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As a new music creator, getting your sound heard is crucial. Therefore, music blogs are useful because they offer a powerful platform for you to gain exposure, get heard, and build credibility within the music scene. Therefore, I have written this list of the best music blogs for new artists. There are various ways that a good music blog can help you to develop and hone your music production skills. However, music production skills are just for starters. Blogs are instrumental (excuse the pun) in promoting your music and getting it heard by readers of the blog from the time the posts are published.

Blogs can be instrumental in getting your music heard. There are three ways that I suggest you investigate these or any other blog that you haven’t visited before. These include writing guest posts, leaving comments on other blog posts and also getting blogs to do reviews and/or interviews for your music.

Key Takeaways on the Best Music Blogs For New Artists

In this post, you will learn…

I have a list of 10 blogs here that are considered to be great for newbie musicians..


Pitchfork is publishes in-depth reviews and coverage of indie and alternative music. If you make other genres, such as EDM or classical, it may not be for you. However It attracts literally millions of readers monthly. There are often several new posts daily.. Having a team of people to write a blog post really makes a difference. If you think you can write for Krannaken.com, please get in touch.

Marketing & Promotion

Pitchfork’s in-depth reviews and high credibility can significantly boost your visibility and credibility within the indie and alternative music scenes.

Promotion Tips

If you are writing a guest post for Pitchfork, you need to make your content both unique and of exceptionally high-quality. Having a distinctive sound or an interesting backstory can make your submission stand out. You can also consider professional PR services to pitch your music to Pitchfork if your budget will allow for this..

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Stereogum is widely regarded as a blog for indie music and emerging artists. It’s highly respected for breaking new bands. Plesae note that indie here means independent and not just indie rock. However, if you do make indie rock and you are independent, you will feel right at home with Stereogum.

Marketing & Promotion

Stereogum has built a name for spotlighting new and emerging artists. Therefore, getting featured on Stereogum can introduce your music to a large and engaged audience. If they do anything like what I do, they will check out your music on Spotify while they are reading the review. I often do this with magazines such as Computer Music Magazine and Future Music Magazine..

Promotion Tips

Building relationships with writers is vital. You can do this by engaging with their content. Personalized pitches that show an understanding of the blog’s style and preferences can also be more effective.

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound offers a wide range of music news, reviews, and features across all genres. This makes it great for non-musicians, newbie musicians and professional musicians alike.

With new posts being published most days, there is a significant and loyal readership who devour new posts mercilessly.

Marketing & Promotion

Consequence of Sound covers a wide range of genres and includes news, reviews, and interviews, offering broad exposure.

Promotion Tips

If you have something that is newsworthy such as upcoming releases or tour dates you should submit this to Consequence of Sound. Having a strong social media presence can also help demonstrate your active engagement with fans.

NME (New Musical Express) Is Definitely One of the Best Music Blogs For New Artists

A historic publication that covers new music, reviews, and cultural news. I seem to recall the NME releasing paper versions of their magazine. That would have been way back in the 1980s. NME and Sound on Sound (which is also still going strong) ruled the independent artist discoverability pages. Back in the 1980s, we also had Smash Hits, but that was for chart music and was read more by children rather than adults who were the target of NME and Sound on Sound.

Marketing & Promotion

NME’s rich history and large readership also provide substantial exposure. If you are looking for exposure in the UK, NME is a must.

Promotion Tips

Highlight any UK tour dates or special releases. Engagement should be with the NME community through social media and comment on articles to build a presence. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for acceptance or rejection, you can just share your news in social media groups.

The Fader

This blog combines music with fashion and culture. Furthermore, The Fader highlights new talent.

With its in-depth reviews, interviews and more The Fader provides a platform for both new and emerging artists to showcase their work. Therefore, it benefits from a strong and loyal fanbase with a web presence to match.

Marketing & Promotion

Due to the tastes of it’s readership, you should be combining your music with culture and/or style. Therefore, a feature in The Fader can position you as a trendsetting artist.

Promotion Tips

Also, you need to emphasize your unique style and cultural relevance. High-quality visuals and a compelling story can also enhance your submission.


Billboard is a leading source for music industry charts, news, and insights, reaching millions of fans across the world each and every month. As well as its helpful content, Billboard is successful because it has a significant reach and an authoritative voice. Therefore, it provides essential reading for anyone who works or is interested in working in the music industry..

Marketing & Promotion

Billboard boasts a more authoritative voice. This adds credibility to featured artists

Promotion Tips

It is vital that you highlight any chart performance, significant collaborations, or industry accolades that you have been involved with. Your pitch has to include this information. Therefore, professional PR representation can be beneficial.

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Spin features news, album reviews, and interviews with a focus on both mainstream and independent musicians and their sounds. .Spin has a long and much-loved history with passionate and knowledgeable writers.

Marketing & Promotion

Spin’s focus on both the mainstream and indie music industry allows for a substantial amount of exposure across different audiences.

Promotion Tips

When pitching Spin, you need to present a professional EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and ensure your social media profiles are active and engaging.


With its provision of industry news and tips, Hypebot is a publication for independent artists with a focus on digital music promotion. Therefore, it remains at the forefront of ever-evolving technologies and the newest sounds that the technology creates. It is well worth your time if you are an electronic musicians, but it caters for all musicians across the board.

If you’re looking for a greater understanding of the digital landscape, Hypebot should be your first port of call.

Marketing & Promotion

Hypebot offers insights and tips on digital marketing. Therefore, it is a valuable resource for DIY artists looking to enhance their promotional strategies.

Promotion Tips

You should follow their blog for the latest trends and implement their strategies in your marketing efforts. Furthermore, you should engage with their community because this can provide networking opportunities.

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Digital Music News

Offers music industry analysis and news, useful for artists aiming to understand industry trends. It is another publication that is at the forefront of the music industry, being among the first to hear of new technology, ground-breaking trends and new music. Therefore, if you are looking for an industry publication that keeps you up-to-date with what is going on, you can rely on Digital Music News.

Marketing & Promotion

Digital Music News provides industry analysis and news. Therefore, it is useful for artists who want to stay informed about trends and opportunities.

Promotion Tips

Share your music’s impact or unique market approach. Your pitch needs to be compelling and dmonstrate your expertise and understanding of the latest trends..

Earmilk is the Final Blog on This List of the Best Music Blogs For New Artists

Earmilk known as the place to discover and promote new music. Therefore, it is a go-to for new releases and emerging artists​. With daily posts (sometimes several times per day) it is a source that you can rely on for new music and much more.

Marketing & Promotion

Earmilk’s diverse genre coverage and reputation for discovering new music also make it a great platform for exposure.

Promotion Tips

Tailor your submission to the specific genre editors. You also need to include high-quality audio and visual content.

Conclusion on the Best Music Blogs For New Artists

These blogs provide valuable insights, promotion opportunities, and industry knowledge for new artists, making them essential resources in the music community. While exact monthly readership figures can vary, many of these blogs reach hundreds of thousands to millions of readers each month, offering significant exposure for emerging talent.

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