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Promoting your music on SoundCloud in 2024 involves a combination of strategic planning, leveraging new platform features, and engaging with your audience. SoundCloud is a promising platform with a lot to offer the artist or band who shares their music on the platform. Therefore, it shouldn’t be overlooked or just dismissed. For starters, you can monetize your music through SoundCloud and get a lot more in return than you do on any other platform. Let’s talk about SoundCloud and how to promote your music on SoundCloud in 2024.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this post, you will…

  • …be able to use SoundCloud regularly as a part of your music marketing strategy
  • …have confidence that you know more about SoundCloud and how to uses it
  • …have found a way to market your music with a bigger return on investment than you would otherwise find

1. Optimizing Your Profile Should be the First Thing You Do to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

Professional Profile Picture and Banner

Your profile picture should be a professional shot of you, your band or your logo. This picture should be one that you use consistently. Therefore, it should be one that you use on all of your social media profiles. What do you use on your Facebook page? How about your Twitter profile? I am presuming you have these. You may not use either of these, but what photo do you use on other platforms? You need to think about this as a way for your listeners on one platform to find you on another.

Complete Bio

Write a compelling artist bio that your listeners can relate to or resonate with? Who are your influences? Why should people listen to you and not to anyone else? Again, this should be another tool that is consistent and displayed on all of your social profiles. What is the wording of your artist bio on Spotify? You can use this to drive interest from fans on SoundCloud too.

It is a great idea to add social media, music streaming and retail links wherever possible. You want fans to find you on each of your profiles. This aids familiarity and loyalty from potential fans.

You should also add links for your own website and your latest electronic press kit. Do you have a presave page on Distrokid or other distribution services? How about Hypeddit? Do you have a download gate on Hypeddit with your new track to act as a freebie to grow your social media following and email list?

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2. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud With High-Quality Music Production

Professional Sound

Ensure your tracks are professionally mixed and mastered. This will give you a better reception and you will find that more people engage with your music and express interest in you and your music as a result.


Whenever you release new music on Spotify, make sure that you release it on SoundCloud too. Many artists have the goal of one new track per week. Therefore, if one track is not as well-liked, there are more tracks available for fans to like. If you don’t get a fan with one song, you may with another.

You will find with SoundCloud profiles that it is easy to flick from one track to another. This is the action that most potential fans make. There is more potential for people to become fans if they have a wider variety of your music to listen to. As well as this, there is a lot of reciprocation on SoundCloud. If one fan likes your music, follows you and comments on your tracks, you are more likely to do the same in return.

3. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud By Using Its Features

SoundCloud Premier

With SoundCloud Premier, you will be paid $40 for 10,000 streams. This gives you a lot of potential to earn good money by promoting your SoundCloud account. This is a very competitive amount that keeps artists interested in growing their SoundCloud profile. However, not as many artists view SoundCloud as a way to make money as they do Spotify. I know when I think of monetising music, Spotify is typically the first opportunity that comes to mind. However, I believe this is a better rate of pay than you get on Spotify.

When you talk of monetising streams, I still prefer YouTube as an income opportunity. This is because there are more ways to make money on YouTube. You can sell your own merch, music gear and turn your YouTube channel into a money making machine. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you want to use a platform to generate money, YouTube really should be your first consideration.


Having the ability to pin five tracks to the top of your profile is another feature that I appreciate. The buy link that is displayed next to each track has the ability for you to build your social media following and email list. Alternatively, why not turn it into a link to your Bandcamp page where people can purchase the music you are playing on your SoundCloud account.

SoundCloud Repost

This feature can send your music viral. If people like what they hear, they will hit repost and your track will be shared so that all the people who follow you can also find the track you shared in their feed. You can see how this goes viral. One share can lead to more shares. Those shares can also lead to more shares. In no time, hundreds and possibly even thousands of people have heard your music from all over the world. Can you see the power that reposting music has now?

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4. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud by Engaging with the Community

Comment and Like

Interacting with other music through commenting and liking is a useful option. Comments can help you to improve in your music. Likes also help the algorithm – as you might imagine.

Follow and Repost

As already mentioned, reposting music from other artists helps their music to go viral. It is the same with your music. If your music is good and popular, you will get some reposts. This is very useful for artists because it will drive more streams of their music. Furthermore, it has a knock-on effect on other platforms. Therefore, if a track is good, I would encourage you to repost it. The artist could hit the “big time” and you have helped them to reach that success.

Following an artist is yet another useful feature. You will find new releases from the artists you follow in your feed. Therefore, you will be one of the first people to hear about it when they release new music.

Join Groups

SoundCloud Groups offer you a way to share your music with other fans of your genre. Therefore, there is a lot more chance of your music receiving a better reception and finding new fans of your music. If your music is good and of an appropriate genre, there is all the chance in the world that you will attract new fans. On SoundCloud, this means more reposts and also more followers.

5. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud Through Collaborations and Features

Collaborate with Other Artists

Why not collaborate with other artists on SoundCloud? As I have already mentioned, collaborations allow you to work to your strengths. If you are good at laying down a beat, you can do that. Do you play guitar, keys, saxophone, vocals, etc? If you don’t, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get these instruments on your tracks. You can collaborate with people who can play an instrument.

As a part of my Bachelor’s Degree work, I had to collaborate with musicians remotely. I worked with a drummer from the United States and a guitarist from Romania and put it all together in one track. I believe I have done better work, but it was a learning experience.


Create remixes and cover songs of popular songs either in your genre, or in another genre. There is nothing wrong with writing a trance version of a rock song. Could you turn Guns’n’Roses track Sweet Child O’ Mine into a trance music track. How about Alice Cooper’s Poison. You will have to specify that it’s a cover track when you upload it through Distrokid and it’s probably the same for SoundCloud.

6. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud Through Social Media Promotion


There are various Facebook groups where you can also share your SoundCloud music. However, you should share your music as widely as possible. Think about it like any piece of content, the more you share it, the more people will experience it. Therefore, it can be very easy to see that the best music in the world is something you may never have heard.

Teasers and Snippets

Teasers and snippets will help you to generate more streams on any platform you choose. A snippet can be the hook of your song so that people who hear it will remember it for a long time after they have heard it. What is the most memorable part of your music? What elements stay in your head for a long time after you have heard it? This is the hook of your song and you can save ita s a snippet.

From there, you need to turn those snippets into a microcontent video. Just add stock footage and you will have a powerful video that you can use to build your fanbase. You can now share these videos on sites like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. In fact, you can share your microcontent videos on most platforms now. Every social media site is aware of the power of microcontent video, so they are all jumping on the bandwagon.

Live Streams

Host live sessions where you talk about your music, play tracks, or do Q&A sessions. You can do this through Facebook, YouTube or StageIt.com.

7. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud Through Paid Promotion

SoundCloud Ads

Use SoundCloud’s promotional tools to run ads targeting specific audiences. I believe that advertising on SoundCloud is a cent per stream. Therefore, if you pay $20, you get 2000 streams. There is also a minimum spend of $25 per campaign.

Influencer Marketing

There are a few ways you can user influence marketing. Just by creating a cover song, you can influence people to like, comment and follow. However, influencer marketing as it is understood is in getting influential artists to share the music for you. This often means paying the influential artist some money in return for their influence, but if you are asking them to repost a cover track of their music, they may do so for free. However, this is completely at the discretion of the influencer.

8. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud Through Networking and Events

Attend Music Conferences and Festivals

Networking in person can lead to collaborations and exposure. Speak to as many people as possible. Build rapport with people and ask for a collaboration with artists who you respect. This can also add extra exposure for your music.

Online Forums and Communities

Participate in music-related forums and online communities. You can find forums and communities on every social media platform. When you join groups like Facebook groups, etc, you need to interact with as many people as possible. Interacting with others increases your chances of success tenfold because people know that you are going to interact with their posts. Therefore, they will interact with you too.

9. Using Analytics and Feedback to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

Monitor Analytics

Use SoundCloud’s analytics to understand your audience and their preferences. As I have recently said, using a site’s own analytics features is more reliable than using a third-party analytics program. I know that Google Analytics is way too inaccurate and I wouldn’t trust other third-party analytics features with your SoundCloud account either. Plus, a platform’s own analytics features tend to come included in your account as a free added bonus.


What are people saying about your music? Are there any elements of your music that they advise you to take out? Can you remix this track to take out elements that perhaps aren’t gelling within your track? Have you made enough use of the EQ? Maybe you need to go through some ear training programs such as Soundgym.

10. Promote Your Music on SoundCloud Through Consistency and Patience

Regular Uploads

How many tracks do you make each month? Another feature of SoundCloud is that they allow you to master your music three times per month as a part of the Next Pro account.

Being consistent and regularly uploading new material will keep your audience interested in what you have to share, as well as effect the algorithm to work in your favour.


Building an audience takes time, so remain patient and persistent. Just as with other platforms, building a music career and attracting new fans takes time. You have to be persistent so that more people can find your music. They weren’t joking when they said, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, be patient and consistent so that more people can have the opportunity to discover your music.

Bonus Tips on How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

Playlist Placements

Get your tracks added to popular SoundCloud playlists. As on any platform, playlists are a key way to build more streams and develop your following. Therefore, they should not be overlooked.

Email Marketing

It is also important that you develop your own email list. This can be done easily with Hypeddit. I have developed a brilliant email list mainly through Hypeddit, but also through the boxes on my blog posts. However, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without Hypeddit.

Contests and Giveaways

Run contests or giveaways to engage your audience and attract new listeners.

Conclusion: Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

By integrating these strategies, you can effectively promote your music on SoundCloud in 2024 and grow your audience.

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