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Just as with all musicians social media has become an essential asset for singers to share their work, put the word out and build something of a musical career. I know that our music doesn’t really bother with music, preferring the abstract quality, but that’s not the case for everyone. Therefore, I have put together this guide on social media for singers so that you can succeed if you choose to use vocals in your music.

Key Takeaways on Social Media For Singers

After reading this post, you will…

  • …know which social media platforms are the best for singers
  • …have ideas of content that you can use to build your presence online
  • …have more of an idea of how you can grow your vocal career with social media
  • …have some useful tools and services that you can use to develop your social media content

Platforms to Use in Social Media for Singers


Instagram is known for its microcontent. This is something you can use to build your following because it gives you the opportunity to share videos of your singing. Your voice is something that is unique to you.

Even when you consider singers such as Andrea Bocelli, you can distinguish his voice among other voices because of his unique sound quality. Therefore, people will associate your voice with you.

I recommend that you share videos of your voice on Instagram through all available formats. This could be through microcontent videos and it could mean much longer videos that you can share through IGTV. As on TikTok and YouTube, Instagram uses vertical videos because this format is better for smartphones and tablets.


YouTube is vital for posting music videos, vlogs, covers, and live performances. You can post long-form as well as microcontent videos here too. It is, perhaps, the most widely considered video platform. For me, it provides me with the vast majority of my video consumption. Therefore, if you want to share your music or any audio content, YouTube really is a must.

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TikTok is dedicated to short-form microcontent videos. It is easy to get a lot of views on your TikTok videos because of the way it is structured. This is because people just swipe their way from video to video, engaging by liking and sharing your content. It is not uncommon for a newbie to hit 200 views on their videos.


Although it’s not considered your first port of call for video, Facebook has jumped on the microcontent bandwagon with its reels feature. However, Facebook is a dying platform and is now in a significant decline However, there are people who do use Facebook. If you’re targeting an older audience, it can still be considered to be useful. Therefore, you shouldn’t discount it.


Twitter is good for real-time updates, engaging with fans, and sharing short thoughts or announcements. However, tweets are very short-lived, often dying after a matter of seconds. When you consider that there are literally millions of people using this platform, it is too easy for your content to be lost in the noise.

If you have a loyal audience who hang on your every word, Twitter can still be useful.


Most people who use SoundCloud are musicians and artists. Therefore, it may not be best use of your time. If you are targeting other artists, this can be a very good option However, it is not as good as Spotify or YouTube if you only want to target fans of your music and not just people who are looking to share their own music on the platform..

As a singer, just as any other artist, there are various features that you will find useful. These include the Artist Spotlight, the opportunity to profit in more than one way from streams of your music and more.


Spotify is my own personal go-to for most of my music consumption. I enjoy the personalised playlists because they are mainly spot-on with my music tastes. The more you listen to Spotify the more they have an idea of what you like to listen to. Therefore, they will give you what you like to listen to. They do like to try and mould your listening habits so that you can appreciate a wider variety of genres.

If you are a singer and release your own music on Spotify, you can build up a bigger picture of who your fans are through Spotify for Artists. This is a free service and will provide you with all the analytical information you need to develop your music in every way you can imagine. For instance, it will tell you which music is the most popular, where your fans live in the world and much more. This will help you to plan your music production as well as other things such as where to plan your gigs.

Social Media For Singers: Content Ideas


Why not share the process of making your music? This can include content focusing on rehearsals, and recording sessions. Show fans how you warm up for a gig, how you set up your equipment and any of your touring videos. Are you flying, catching the train, touring in an RV or getting hotel accommodation?

Live Performances

If you have a particularly great performance, you need to share it on all your major socials and have it scheduled on platforms that aren’t your main focus too. I advise you only focus on three or four social media platforms. However, you should also aim to share it as widely as possible. If you have the opportunity to share it on a platform that you have never really used or even visited, you should go for it!


