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Going back a couple of years, I used to do blog posts that were based on a specific YouTube video, add my thoughts and how you can apply different strategies and techniques into your music marketing mix. This post will be an example of those posts and it will look at a video by Andrew Southworth:. This is in-keeping with the theme of selling your own CDs that we have spoken about in the past couple of posts (Monday and Wednesday this week).

Key Takeaways From This Video by Andrew Southworth

Instead of listing three key takeaways today, I will just drop the main video

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Andrew Southworth: How to Make and Sell CDs for Your Music

Firstly, from the video above, we see that Andrew has a number of CDs that he is sending out to people who have purchased his music. He tells it from the point of view of someone who is experimenting with sending physical copies of his CDs.

The only time I have ever really ordered physical copies of our music was so that I could give them to people as Christmas presents. Your CD makes the perfect Christmas gift because it is something that people can’t buy elsewhere. Plus, if you get these copies done and you become big, they will be worth something.

We see that Andrew Southworth has created two different CDs with completely different packaging. One is in a jacket case (just squeeze it and the disk falls out) and the other is in a wallet case so that it can be opened up to reveal internal artwork. It will be interesting to see what his final results were.

Why Bother With CDs?

Firstly, why should you even bother with a CD? Everybody streams music and its free to stream any song you can ever imagine. So, why should you open your wallet and spend your hard earned cash on merchandise that will probably be scratched like anything in the next few months?

Andrew explains that having a CD is something physical from the band. It’s like owning a tiny piece of the band and their music. Therefore, you are supporting the band by buying the music. Therefore, these are collectors items if you couldn’t consider them to be anything else. There are many people out there who will pay generously for a collector’s item and that is what you are getting.

I also consider CDs to be a higher sound quality than streaming music. In fact, I think you should stream music to discover it, but purchase it to show some support and solidarity for the band or artist whose music it is.

As you gather from the pie chart in Andrew’s video, there were 40.6 million CDs sold in the United States in 2021. This figure increases every year because people care about the band or artist and want to own something great.

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What Can I Learn From the Way Andrew Southworth Has Designed the CD Inlay Case?

There are two things that I would like to mention here. They are the ability to write an autograph and also to include a QR code on the packaging.

Writing an Autograph on the Packaging

I would find this extra useful. If the artist can autograph the CD packaging like the inlay case, that would be great because the artist can personalise it. Therefore, it is more of an authentic autograph because the artist has actually written the fan’s name. This gives the fan an extra boost and makes them even more interested in the artist.

I have a 12-inch record that was autographed by Marie Fredriksson before she died. I have never played it, but always cherished the record. It’s still in its cellophane packaging and is something I believe that would be worth something in time. However, I have no wish to sell it because it means a lot to me.

The QR Code

I think this is great because it can help you to grow your social media following and build your email list. Why not have the QR code linked to a Linktree page? It would make a lot of sense because fans can then follow you and connect on the various social platforms. Alternatively, why not connect the QR code directly to your YouTube channel. This would give your YouTube channel a definite boost.

Things to Think About When Submitting Your Music

Andrew states that you need to submit a 44.1 KHz (16-bit) file because anything else may result in glitches and pops on your CD player. This could actually ruin both the CD player and the CD – so you need to make sure they are in 44.1 KHz (16-bit) files. This is more commonly known as the mp3 format.

You also need to bear in mind that there is often more than one charge to think about. You have to factor in shipping and packaging as well as design, burning and printing.

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My Advice on Creating Your CDs

I advise you to use a no-minimum order service such as Kunaki to print and ship your CDs to you. Kunaki are based in New York City, but I always get them to ship the CDs across the Atlantic for me so that I can give them to friends and family for Christmas. Kunaki will ship them professionally with an excellent design and the presentation is excellent. I am happy to use Kunaki because I don’t have to worry about cost and I can only get as many as I really need.

How Does Andrew Southworth Sell His CDs?

Andrew sells his CDs in a number of different ways. He mentions that he sells CDs on social media and also through his email list. Another way that Andrew mentions is that he sells them on Facebook.

However, he goes into depth on selling CDs through a Thrive Cart landing page. Andrew paid $700 for Thrive Cart. He thinks he got a saving, but that is way out of most people’s available budget. This is why I highly recommend you use Kunaki instead.

When you create a CD on Kunaki, they will give you a free landing page. I don’t know about you or Andrew Southworth, but I think that free is a pretty good deal. I can then sell my CDs, Kunaki can handle the creation, and delivery. That leaves me with just the job of advertising the CD wherever is best. I could sell them through any of the ways that I mentioned in the posts earlier this week and I know they will sell well if I can get my earworms into the right ears.

What Do I Think of the Andrew Southworth Video in General?

Andrwe is an experienced artist with a lot of good stuff to share. However, as I have said in this post, he spends money where he doesn’t necessarily need to. Why doesn’t he just get Kunaki to dropship his CDs to his fans? Wouldn’t that make more sense? In general, this has been an interesting study and this whole week has been about selling CDs. I hope you’ve got a lot of good information that you can implement into your own music marketing starting today.

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