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As I have mentioned in the past, your mailing list is vitally important to your success. The reason for this is because your email list is your customer base. These are all people who will be happy to hear from you and who support you through thick and thin. I am very close to my email list. I know that these people will support me through thick and thin. Therefore, I have written this post on how to build your band mailing list.

Key Takeaways on How to Build Your Band Mailing List in 2024

By the time you have finished reading this post, you will…

  • …understand the importance of building your band mailing list.
  • …know and understand some strategies on building your band mailing list.
  • …be able to form a plan so that you can proceed with confidence.

How to Build Your Band Email List in 2024

Building your band mailing list in 2024 involves several strategic steps to effectively reach and engage your audience.

Start with a Strong Foundation:

    Website Sign-up

    Make sure your band’s website has an easy-to-find mailing list sign-up form. Place it prominently on the homepage, and consider adding it to other pages.

    You will find my email sign up forms towards the top and bottom of each post, as well as at the top of the home page. This form will enable you to access a free copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing in the current year. The book is now in its fifth year and I will be publishing it as an audiobook, as a paperback and also as a Kindle ebook later this year.

    Landing Pages Vs Squeeze Pages

    What is a Landing Page?

    A landing page is just the name of the page that your visitors land on. For instance, when you clicked the link to get to this post, you clicked onto a landing page. Every page that someone lands on is a landing page. Therefore, they are all going to be different because they all have a different purpose.

    What is a Squeeze Page?

    A squeeze page is a dedicated page that you use to collect contact details. Every landing page must only have one purpose. Therefore, you must add the sign up form above the fold. If it is above the fold, people will see it as soon as they click onto your page.

    In that case, the collecting of contact details is most effective with a landing page. This is especially if the lead magnet is strong enough. You should test different lead magnets to see what is most effective. The lead magnet I give away is The Complete Guide to Music Marketing. I have updated this annually since 2019 when I was in the final year of my Bachelor’s Degree.

    How to Build a Band Mailing List by Leveraging Social Media:

      Social Media Integration

      Use your social media profiles to promote your mailing list. Make sure that you also share the link to your sign-up page regularly. Where it is possible to do so, you need to pin the link to your squeeze page to the top of your profiles.

      I have explained how you can use social media to develop your following in the past. However just to reiterate, you only need to focus on 3 or 4 social media platforms. Don’t establish a presence on every platform. The jack of all trades is the master of none. Therefore, it is vital that you put your focus into only a few platforms.

      Exclusive Content

      If you offer your fans some exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes videos or early access to tickets, this will help to develop your list further. Exclusive content can also act as an incentive for signing up.

      How to Build Your Band Mailing List by Using Live Events:

        Sign-Up Sheets

        Bring physical sign-up sheets to your gigs and events. Make sure you have a dedicated spot where fans can sign up. This strategy can see a flood of new email sign-ups at every event. Therefore, you must make the most of it.

        Mobile Sign-Up

        QR codes are another fad that’s taking off and many people are using.them as both consumers and businesses on both sides of the transactions. The QR code will enable you to gather contact details quickly and easily by fans just swiping their phones across the codes QR codes can be displayed at your merch table or projected during your show. You can link them directly to the mailing list sign-up page.

        How to Build Your Band Mailing List by Offering Incentives

          Free Downloads

          Provide a free download of a song, an exclusive EP or discounts on gig tickets in exchange for email addresses. If people really do like your music, they will support you. Therefore, this is a fantastic way to develop your band mailing list.

          Discounts on Merchandise

          Alternatively to free downloads, why not offer a discount code for new sign-ups, which can be used in your online store. This can see your profits double, as well as advertise your music far and wide. As I have said in the past, merchandise is advertising that pays you. Imagine being paid to advertise your own music. How good can that get?

          1. Email Engagement:
          • Welcome Email: Send a personalized welcome email to new subscribers, thanking them for joining and providing them with a preview of what to expect.
          • Regular Updates: Keep your list engaged with regular updates about upcoming shows, new releases, and band news. However, avoid overwhelming your subscribers with too many emails.
          1. Utilize Paid Ads:
          • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Use targeted ads to reach potential fans who might be interested in your music but aren’t yet aware of your band.
          • Google Ads: Consider using Google Ads to drive traffic to your mailing list sign-up page, particularly when you’re running special promotions or releases.
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          Analytics and Adjustment:

            Track Performance

            Use tools like Google Analytics to see where your sign-ups are coming from and which strategies are most effective. My advice is to use analytics platforms that are owned by that site. For instance, if you want to find out more about your YouTube analytics, I recommend you use https://analytics.youtube.com rather than Google Analytics.

            I have recently been keeping track of analytics on my own website with three different analytics platforms. And guess what? I have been getting three completely different reports that don’t have anything to do with the others. They will tell me one thing while others tell me a completely different story. Therefore, I am baffled and don’t know which one to trust. There are some like Google Analytics that I know are inaccurate. I recommend that you check out your own analytics on a platform that suits you and that you can feel comfortable with.

            A/B Testing

            It is a terrific idea to regularly test different calls-to-action, landing pages, and incentives to see what resonates best with your audience. This will enable you to be more effective and grow your mailing list at a faster rate.

            A/B testing works by comparing one set of rules to another. For instance, what is the ad copy of the page? Does this work with different copy. The copy is the wording of the page. Are other lead magnets more effective?

            Once you have the most effective option, you can continue to test that against other options. This will ensure that you can continue to be more effective.

            Compliance and Privacy:

              GDPR and Privacy Laws

              Make sure your sign-up forms comply with GDPR in Europe and other relevant privacy laws, ensuring you’re transparent about how you use subscriber data. It is also a good idea to stay updated with the latest laws and legislation concerning email marketing, as well as anything governing the way you work.


              By employing these strategies, your band can effectively build and maintain a mailing list that not only grows in size but also fosters a deeper connection with your audience. This list will become an invaluable asset for promoting your music and increasing your reach.

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