Covers should be an important part of your music. Similar artists who have a much bigger following make excellent sources for cover songs. Therefore, if you do your own version of their song, there is a big chance that you can attract fans of that artists. Examples include our version of Paul Hardcastle’s Vietnam War protest song, 19.

If you come across challenges where you have to do something in a certain time frame, you should go for it. This is especially if you have time because it will only make you a whole lot better at what you do. If you have a challenge to complete a track every week for a year, this will only make your music production skills a whole lot better. Therefore, you need to go for it.

If you can’t find such challenges, you can set them yourself. In fact, why not advertise this challenge in your social media posts. There is nothing wrong in helping other artists to improve too. In fact, you are doing them a favour. Share your music with each other’s social followings. This, in turn will help to build your own social media following as well as other artists. Therefore, this is only a good thing and a win-win for everyone concerned.

Personal Stories

Share your life stories with your social media following. I am not asking you to write a 250-page book and share it on social media. However, I do think it is a great idea to build rapport through personal experiences. There is every chance that your fans have been through similar experiences. This strengthens the bond between you and your fans and builds significant loyalty.

Another way you can share stories is through music. If you were to make a playlist that would comprise of your life-story, what would it include?


I have mentioned the benefits of collaborative projects in recent posts. However, just in case you’re new to my blog, I will state them again.

As I see it, there are two major advantages to collaborative projects. These include the fact that you can work to your strengths and let everyone else work to theirs. You can also tap into another artist’s following. If they make similar music to you, their fans will become your fans.

However, one big collaboration was the Mel C, Bryan Adams project When You’re Gone. You wouldn’t consider that the Spice Girls were anything like Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams fans would be embarrassed to be likened to the Spice Girls. However, When You’re Gone was a great song and it was very successful too.

Fan Engagement

Engaging with fans is excellent for building rapport. From personal experience, I always feel honoured when a famous person comments on my music, my videos, posts, etc. It’s like, “Wow, this artist just liked my post!”. I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you. Authors, musicians and well-known YouTubers have all commented on my work and it leaves me feeling thrilled that this person has actually engaged with my work.

Another thing you can do as a singer, is to hold Question and Answer sessions. This gives people a chance to find out more about the person behind the voice. Why should someone listen to your music? Where have you been? What have you done? Again, as I also mentioned earlier in the post, you need to build rapport. Question and Answer sessions are fantastic at building this rapport.

Social Media for Singers: Tips for Success


It is not enough to post once and expect to find stardom. Therefore, you need to post regularly so that you can keep your audience engaged. You should be creating a Content Calendar such as the one in Canva which we’ll talk about later. The Content Calendar should not only detail your blog. You need to say what you are going to be scheduling to go out on each of the social media platforms. Which platforms are you going to use? How are you going to use them? What will you be sharing? What is the eventual goal for your social media posts? When you know this, you will know how to achieve what you want to achieve. This will also give you a plan that you will be able to follow so that you can find success.


It is important that as you share high quality content. As a music artist, you are expected to be excellent at all types of content creation. This does not only include audio. It also includes visuals, text posts, everything. Therefore, you need to keep on creating better content.

Above all, your audios have to have superb recording and production quality needs to be exceptionally high. Therefore, you should use the best mastering services that you can possibly afford. Human ears are always going to be better than machines. However, mistakes will always be an issue throughout your career. Nothing and nobody is perfect.


As I mentioned earlier, it is great when someone you admire has responded to your comments. I remember feeling awed when Damian Keyes responded to one of my comments. I was like, “Wow! Damian Keyes took time to comment on my video!”.

Put yourself in your fan’s shoes. How would you feel when a famous artist commented on your work? Do you see the importance of adding one simple comment? It may not be much to you, but a comment adds rapport and build’s a fan’s admiration.

When a fan comments on your video, it is also important that you do everything you can to respond. If it takes hours over responding to your fan’s comments, so be it. It may take hours to reply to every comment, but if you can spare any time, it would be appreciated..


