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David Verney is a graduate from the University of West London, husband, father, Christian and Tottenham Hotspur fan. He started during his final year at University. The initial idea was just somewhere to put his ideas on the subject of music marketing. However, it has been going strong since then and (at the time of writing) this website is 19 months old. Ideas don't dry up because the industry is always changing. New websites with new features are being launched all the time. Therefore, Writer's Block does not feature. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please hit one of the banners and claim your free copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing. I plan to update my book with new content every year.

Hypeddit Music Charts: How to Get Your Track to Number One

The strategy I am going to share with you today got two out of three track releases to number one. Therefore, I am highly qualified to get you to the very top of the Hypeddit music charts. Read on and get the lowdown on this practice… I am going to share this with you step-by-step…

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Facebook Groups For Music Producers: 12 Groups Should You Join

If you are interested in any subject at all, you can find related groups on Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether that is archery or alchemy! Therefore, it is also possible to find Facebook groups for music producers. In this post, we will list 12 groups and tell you why you need to join them today……

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Benefits of Networking With Other Musicians? 10 Great Reasons

Networking isn’t only about socializing. There are all sorts of people who network for all kinds of reasons. In this post, we will discuss what reasons people have to network and what the benefits of networking with other musicians are for the people who do network. So here goes… Benefits of Networking With Other Musicians,…

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Music Blogging Platforms: Which Platform Do You Need?

There are a few factors that you have to consider before launching your own artist website. This post looks at which are the best music blogging platforms and why you need to consider them. Personally, as you can see, we use, but that is not the only platform. Each platform has its own pros…

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Introduction to Krannaken: Who are we and what do we do?

Welcome to this exciting new website. Firstly, let’s get the introduction to Krannaken out of the way. We will then explain who we are and what we do? We are Krannaken, an EDM duo based just outside Birmingham in the centre of England. Between us, we have over 50 years of experience in playing the…

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