Featured image shows an ai bot with a sheet of data and it reads How to Promote Your Music With AI in 2024

With current and future artificially intelligent technology, the act of promoting your music with AI can be highly effective. You can leverage advanced technologies to reach a broader audience and engage fans. It is something that will feature in the next edition of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing. Therefore, AI is a big deal for artists as it is for all artists and anyone who wants to get the most technologically advanced gear will find AI to be a real asset in many areas of life. In this post, we explore AI and I will show you how you can promote your music with AI now.

Key Takeaways on How to Promote Your Music With AI

By the time you have finished reading this post, you will…

  • …want to at least experiment with AI
  • …understand more about how to promote your music with AI
  • …be able to form a plan to incorporate AI into your music marketing mix.

There will be some affiliate banners in this post (and possibly some links too). If you click on them and make a purchase, I will make a small commission. This helps me to provide for my wife and son. Therefore, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU in advance. You make this whole blog worthwhile for me. Each commission is very small. However, it does add up and I just have to thank you my crew for your kind generosity. All of the products that I promote are of an exceptionally high quality. I know this because I use them myself.

1. Promote Your Music With AI For Music Distribution and Promotion Platforms


Amuse uses AI to distribute your music to streaming platforms and provides insights on how to optimize your releases. As it is a free service, they will have a vested interest because they take a cut of the royalties. Therefore, they will do everything they can to promote your music with their technology.

There are various such services that will distribute your music for free so you can take your pick.


LANDR are best known for their AI mastering service that is available on an annual membership basis of between $140 to $200 depending on what services you require. The AI is fast and is takes music mastering and distribution services to the next level. Furthermore, it ensures your tracks sound professional.

2. Using Social Media and Content Creation to Promote Your Music With AI


Lately is an AI tool that analyzes your music and content to create optimized social media posts. It is instrumental in helping you maintain a consistent and engaging presence. Excuse the pun!

Although Lately does charge $39 per month at its cheapest rate, it does include a fantastic service that will help you to develop your content into a wide range of social posts.

Canva with AI Templates

For creating eye-catching visuals and album covers using AI-driven design suggestions. Canva is a service that I have substantial experience of. I use it for all my social media posts right across the board. Therefore, I can recommend it to anyone who needs to make regular use of a service to create multiple formats of content. I use it for videos, images and everything else that looks great. Furthermore, I use Canva in every piece of content that I put out. For instance, the featured image at the top of this post will be made with Canva.

Canva can be used for free. However, I would advise you to at least consider upgrading. I am not being paid to promote Canva, but I just think it’s a service that every content creator should be using. I think I paid something like $79 per year for my membership.

Save on Loopmasters Sample Bundles

3. Promote Your Music With AI-Powered Playlisting

Spotify for Artists

I love the way that Spotify and YouTube build a significant picture of your likes and dislikes in your music tastes. This enables Spotify to personalise playlists for you that are personal to you. Of course, nobody has time to sit down and make you a personalised weekly playlist so it must be done by artificial intelligence. It’s just another reason to appreciate the Spotify platform.

As well as helping you to share your music to interested parties through playlist, Spotify also has fantastic analytics features that will even show you which songs were the most popular. You also get a picture of your target fans through the demographics information that Spotify for Artists provides you with.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push connects your music with curators and uses AI to match your tracks with the right playlists.

4. Using Targeted Advertising to Promote Your Music With AI

Facebook Ads with AI Optimization

Use Facebook’s AI to target ads to specific demographics that are most likely to engage with your music.

On the negative side, Facebook Ads frequently penalises content that it shouldn’t. I once wrote an article about a song that Alex wrote about the work of Michaelangelo. This featured a painting of Adam and God in Rome’s Sistine Chapel. It wasn’t pornographic and was in good taste. However, that’s not how Facebook’s AI saw it. It considered that the Roman Catholic Church would allow someone to paint pornography on the ceiling of one of their most important buildings. It just shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not pornography. The Church is against pornography and not for it. Therefore, you need to be a bit more careful about what you upload to Facebook. There is limited human supervision and the AI frequently gets it wrong.