Hashtags serve two purposes. Firstly, they make your posts easier to find. They also allow the platform to categorise your posts. Therefore, they will be listed with other posts that use the same hashtag. Posts like Armin Van Buuren’s #asot or Coventry City’s #PUSB or Tottenham Hotspur’s #COYS makes posts easier to find. #PUSB in my posts does not mean Manchester City, but rather it just means Coventry City.

Social Media Analytics for Singers

Use a platforms own analytics data to discern what’s going on with your content on specific channels. For instance, use for YouTube. Please dismiss Google Analytics because it is a poor platform and doesn’t have very accurate data. It often gives wildly inaccurate and misleading information.


It is important that you be transparent. Be yourself and don’t make out anything that is false or misleading. If you hold any particular opinion that would not resonate with your fans, don’t share it. However, if you have an opinion that could be controversial, yet something you believe in, I would strongly suggest that you voice your opinion. For instance, I am pro-life. I’ve not voiced that on my blog before, but I don’t know why people should have the option of murdering their children whether they are born or not. It is still an innocent child’s life that is in the balance.

Cross-Promote Your Social Media for Singers

If you upload a video to YouTube, you should also share it to other social media channels. Make sure it is shared through scheduling apps to all of your social media profiles. This can be the three or four main platforms and it can also be sites that you have just configured your posts and videos to be shared on. For instance, I don’t use Twitter or LinkedIn to share posts on directly. However, I know that Social Bee will share my work to those sites.

Social Media for Singers: Tools and Resources

Canva Can Assist in Social Media for Singers

Canva is a site that I really love using for my social media posts. So much so, that I have an annual premium membership. It enables me to make all of my social posts such as images, blog banners, even YouTube videos. If I could keep one premium account forever, it would probably be Canva.

Hootsuite, Social Bee or Buffer Helps to Schedule Social Media for Singers

Hootsuite, Social Bee and Buffer are useful services for scheduling posts and managing multiple social media accounts. As I believe I have said earlier in this post, I use Social Bee and it does a fantastic job of sharing my posts to all of my major social media profiles. Probably, the only platform that I post on directly is YouTube and that’s because a lot of thought and attention needs to go into scheduling videos on YouTube. I know I could and should do more to share my YouTube videos so I will fit in time to share social media posts more widely in the future.

Another app that I use to share my blog posts is Revive Old Posts. This is different to the scheduling services I have mentioned already because it is a WordPress plugin and not a platform for scheduling posts in the same way. Revive Old Posts just chooses what it wants to share and I let it share anything that has been posted in the past year.

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Camtasia Can Help to Provide Social Media Video for Singers

Some people prefer video editing services like Premiere Pro. However, I have more experience with Camtasia and have used that in the past. However, I don’t use Camtasia as much as I use Canva to create videos as I have already mentioned. Camtasia can be expensive and once my membership has run out, I am not sure if I will continue. The best thing about using Canva is that it is easier to edit than Canva.

Linktree or Hypeddit Helps to Share Music With Social Media for Singers

Many artists and singers use Linktree. This is great for listing all of your social media profiles so that fans can follow you on every platform. Personally, I prefer to use Hypeddit, but it’s completely optional. I’ve never actually used Linktree myself though. Therefore, I wouldn’t know how it compares. Hypeddit provides everything that I need to succeed in building any following I choose as well as my email list. I don’t think you can really beat Hypeddit for what it is.

Spotify for Artists Provides Important Analytics

As I also believe I mentioned earlier, Spotify for Artists provides me with all of my Spotify analytics. It gives me information like where in the world our fans live, which songs they prefer, how many songs they listen to and how many people are following and / or saving our music to their playlists.

Conclusion: Social Media For Singers

To conclude, social media can enable singers to effectively build their brand, reach new audiences, and build a significant fan base.

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