friendly mobile app. This DJ record pool is praised for its high-quality audio files and continuous updates with new tracks. Furthermore, it is especially suited for chart and open-format DJs.

BPM Supreme For DJs

There are three plans for DJs on BPM Supreme. The first is a free plan.

This has very restricted functionality and includes 30 second previews, unlimited browsing, advanced search and mobile app access.

Paid plans start from $22.99 per month. This entitles you to everything in the free plan as well as high-quality MP3 downloads, high quality previews, open format library access and new daily uploads. This plan is called the “Standard” plan.

The highest level is the next one and that starts at $34.99 per month. That includes everything in the “Standard” plan plus curated sets, collaborative playlists and additional benefits.

BPM Supreme For Artists

Although they point out that they work with 100 labels, you can still work with them as an independent artist. I will be making a video to point out how this works, but you need to hit the “For Artists” tab at the top, centre of the page, follow the prompts and upload your music.

It is free for artists to distribute music through BPM Supreme. It kind of leaves me thinking, “If it’s this easy to share your music, why aren’t more artists doing the same thing?”

2 Crate Connect

After taking a good look at Crate Connect, I have to say that I preferred what I found at BPM. They have made it simple for me to upload music to them as an artist and the other sites are a bit vague. With Crate Connect, I had to have a good search to find the submission link. However, I think you have to submit music to them through their contact page.

The only people who are allowed to sign up to Crate Connect and use it are professionally working DJs. It costs $22 for one month, $55 for 3 months or $99 for six months. All plans get the maximum use out of it for those time periods.

I believe there is a way to submit music to Crate Connect and you can do that by sending them a download link. I think from this understanding that they would accept a Hypeddit download gate link as a download link.

Music Software Bundles from Pluginboutique.com

DJ Record Pools #3: Digital DJ Pool

The Deal For DJs

Digital DJ is a very appealing option for both artists and DJs. As a DJ, you can get unlimited downloads for $20 per month. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the $25 plan for an additional 2TB cloud storage for your music.

The Deal For Artists

As an artist, Digital DJ will allow you to upload 10 tracks per month for only $5. If you are getting the added exposure, this only has to be a good option. When one thinks about it, your music will get more exposure because people won’t want to upgrade when they can upload tracks to sites like BPM Supreme for free. Therefore, Digital DJ Pool stands out because you won’t have the increased competition that you get with sites like BPM Supreme.

DJ Record Pools #4: Heavy Hits

The Heavy Hits Deal For DJs

Offers a comprehensive selection with a focus on open-format music. It provides unlimited downloads and advanced search options, with a budget-friendly initial month cost of $7.99. This is probably the cheapest price I have seen so far.

Submit Your Music to Heavy Hits

If you want to submit music to Heavy Hits for consideration, you they firstly require an email. It takes them up to 14 to review all submissions. However, you need to be aware that they probably don’t get time to review every single submission.

DJ Record Pools #5: Late Night Record Pool

Late Night Record Pool Pricing

At $47 as a monthly cost, Late Night Record Pool are one of the most expensive options. However, if you opt to invest in an annual plan, you pay $397 which is a 30% saving. The more you invest, the more the you save. However, the most expensive plan is that annual plan of $397. It’s a lot of money to find so you may be best looking elsewhere.

How to Submit Music to Late Night Record Pool

Late Night are another DJ record pool who require email submissions.

Loopcloud Sounds

DJ Record Pools #6: MyMP3Pool

MyMP3Pool for Artists

MyMP3Pool also require email submissions. You can send them to this email address. All you need to do is right click on that hyperlink and select, “Copy email address” or words to that effect. The same goes for all of these email submissions. It wouldn’t be much good for me to use Outlook because I don’t have it set up and not really sure how to do that. However, if you just left-click where I have mentioned about email submissions, it will open your MS Outlook if you are a PC user like me.

MyMP3Pool Pricing

If you would rather pay every month rather than every year, you can get a membership of MyMP3Pool for just $19.95. However, there are savings to be made if you opt for an annual plan. Aren’t there always?! The annual plan comes in at $199.56 per year. Another perk of opting for the annual membership is a 20% saving on merch at their store.

DJ Record Pools: Conclusion

This list initially started with 13 options. HOwever, they didn’t all accept artist submissions. They were also difficult to figure out. I believe the best ones that you can submit your music to are in this list. In particular, I was impressed with Digital DJ Pool and BPM Supreme. Both of these services allowed me to upload my music and BPM provides you with a good deal of analytics information at no cost.

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