Google Ads Smart Campaigns

Google Ads is another AI assisted service. Of course it would be. Who has time to put those SERPs together? Even if it was human administered, Google Ads is a service that a human would frequently get wrong because it makes a lightning fast decision over what content should be available on the first page. The first page of Google is like the holy grail and is something that every website owner aspires to.

5. Promote Your Music With AI-Driven Music Analytics


Provides real-time AI analytics on how your music is performing across various platforms.


Uses AI to analyze data from streaming platforms, social media, and radio to give you actionable insights on where and how to promote your music.

I know very little about Soundcharts or Chartmetric. However, I will see if I can find a YouTube video to explain them in further detail.

6. Using Fan Engagement to Promote Your Music With AI


Uses conversational AI to engage with fans on social media platforms, helping you build a stronger connection with your audience.


An AI-driven CRM tool that helps you manage and communicate with your fans directly via text messages. From what I have seen, SuperPhone has to be one of the most powerful communications management and CRM tools on the market.

7. Using Voice Assistants and Smart Speakers to Promote Your Music With AI

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Skills

Amazon Alexa is useful. Whatever you need to learn, you can find it on Amazon Alexa. Alexa is voice-activated and you can just ask if, verbally, to play whatever music you want to hear. It doesn’t always recognise your band or artist name. However, it does tell you what it is if it is playing. Therefore, it’s a kind of vocal version of Shazam.

8. Promote Your Music With AI-Powered Music Creation Tools


An AI composer that can help you create music or remixes, providing fresh content for your audience.

Do I believe that AI music generation is a good thing? No, but it depends who you are. If you’re not a musician and have no interest in making music, it can assist you in getting the right track for your projects at a price that is right for you. This takes away the art and the credit for art from stock music composers and production music libraries. It also means that the beauty of art is taken away from human composition and instead generated in seconds by artificially intelligence.

9. Using Email Marketing Automation to Promote Your Music With AI


This is a service that I use. Like all good autoresponder email marketing services, I am able to schedule posts for the future. For instance, last week my family and I went away over the half-term break. I scheduled emails to go out to my crew over the week. Scheduling emails and social media posts are one of the most basic things that an artificially intelligent service can function.

10. Using SEO and Content Optimization to Promote Your Music With AI


.As a lifetime member of Ubersuggest, I can vouch for this service. It provides me with keyword research as well as advice on which words to rank for, opportunities for new content and opportunities for updating your posts with better keywords to rank for. I can highly recommend anything that Neil Patel puts his name on and Ubersuggest is probably Neil’s flagship product.


KeySearch is a site that is loved by a lot of bloggers. In my view, it is better than using Google Keyword Planner. This is because it is more user friendly and easier to use. It does cost something like $14 per month, but it is well worth that price. As well as basic keyword research, you can also compare your site with your biggest competitors. This helps you to generate much more traffic for your blog so is a terrific asset and something most bloggers don’t want to live without.

Implementation Steps to Promote Your Music With AI

Step 1. Identify Your Goals

What do you want to achieve with your music promotion? Do you also want to generate more streams? Would you also like to get better engagement, or higher sales?

Step 2. Choose the Right Tools

What tools will enable you to achieve those goals? What services do you want to use? Will your budget allow you to use those tools? If it’s just a little out of your price range, is there a current tool that you can cut out? Maybe if you cut something out, you will have enough money to afford that service that you want to use.

Step 3. Create Quality Content

Use sites like Canva and Lately to create high quality content.

Step 4. Leverage Data

Use analytics data such as Spotify for Artists to make better music and SEO keyword services like KeySearch to find the best, most used and least competitive keywords.

Step 5. Engage Consistently

Maintain regular interaction with your audience using AI tools for scheduling your content and email marketing services such as ConvertKit for growing and understanding your email list and enabling your list members to get what they want in the way of content. How can you help them to get what they want? If you can provide that, go ahead and do it!

Step 6. Monitor and Adjust

Regularly review the performance data and adjust your strategies as needed. How can you change things to make your music and your content more popular? What can you do to improve your content that is within your power?

Conclusion on How to Promote Your Music With AI in 2024

By incorporating these AI-driven tools and strategies into your music promotion efforts, you can effectively reach and engage a larger audience, ultimately leading to greater success in your music career.

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