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Making your own vinyl record offers a unique and rewarding experience. However, did you stop to ask yourself why it might be considered the best way forward? There are several reasons for this and in the course of this post, we will discuss each reason. We will look at why vinyl is a great investment for you and why vinyl is seeing something of a resurgence.

Key Takeaway Points About Making Your Own Vinyl Records

By the time you have read this post, you will…

  • …know why making your own vinyl record is a great idea
  • …take vinyl more seriously
  • …want to start your own vinyl record collection

Why Making Your Own Vinyl Record is a Sound Idea

The points below show you why making your own vinyl record is a sensible option for your music.

Personalization and Creative Control:

Creating your own vinyl record gives you total control over every aspect of the production. Therefore, you will have control over the music and sound quality, the album artwork and packaging. This allows for a high level of personalization that can reflect your artistic vision precisely. As you may imagine, this makes collecting vinyl a terrific idea that appreciates in value as time goes on. This is especially if you make a limited number of these records.

Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas

One idea for a great birthday or Christmas gift idea is to give your friends and family a copy of your most recent album or single. If you give them vinyl, you also need to know that you are limited to a shorter capacity. I believe a vinyl record typically lasts for 20 minutes. Therefore, you have to plan to put your best, most popular and most playable tracks on it.

If you’re an electronic musician, you should consider the DJ. Are you giving them enough time and space to get your track started properly? If you are creating electronic music for DJs, you need to leave sixteen bars with a drum pattern and minimal base, stabs, foley or acid lines.

Making Your Own Vinyl Record With Optimum Sound Quality

Many audiophiles argue that vinyl provides a warmer, richer sound compared to digital formats. You may think this is a strange consideration as records were in existence a long time before digital music came along. However, when you consider that acoustic instruments offer a much higher quality sound than digital technology, this can be believable. Therefore, producing your own vinyl can cater to this preference, offering your audience a listening experience that many believe is superior.

Physical Collectibility

As I have already mentioned, vinyl records are highly collectible items. Their physical nature adds a tangible element to music consumption that digital formats can’t match. This makes your music not just something to listen to, but something to own and display. Also, as I have already mentioned, the fact that they are collectible makes them excellent gift ideas. The fact that there is such a limited number of units available means that they are rare. All rare items are worth something. Therefore, this adds a feeling of owning something very special.

Making Your Own Vinyl Record For Niche Market Appeal

Vinyl has seen a resurgence in popularity, appealing to a niche market that values the vintage aspect and the ritual of playing records. Producing vinyl can help you tap into this market. Depending on your genre, the market for your music could be fairly broad. For instance, if you are making your own vinyl record for use by DJs in clubs, then you can expect more DJs to pick it up.

We have seen a particularly good number of our tracks being downloaded by DJ record pools. Although this is another option for DJs, you will still find some DJs who prefer to have their music in vinyl formats.

Longevity and Legacy

Did you know that vinyl records have a very long lifespan? You may have been unaware of this due to the age of the vinyl record and the fact that they can sound crackly at times. However, owning a physical copy of your music can contribute to your legacy as an artist. Therefore, It’s a format that fans might cherish for generations.

Economic Benefits of Making Your Own Vinyl Record

Although the initial cost of purchasing a vinyl record might be higher, vinyl can be sold at a premium. Limited editions and special releases can be particularly profitable. If you autograph records, you should consider their value 50 or 100 years into the future. Now you can see why they would be worth something. This is especially if you find any real success in your music career.

Marketing Tool

Vinyl can serve as an excellent marketing tool. Its current popularity and the trendiness of vinyl culture can help increase visibility for new artists. Therefore, you can use them as contest or competition prizes. Therefore, you can use them to grow your own email marketing list and social media following on any platform you choose. You can do this on sites like Upviral and KingSumo. The latter of these is the most cost effective way and I can recommend it to you.

    Creating your own vinyl record involves considering various factors like upfront costs, production time, and distribution channels, but for many, the benefits outweigh these challenges, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Making Your Own Vinyl Records

    Here are some frequently asked questions about making your own vinyl records. I found all of these questions on a Google search…

    How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vinyl Record?

    Using a service like Kunaki, you can create your own vinyl record for around $30. Kunaki is a print-on-demand service so you can order quantities of vinyl records or CDs at any quantity and have them delivered either to one address, or to many. However, you should bear in mind that shipping costs can constitute for a high percentage of the overall price. For instance, if you were to order a CD for $1.25, you should expect to pay $5 for shipping. This is especially if you wish to ship internationally from New York. We live in the UK and our shipments have meant quite substantial postage costs.

    Music Software Bundles from

    Can You Turn a Spotify Playlist Into a Record?

    There is a service called Chromo that will turn a Spotify playlist into a vinyl record. However, it should be noted that you only have between 4 and 15 minutes of music on each side of your vinyl record. It also costs between $33 and $50 for a record from Chromo. In any case, this is an option if you wish to turn your playlist into a record.

    How Do You Proceed in Making Your Own Vinyl Records?

    There are many services that will allow you to burn your own records. The service that I use and also recommend is Kunaki. This New York City-based service produce a wide range of formats for your music, video games, DVDs, etc. They can also provide you with your own dedicated sales page for your music release.

    Can You Create Your Own Vinyl Record?

    I don’t believe it would be a good idea to actually burn your own vinyl records. Making your own vinyl record is something that you want to do with professional results. Therefore, I recommend that you use a service like Kunaki to create your records.

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