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Continuing with our theme of selling CDs on the net this year, we are giving you a list of websites where you can sell CDs online. The main interest in this lies in selling your own CD online. However, if you wish to sell CDs for another band or artist, you can also make use of this list. Each of these sites caters for different needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways to Sell CDs Online

By the time you have finished reading this post, you will…

  • …understand how you can sell more CDs
  • …understand where you can sell CDs online
  • …be able to sell your own CDs or CDs of other artists and bands

There will be an affiliate banner in this post. If you click on it and make a purchase, I will make a commission. This helps me to provide for my wife and son. Therefore, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you in advance. You make all of my work with Krannaken.com and the Krannaken TV YouTube channel worth while.

How to Sell CDs Online in 2024

Sell CDS Online on eBay

A widely-used platform for selling almost anything, including CDs. You can list your CDs individually or in lots, and set either a fixed price or an auction format. eBay was bigger in the past than it is now and has suffered under the competition of sites such as Amazon. In the past everyone would talk about selling on eBay, but that’s old news now. In fact, a total of around 60% of everything listed on eBay doesn’t sell and the merchant is left feeling disappointed.

Sell CDs Online on Amazon:

Amazon only allows you to sell new CDs. There was a market for used CDs on Amazon, but for quality reasons this was cancelled and you can no longer sell used CDs on this platform.

On the plus side, the marketplace. allows you to create a seller account and list your items, These can then be discovered by Amazon’s vast customer base.

Another positive point is that you can hire Amazon to do all of the physical postage work. Therefore, you just need to send your inventory to Amazon and they will do all of the work for you. This makes life a lot easier for the you, the seller.

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Discogs is a specialized marketplace for music lovers. It is especially good for rare, collectible, or niche CDs. Furthermore, you can also list your CDs in their database and sell directly to buyers.

Facebook Marketplace

Although it’s not your conventional marketplace, Facebook has a lot of groups that cater for local areas and different interests. For instance, I live in an area called the Black Country. This is a big area and is gets its name from the industrial heritage that we have in this area. I am also a member of different music groups and even some football related groups that sells merchandise. Facebook’s Groups are set up and run by users.

When you sell on a local area group, you would usually deliver the CDs, or whatever you are selling, directly to the door and so cut out postage charges. However, if like me, you’re unable to drive due to disability, etc., you can ask the seller to come to you.


Decluttr is a service that buys CDs directly from you. You can scan the barcodes of your CDs to get an instant offer. This is convenient if you want to sell a large collection quickly without dealing with individual buyers. You should note that you will get less money per unit. However, if you just want a quick deal and to get rid of your CD inventory fast, you can list them on a site like Decluttr


Similar to Decluttr, MusicMagpie allows you to sell your CDs directly to them. They offer a simple process for getting a quote and shipping your items.

I know MusicMagpie personally as a place to get smartphones and tablets. I have taken on a phone and a tablet from them as my sister recommended them. You can get some fantastic deals from MusicMagpie and they are well worth the investment.


As another local selling option, Craigslist operates one of the best and most widely used classified ads platform.. Therefore, you can list your CDs in the appropriate category and arrange sales directly with local buyers.


Primarily known for musical instruments, Reverb also allows you to sell CDs, especially if they are related to music gear or are part of a music collection.


Bonanza is a marketplace similar to eBay, but often considered less crowded. You can set up your own booth and sell CDs to a global audience.

Sell CDs Online on Your Own Etsy Store

While typically associated with handmade or vintage items, Etsy also allows the sale of vintage CDs. This can be a good option if you have rare or collectible CDs.

Etsy gives you your own shop where you can sell your CDs (or whatever else you want to sell) so this is something that you can develop yourself and take pride in running. You can then market your entire store however you want.


Alibris specializes in books, music, and movies. You can also list your CDs for sale and reach a targeted audience of media collectors.

Sell CDs Through WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your blog or website into an online store. Therefore, you keep 100% of the proceeds without having to spend money on website commissions. WooCommerce also allows you to easily separate money for taxes so that you keep above the law and you are able to contribute towards the economy of your country.

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Although you may notice that the email boxes at the top and below this post are from ConvertKit, they also give you the ability to sell products through your blog or website. You can sell individual CDs that you can send out to fans and you can even start a subscription where you send them an mp3 of your music every week.


Each platform has its own fee structure, audience, and ease of use, so you might want to explore a few to see which one best fits your needs.

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